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Jamie LeBlanc

Dec 7, 2015, 12:00:52 AM12/7/15
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(OOC 1- this post marks the official end of the mission. Your characters are welcome to wrap up loose ends, or just get some needed relaxation on the ride back. We will grab the Tribal and head back to StarBase 118. I will post the arrival at Starbase 118 late tomorrow and the official start of shore leave. You are welcome to finish your tags for this mission - please note them as a "BACKSIM" in the title.)
(OOC2 - I promise I will catch my other outstanding tags tomorrow. I'm still fighting a nasty cold and having problems staying awake!)

((Bridge - USS Albion))

::It took quite a bit of time to get everything sorted out. The majority of the away team beamed back directly to sickbay, with Stevens staying longer until the bomb situation could be dealt with.

Now they were playing the game of 'collect or destroy all the pieces of the Stormcrow.' It felt like a perverse video game, something that just had to be done before they called the mission complete.

With the Romulan colony contacted, and the inoculation confirmed and circulated the threat of suddenly dying had left the ship. The Stormcrow's crew were tucked into holding cells - most of them very unhappy about their predicament. All the more so since they seemed to be convinced that Arrhimen was going to come and bust them all out. Somehow. Sal had a good mind to transfer them all immediately to someone else's custody. He had enough of Haz Arrhimen already.

As the final reports came through, and everything was in order, he stood, stretching his legs a little before turning towards Falcon::

Taybrim: Commander Falcon, bring us within transporter range of the Valdis colony so we can beam down the medicine, and then plot a course back to the Tribal.

Falcon: ?

Taybrim: It will be a short drop off. We're not staying for dinner. ::He shook his head at the planet hanging on the viewscreen. He had enough of Romulans for this day as well.::

Falcon: ?

Taybrim: Mr. Vondaryan, contact Starfleet intel - let them know what you got from the Stormcrow and give them a heads up on what happened with Haz Arrhimen. I have a feeling they will be very interested to hear your report.

Vondaryan: ?

::He looked over towards Tatash and Whittaker::

Taybrim: Do we have enough power to tow the Tribal?

Tatash/Whittaker: ?

Taybrim: If we don't there are other ships on patrol. They're outside the neutral zone, so technically we can hang out there for as long as we like.

Tatash/Whittaker: ?

Taybrim: ::He nodded, satisfied with that answer:: Ok, let's get medicine delivered, go rescue our friends and go home. I want everyone to get some rest on the way back.

Bridge (any): ?


Commander Sal Taybrim
Executive Officer / Acting CO
StarBase 118 Ops / USS Albion

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

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