Lt. Blackwell: Accidental Missteps (Part 2 Joint post with Deveau)

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Oct 8, 2020, 5:10:15 PM10/8/20

((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora’s Office))

DeVeau: I have four brothers, two in Starfleet.  One worse in business with my father.  The other...well, the last time I saw him in person was several years ago on Deep Space Ten. 

Blackwell:::She tilted her head:: Distant relationship? ::She asked carefully, not wanting to press:: 

DeVeau: Oh we have a good relationship.  He’s just...a wandering.  He doesn’t stay in place very long, so it’s hard to get a hold of him, and he’s just not very good about staying in touch himself. 

Blackwell: That happens ::She nodded with empathy:: 

DeVeau: My parents are still back on Earth, of course.  My mother doesn’t work outside the home.  She considers the home her job.  My father is the president of StarConn Intergalactic, though that may change in the near future. 

Blackwell: Oh?

DeVeau: Well, the CEO has plans to retire, and he’s likely to take the CEO’s place.  

Blackwell::an impressed whistle: That sounds like a way to certainly move up in the universe ::she grinned a bit:: Does he enjoy it?

DeVeau: Oh yes, he’s a businessman through and through.  

Alora paused in the shifting back and forth and leaned forward to lean against her desk.

DeVeau: And honestly, the CEO’s been grooming him for his position, so this suits him to a T.  

Blackwell:::She nodded and leaned back:: So what got you to Starfleet - did you follow your brothers or did they follow you?

DeVeau: Well, all my brothers are older, so they made it first.  But I didn’t follow them because they went into Starfleet.  I loved plants and animals, even as a little girl.  My secondary school specialised in science and technology.  Coupled that with just being able to go out and meet so many people, go to so many wondrous places...Starfleet just made sense.  

Alora scooted her lower half a little closer to her desk.  Ah yes, those were the days, when she was wide eyed and innocent.  Had she known what she was going to experience, would she have made the same decision?

The answer was yes.  Yes she would have.  Even with every single wretched and horrific event, she still would have gone.  If she hadn’t, there were so many good things Alora wouldn’t have experienced.  There were certain people she wouldn’t have met…

No, back away.  Back away slowly.

DeVeau: What about yours?

Blackwell: No, my brother was always meant to be an artist ::she smiled gently:: He’s very talented and just...expressive. Creative. ::She grinned widely to that:: He can be a bit on the pretentious side...but I forgive him for that. Usually.

Alora chuckled.  Yes, that was often a mark of an artist.  Not always, but often.  Aimé usually fell into that when it came to art in general, but it wasn’t often he got that way with her.  Of her siblings, he was the one she was closest too, the one she’d always confided in.  

Blackwell: My mother is retired, and my father...died a year back ::She exhaled slowly:: Medical science has come a long way, but it hasn’t made us immortal. Though I can say my father wouldn’t have wanted anything other than to die as he did - happy, with his family, doing what he loved.

It was a calm, but soft admission. She missed her father, sometimes enough that it ached. But that ache didn’t bring him back. 

Death.  Yes, it came to everyone, and the mention of it made Alora’s smile fade.  She hadn’t meant to, but she found herself falling.  Falling into a place she didn’t want to go and she straightened up, hands resting over the edge of her desk.  She attempted to bring that smile back, attempted to get into the headspace she’d been in just a moment before, but she had crashed and she couldn’t get the ship off the ground. 

DeVeau: No.  No it doesn’t. 

It had come a long way, but it couldn’t prevent what would eventually happen.  It couldn’t always predict when either.

Blackwell:::She paused quietly and tilted her head and murmured::  Are you all right? ::she leaned forward: Can I get you something?

Alora shook her head, redoubling her attempt to dig herself out of that hole, with only a modicum of success.  

DeVeau: No, just...tired.  

And now?

DeVeau: Well, thank you for coming by, and it was really lovely to talk to you.  But...I should probably get back to work, and I don’t want you to get into trouble for keeping you from your job either.

Blackwell: I have schedule is quite open today. ::She paused quietly, and read the woman’s face and the pacing of their conversation:: troubles you...more than troubles you, doesn’t it?

Alora’s gaze flicked up to meet the woman’s, but she remained silent.  

Blackwell: More than others ::She said quietly:: 

Once again, Alora remained silent. Her hands still clung to the edge of the desk, but she offered no verbal reply.

Blackwell: If...It would help, I am willing to listen. If nothing else,I would want to know if I troubled you… ::she said with a gentle empathy:  I don’t like to accidentally pick at wounds on others. I just..tend to be forward with my own past, and sometimes I snag on others wounds.

At that, Alora did offer a smile, though it was pale and hollow.  She finally rose and shook her head. 

DeVeau: I appreciate it, but I’m okay.  And I do appreciate you coming in and speaking with me.  Perhaps we can get together for drinks some time or something.

Or something like that. 

Blackwell: All right ::She stood quietly and smiled faintly:: I’ll look forward to it.

Rue bobbed her head gently, her expression troubled and walked to the door, looking back once more.

Alora bobbed her head politely once.

DeVeau: Have a good day.

Blackwell: You as well ::and she left, still feeling uneasy about what had happened, her head slightly lowered as she walked away::


Lt. Prudence Blackwell

Starbase 118 OPS



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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