LT Aine Sherlock - One Less Impossible Thing

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Aine Sherlock

Aug 2, 2022, 11:52:55 PMAug 2
((Engineering, USS Belladonna))

The thrill of living may have caused a little more outward exuberance than Aine normally showed. And probably not at the best time.


Luthas: ?

Grogu: Wait, are you telling me you were hoping but had no idea if you would be successful?

Sherlock: No, I really didn't think it would.

The truth probably, also, wasn't the best thing to just let out. But she almost didn't care. They were alive.

Luthas: ?

Grogu: Great.  Does that mean we’re safe now?

Sherlock: From the bomb, yes.

One of the impossible things was out of the way, but there was still more. There was still a terrorist on board, and who knew where except that they were supposedly heading towards the impulse engines...if they were the only ones. So, safe? Relatively, but not completely, not yet.

Luthas: ?

Grogu: Evacuations are still proceeding, but not very quickly.  

Sherlock: That will leave the crew of our ship to finding out who's who.

Luthas: ?

The diminutive (Aine never got to think that about anyone) gestured to the warp core.

Grogu: Does that mean we can drop out of warp now?

Almost, not there just yet...

Sherlock: We can slow down...well...once we have full impulse control back. There's still the danger of colliding with the other ships.

Luthas: ?

Aine tapped her combadge through the EVA suit.

Sherlock: =/\= Sherlock to Taybrim. =/\=

Taybrim: =/\= ?

Sherlock: =/\= We've got some good news, Commodore. The bomb is deactivated. =/\=

Luthas/Grogu: ?

Taybrim: =/\= ?

Sherlock: =/\= Recommend we transport the tricobalt and explosives off the Belladonna as well. =/\=

Taybrim: =/\= ?


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