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Jamie LeBlanc

Dec 20, 2015, 7:37:21 PM12/20/15
to Sb118 Ops
(OOC - as per usual, only PCs are highlighted for awards. NPCs are awesome and get congratulations from their superiors off screen, but this ceremony will only highlight PCs)

((Holodeck 4 - StarBase 118))

::As the eating slowled down to a dull roar and everyone had a chance to get something to drink and wipe their fingers off from the plethora of delicious and comforting food options, Sal straightened his tunic and headed towards the podium that graced the side of the fireplace. There were many important things to be said, and he was quite excited to say them.

He called for attention and as the room quieted down, he stepped up, looking over the crew - people who were close friends, some just like family. He couldn't ask for a better crew to have beside him::

Taybrim: I want to thank you all for attending, and hope you have the time to get outside and sample some of the winter fun before the night ends. This is truly your night, and I want to thank all of you for your steadfast focus on our last mission. While Haz Arrhimen escaped, the Valdis colony was saved and the Romulans stood down. The rest remains in the hands of Starfleet intel, and we hope that Arrhimen is swiftly brought back to the Federation where he can face justice and be kept safely away from starting any more terrorist activities.

::He paused and let that sink in, before going on::

Taybrim: We may see more of Arrhimen down the line, but tonight we celebrate all the good we accomplished. We have several faces that I want to formally welcome - and welcome back to the Ops senior staff. ::his dark eyes twinkled, picking out the form of Richard Matthews from the back of the room, but he chose to leave that particular welcome for last:: Ensign Nira joined us from Starfleet academy - in the science department and some of you had the chance to witness her steady skills on the bridge in person. If you have not had a chance to meet her, please say hello! I'm also fairly sure that most of you have had the chance to become acquainted with Lieutenants Tatash and Whittaker who joined us from the Avandar and the Columbia respectively. ::He gestured towards the both:: Also Lieutenant Richard Matthews rejoins us after a short leave of absence, and we're happy to have him back. ::He had a hint of a smile crossing his face:: And I'm happy to say that Lt. Matthew's love of tribble vids will suddenly come in very handy.

::It was an unusual segue, but one Sal was planning on. He needed to make this quick and painless::

Taybrim: I promised that this meeting would not just be a celebration, but would touch upon the quickest mission briefing I can remember. To this end, I'll get the news out of the way quickly. It's been on the calendar for a whole now that StarBase 118 will be the host of the 2393 Federation Tribble Fancier's Association annual convention. However yesterday I was informed that Fleet Captain Assia Hanno of Terra Nova is not only an avid tribble fancier, but will be in attendance at the event - along with several other notable Starfleet brass. To make a long story short we are not only invited, but strongly encouraged to attend the opening banquet and ceremony. ::he put his hands up to stem any protests:: I understand this is basically what the Terrans call a 'dog and pony show,' but we can earn a lot of political goodwill for enduring an evening in your dress uniforms at a tribble convention. So I expect everyone to be there and to be on your best behavior. ::He smiled, he had no doubt they would pull it off well - and it would be a nice change of pace from getting shot at::

Anyone: ?

Taybrim: Next week we'll go over the specifics of the event, but since they host these conventions annually I expect everything to go smoothly. Station logistics have been working on the particulars for several months.

Anyone: ?

Taybrim: Of course I'll be available for questions. However, in the interest of moving forward you can touch base with me afterwards. ::He paused, taking a sip of his cider:: moving forward, I'm sure you all are aware that Captain Leo Handley-Page has stepped down in order to tend to the concerns of his family. I can say with certainty that he will be deeply missed in the command chair of Ops; though we hope he visits often and stays familiar. Leo was an incredible Captain and a strong mentor, and I am honored to take his place. I could not ask for a better crew. ::he paused again:: As I am stepping up to the role of Commanding Officer of StarBase 118, I will need a strong executive officer at my side. In this I have taken the recommendation of Commander Brek and Captain Livingston, and have chosen to promote Lieutenant Theo Whittaker to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. ::He smiled gently, waving Theo up, presenting the third pip with a flourish:: And as of tonight he will also be our new first officer.

Whittaker: ?

Taybrim: ::Pinning the pip on, he offer a hand for Theo to shake:: I have every confidence in Theo, and I know he will be an incredible asset to this crew. And I also told him to prepare to say a few words, so ::he winked:: The stage is all yours.

Whittaker: ?

::As Theo finished and the camaraderie died down, he caught the new ExO's arm::

Taybrim: Hey, stay up here! First duty as first officer means you get the awesome job of handing out the rest of the awards. ::he was smiling, in good spirits and humor::

Whittaker: ?

::Sal looked back at the gathered crew::

Taybrim: Would Lieutenant Tatash please join us? ::he waited for the Gorn to rise and join them by the fireplace:: Lieutenant Tatash will be, from this point forward, Marine Captain Tatash, our newest marine liaison. I know that StarBase 118 Marine Corps is gaining an incredible asset. He'll join Lieutenant Rasillius and Major Dal forming the backbone of the team that supports everything we do, and I could not ask for a better candidate in this role.

Whittaker/Tatash: ?

Taybrim: Not all ::he raised a finger to hold Tatash in his place after he was given his double-sliver bar:: If I can also have Lt Commander Falcon join us. ::he paused long enough for the two officers to settle themselves.:: For incredible tactical and helm work that directly protected us from assault by the USS Stormcrow; allowing us to return the USS Albion back to StarBase 118 under her own power and prevented countless deaths I am awarding you both with the Captain's Commendation. ::He turned to them and spoke keenly:: It was through your quick judgments, fast flying, and sharp focus that we survived an ambush and saved a colony, and I think you both for everything you accomplished.

Tatash/Falcon: ?

Whittaker/Any: ?

::As the applause died down, he let them both regain their seats and looked to his notes, calling the next group of officers up::

Taybrim: Will Commander Anders, Lieutenant Vondaryan, Lieutenant Peters and Commander Whittaker please join me?

::As they ascended, he handed Theo the next box of service ribbons::

Taybrim: I am awarding all four of you the innovation ribbon. Your work on everything from hacking the Stormcrow's database to modifying probes to uncover a hiding Romulan ship to the pulse wave that could drop the Stormcrow's shields was extraordinary. You all went above and beyond to protect our ship in creative ways, and to keep the Albion in one piece under extraordinary odds. Thank you all for your incredible dedication.

Anders/Whittaker/Vondaryan/Peters: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Will Ensign Andersen, Ensign Nira, Ensign Broi and Lieutenant Trel'lis please join me?

::Again there was a pause, waiting for everyone to gather::

Taybrim: All four of you served this mission in many different ways - from navigating the Stormcrow to rescue her survivors to being an integral lynchpin on the bridge to negotiating with a madman. In the end the result was the same - all of you were part of a greater whole that prevented an act of terrorism against a defenseless colony. Your work has promoted peace between the Federation and Romulus and even though our mission was stressful and difficult, we have prevented an act of war. To honor this, I am presenting all of you with the Peacekeeper's ribbon.

Broi/Nira/Andersen/Trel'lis: ?

Whittaker/Any: ?

::And the last box was handed to Whittaker, a small one with only one award left::

Taybrim: And, finally, will Lieutenant Stevens please join us.

::he waited for the Caitain to join them by the fireplace::

Taybrim: Lieutenant Stevens stayed onboard the Stormcrow, even when there was a clear threat of the ship exploding. He waited until his entire team was rescued and coordinated the data transmission to the Albion, providing vital research into the Arrhimen virus. He risked his life to ensure others stayed safe, and for this I am awarding him the Good Conduct Ribbon.

Stevens: ?

Whittaker / Any: ?

::Sal looked around and clasped his hands together::

Taybrim: I have said it before and I will say it again - this is the best crew any CO could hope for. This night is for you to rest, to relax, to play and to have fun. You have all earned it and I am so excited to be able to share this moment with you. Thank you all for your service and your support.

::As a punctuation, there was a little ring to close off Sal's speech as the bar opened and the dessert tray was brought out. Because the only thing better after an awards ceremony was a lovely spread of sugar.::

Taybrim: Everyone is free to enjoy themselves! I think I heard a ::cough:: snowball fight ::cough:: would be taking place later.

Any: ?

::he stepped away from the podium and secure himself a tasty drink::

Taybrim: I might be cajoled to join a snow-slinging contest. Miiight.

Any: ?

OOC - Congratulations all!

Commander Sal Taybrim
Commanding Officer
StarBase 118 Ops

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