(JP) LtCmdr German Galven & LtCmdr Alora DeVeau - The Opposite of Social Distancing, Part II

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 11, 2020, 1:01:55 AM7/11/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118
((Turbolift, StarBase 118))

That piqued Alora’s curiosity.  Not that she minded, she could be quite flexible if need be, it was just unexpected.  

DeVeau: Where?

Galven: It's a surprise. ::glances at the panel:: Computer. Stop the turbolift, please.

Computer: Acknowledged.

DeVeau: What kind of surprise?

Galven: ::furrows his brows, smirking:: I'm afraid that's classified, Commander. Need to know basis and such. ::shrugs::

Alora laughed.  She’d fed him that line when he’d asked what she’d been doing - and she couldn’t answer that.

DeVeau: You do realise I actually have the same security clearance level as you.

Galven: ::acts surprised:: What? You do? I wouldn’t have guessed… I might have to talk to the Captain about that. ::winks::

Alora just shook her head.  She guessed she was going to have to just be patient and wait to see what he was doing.

DeVeau: All right, I’ll just follow your lead.

((Drydock, Deck 453))

German waltzed out of the turbolift, then presented with a wave of his hand as he waited for Alora to come out and stand beside him at the balcony that overlooked one of the many docking bays. At this particular deck stood parked a Galaxy class starship that was being maintenanced on which had been operating in the Trinity Sector and Jenatris Cloud.

Galven: Commander, I present to you the USS Avalon-A. She and her crew were on a three year duty tour.

Alora hesitated as she realised where they were headed.  She held back and took a deep breath, then slowly inched her way forward.  

DeVeau: Oh yeah? They ending their mission?

Galven: ::shakes his head:: The crew is on shoreleave too. It’s here only for a pit stop. ::turns around and stares longingly:: I was on a ship much like that one almost about a year ago. ::slightly bobs his head in her direction, still looking at the ship:: Have you heard of the Eagle Nebula?  

DeVeau: No.  I haven’t.  

An inch more.  Then more.  Finally, she drew alongside German and closed one hand tightly on the railing, trying hard to focus on the ship rather than how far a drop it was.  

Galven: Not that many people have. Completely unexplored region. We had just arrived, then…

The words couldn’t come out of his mouth. It was like he didn’t know how to end his sentence. He did a half somber chuckle, then brushed his hand along the railing as he gave one last look at the ship, then started to head over to another area, further down an incline which the path led to the next deck.

Alora followed, keeping a tight hold on that railing.  She didn’t move quite as fast or as confident as German, but she tried her best to keep up.  

DeVeau: Is this your favourite ship?  Do you hope to command it some day?  

Galven: I don’t know. There’s so many different classes of starships that any of them would be a humbling opportunity to take command of one day. What about you? ::notices her tight grasp on the railing:: Are you okay?

DeVeau: I’m fine.  Just...heights and I don’t get along.  

She smiled a little, but kept moving.  

DeVeau: Just uh...let me take my time.  

Clearing her throat, she tried to straighten up and not let her legs quake so much.  

DeVeau: I don’t want command.  It’s...just not something I’m aiming for.  

Galven: Let’s get you level and over to a deck that’s safer.

German took her hand and held it to help steady Alora in case she lost her balance. He didn’t want her to feel uneasy and wouldn’t be able to experience what he was.

DeVeau: You don’t have to do that.

Though Alora didn’t let go. Honestly, it was nice to have a calming presence there.  One of these days, she really needed to work on getting over it, but today was not that day.  

Galven: Just don’t look behind you. ::speaks slower, calmer:: Look at me. You’ll be fine. Hey, there’s a food court down at deck 1. ::shares his gaze with hers:: I’ve never been, want to come along?

DeVeau: Yeah, let’s do that.  

Her smile broadened a bit and she relaxed, grateful that he was willing to sympathize.  As they went lower, she relaxed further, and Alora breathed more easily now that the height was up, and they were down.

((Staff Food Court, Deck 1))

DeVeau: Sorry about that.

Galven: ::waves off:: Oh, don’t you worry. I have plenty of things that cause my own anxiety to flare up. Although, I do have one question…?

DeVeau: Shoot.

Galven: ::tilts his head:: I don’t have my phaser, but even then I wouldn’t--

Alora laughed, finally shaking off the trepidation completely.

DeVeau: No no...not really.  It’s a saying.  It means, basically, ask me your question.  

Galven: Oh! Right. Still quite the alien. ::chuckles:: How are you afraid of heights, but content with flying in a starship? You don’t have to answer nor am I owed one. Only curious.

DeVeau: I know.  It seems ironic doesn’t it.  Honestly, I try not to think too much about the outside when I’m inside, but...even so, inside a ship, inside a base, I feel like I’m on solid ground.  

Alora shrugged slightly. They continued to walk towards the food court as German listened to what she was explaining. Which he could emphasize with.

DeVeau: It’s like...being on the top floor of a building.  I’m level, things are solid.  Being somewhere and seeing the open and the drop down...I don’t know why, it just messes with me.

Galven: ::nods:: Very understandable. Next time, I’ll let you pick the destination. ::winks, then turns to the many selection of food establishments:: This reminds me of what they used to call a mall back in the late 20th century… There was even one huge mall I read about that had the same name as the country it was in. ::glances to Alora:: I sometimes ramble. Stop me at any moment. ::smirks::

DeVeau: It will not be up very high.  Ramble all you want, it’s okay.  I don’t know anything about this mall, but I guess it’s just not something that particularly drew my attention.  What else did you read about it?

Galven: Well ,it’s not so much a mall. More like an underground food court for Disney character actors.

DeVeau: It sounds very much like the Commercial sector in general.  So what do you feel like eating?

Galven: What do you have in mind?

Alora let her eyes roam from place to place, then shook her head.

DeVeau: I’m terrible at choosing.

Galven: Don’t worry. ::glances at Alora:: We can help each other choose.

Lt. Commander German Galven
2O/Chief Science Officer
StarBase 118 Ops - USS Narendra


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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