Ens Ch'cachra & Lt Cmdr DeVeau- Contentious Computer Chaos- P1

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to StarBase 118 Ops a Star Trek PBEM RPG

((OOC- This occurs prior to DeVeau’s promotion.))


((Starbase 118 Ops - Corridors))

Rhyl lugged his kit over his shoulder as he made his way down the corridor toward the Science Heads office.  He’d been called in on an apparently imperative matter, though no alarms in engineering had been going off… so what kind of situation it was remained to be seen.

The Andorian engineer in gold marched past several crewmates, some of whom said friendly hellos as they passed.  He rejected their eye contact and continued without acknowledging them, his pace purposed, his jaw high, and his eyes lowered.  While he kept a completely neutral expression, he *did* train an antennae on them each, noting their identities, species, gender, if they spoke, but it was more a cataloguing of the individuals in the area than it was social interest… he only responded if it was a command rank entitled to acknowledgment.  He wasn’t rushed, but kept a quick pace anyway… he was always on top of things, this was no different.

((Science Department))

The large doorway opened for him, and he glanced about with his honey colored eyes, his jaw lifting.  There was a sense of calm in the lab… he set his eyes on the Chief of Science, a Lieutenant Commander.  That would be who had called for a computer specialist.

The lab was full of scientists, but everyone was going about his or her own tasks.  A couple of officers stood off to one side, each with a PADD in hand, each looking at the other’s and discussing whatever information was displayed upon it.  A lieutenant appeared from one room, pushing a card that had a variety of supplies and materials arranged on it and proceeded to aim for a different room, disappearing through the doors.  Off in one corner, a woman with dark hair and vibrant green eyes was engaged in a conversation with a young ensign who was conveying information about an experiment, matching the picture that went with her personal file.  Yes.  Definitely the Chief. 

Ch’cachra:  ::stepping forward::  Lieutenant Commander DeVeau.

It was less a polite greeting than it was a declaration of his presence, to get her attention.  He stepped close enough to her that he had to look down his nose at her, though not close enough to reach out and touch her.  And look down his nose he did, his eyes half lidded, as if he were bored and impatient.  His somewhat severe gaze was accentuated by the white wolf tail his hair was pulled back into, framing his antennae.

Unlike him, however, as soon as he greeted her, Alora lifted her head and those eyes were trained on him, bright with the smile that quickly sprang to life. 

DeVeau: Hi!  Just give me a moment, please!

Turning back to the ensign, she clapped the young man on the shoulder. 

DeVeau: It sounds great, just keep me in the loop and we’ll keep track of the results. 

With that, the young man nodded and headed off, though with a quick glance at the non scientist in the room.  Now that she was finished, Alora gave the arrival her full attention.  As soon as she espied the colour of his department, now in the forefront of her mind since she was no longer engaged in conversation, her eyes lit up. 

DeVeau: Ah, yes, about the database, correct?

Ch’cachra:  ::glancing across the lab, away from her::  That’s right.

DeVeau: Wow, that was fast.  But excellent!  Thank you!  Please, let’s go to my office.

Alora motioned for the Andorian to follow her, then turned to aim for another set of doors.  They passed through, but there was no office.  Instead, it was another large room with several people at consoles working on various things.  No, it was the set of doors in the corner of that room which led them to an office.  Her office.  Motioning to one of the two seats for guests, Alora didn’t stop until she approached the replicator. 

DeVeau: Would you like something to drink?

Ch’cachra:  ::bluntly, without sitting::  No.

And the Andorian offered no alternatives, waiting for her to continue.

With a nod, Alora turned and ordered herself a hot chocolate, then eased into her seat, sipping at the pleasant, sweet liquid.  

DeVeau: All right, so...

Ch’cachra:  You had a system you wanted updated.  Just tell me what you want, and I’ll make it happen.

His eyes fell on her now, but only for a moment before they traveled elsewhere again, taking in the office space.  It was large and well lit, shelves on the walls covered with an array of plants, both behind her and flanking her.  There were a couple of small tables with pots that seemed to only function as displays for yet more flora, and most of the flowering ones were, indeed, in bloom.  

DeVeau:  Updated and tweaked, actually.  I’d like to have it customized a little more.

Ch’cachra:  In what way?

Keeping his chin high and his eyes scanning the room, his tone probably came off as slightly condescending.  He meant it to be, keeping an air of supposed superiority about him.  He was really too young to pull that demeanor off, but few questioned it in his experience.

He didn’t actually *feel* that way at all.  He didn’t look down on anyone, much less the professionals he worked with.  In fact, he *envied* them.  The ease with which they socialized… even while at work in a professional lab, they freely engaged one another, without a qualm or question.  Meanwhile, he wanted them to think he was inaccessible.  It meant less trouble… for everyone… if distance was maintained.  Thankfully it seemed he would only be engaging with the Chief for the moment.

DeVeau: Well, right now, the database that is internal to the science department here on Ops starting to slow down, as happens when programs start showing their age.  So an upgrade, but I also thought it would be nice to have some more freedom to customize it as we needed.  

Alora picked up a PADD and handed it over to him, then sipped again at her hot chocolate while she allowed him a few minutes to peruse her notes . A more dynamic interface, an ability to add and change certain parameters that would allow more freedom with logging and reporting results of experiments, as well as having a cleaner presentation due to whatever isn’t needed not being left there untouched.  

Rhyl gave the assessment an overall glance.  This was something comprehensive, but not undoable.  Typically they would assign a team to work on something like this, but he could do it alone.

Ch’cachra:  I can have it ready for you in three days.

DeVeau:  Three days?  Really?  Buffer time included? 

He gave her a look that clearly translated into “ugh,” which only made Alora smile.  Quickly, she sipped at her mug of sweet brew in an effort to hide her amusement.  

Ch’cachra:  I’ll need access to your full system.  I can keep the current system online for the majority of the work time, until I bring the new features online for live testing.  At which point I’ll need you to refrain from using the system for… ::his honey colored eyes rose to the ceiling, thinking about his process::... five hours.  For debugging.

DeVeau:  I’m sure we can work around that - we’ll just need to have a heads up as to when so I can warn people.  

Ch’cachra:  I’ll be in your lab for most of the work.  It will speed things up considerably if I have your immediate feedback.  It will take longer if I’m *interrupted.*

His half lidded, bored eyes landed on her again, imploring her to inform her staff not to pester him while he worked.

Alora leaned forward, elbow on table, chin in her hand and gazed at him from half lidded eyes.  He was a rather stiff one.  All work, no play?  From what she could tell, that was exactly it.  Not even buffer time.  Well then. 

DeVeau:  How about I give you complete and total access to an unused office where I’m the only one who can come in - other than you, of course?

Ch’cachra:  ::seeming to soften somewhat::  That would be ideal.

DeVeau:  I can do that.  We have a couple currently vacant, and I can assign one to you temporarily.

Ch’cachra:  I’ll begin in the morning.

He just needed to inform his superiors what work needed doing and how long he would be working on it.

DeVeau: Great.  Anything you need from me in the meantime? 

Ch’cachra:  Show me the space where I’ll be working.

Again, he didn’t ask.  Rather, it was stated as if it were a requirement.

Alora tilted her head a bit, pursing her lips as she tried to decide if she should be amused or annoyed.  She decided to go for amused, then held up her hands, as if pressing them against a brick wall.

DeVeau: Hold your horses there.

Ch’cachra:  ::his eyebrows rose, and he set his eyes on her now::  Excuse me?

DeVeau: I do believe you haven’t given me your name.   Proper introductions and all that - I’ve been remiss, please forgive me.

Ch’cachra:  Ah… ::cringing a bit, having been caught out::... Ensign Ch’cachra.  It’s no problem.  I’ll stay out of your hair.  You won’t know I’m here.

DeVeau:  Ensign….Ch’cachra. 

The name rolled smoothly off her tongue, with a little bit of flair at the end.  

DeVeau: Do you have a first name?

He paused, uncertain now, as if he was having trouble recalling it.

Ch’cachra:  Rhyl.

Alora stood and reached across the desk, her hand extended toward the man.  Once more, that wide, warm smile spread over her features, its light resuming its dance in her eyes.  

DeVeau: I’m Alora. 

The Andorian hesitated again, then reached out to take the offered hand.  This was getting uncomfortably friendly, and he was instantly suspicious.

Ch’cachra:  ::trying to steer things back to work::  I’ll study the specs this evening.

DeVeau:  Not during your free time I hope.  

Alora arched an eyebrow.  She was guilty of doing the same time on occasion, especially if deadlines were coming up, or they were at the peak of certain experience, but for the most part, she tried to leave work at work when her shift was over.  

Ch’cachra:  ::withdrawing his hand, glancing away, down, to the right::  I enjoy my work.

DeVeau: Come now, you must do something besides work.

Ch’cachra:  I… ::clearly hesitant to give a substantial answer::... swim.  When I’m free.

Alora perked up at that answer.  Swimming was fun, and she enjoyed it quite a bit.  Her form might not please certain people who were far more professional at it than her, but that wasn't the point.  It didn’t matter what her form was if she was having fun. Grinning, she leaned back in her chair, mug now firmly in her grasp. 


DeVeau: Ample places to do that here.  Have you been at the Starbase long? 

Gods of all Creation… he knew what this was.

It was… *small talk*.


Ch’cachra:  … About six months.

DeVeau: Have you swum at little Risa?  I’ve never been to the original, but I’ve heard this is a very close miniature version.  I love swimming in the ocean. 

Ch’cachra:  No.  I usually frequent the holodeck.  *Alone.*

DeVeau:  Well that’s no fun.  

Oh, he wasn’t happy.  Alora could tell, even if she wasn’t an empath.  She sipped idly at her chocolate, eyes still twinkling merrily at him. 

DeVeau: Anything else you enjoy?  Besides being alone, that is?

Ch’cachra:  ::bluntly::  No.  Nothing.  ::the briefest of pauses::  I should return to engineering.  Ma’am.

DeVeau:  Alora.

Ch’cachra:  ::doubling down, his gaze hardening::  *Ma’am.*

DeVeau:  Alora.

Another grin cracked its way into existence, unable to be hidden, even behind the mug of steaming chocolatey goodness.  He was so determined to be so formal.  But she wouldn’t give in. Oh no, she wouldn’t give in.

Rhyl tried not to bristle openly at her… what was *with* this woman?  Any sensible person could take the hint, accept the “no” for an answer.

So he stood there for a moment in complete silence, contemplating just how close to insubordination he wanted to go today.

Ch’cachra:  ::sharply::  Lieutenant Commander.

Alora couldn’t help it.  She laughed.  Finally she nodded.  The game was on.

DeVeau: Alora.

She took one last sip of her cocoa then set it down on her desk before rising.

DeVeau: Shall I show you the office you’ll use over the next few days? 

Ch’cachra:  ::roughly::  If you don’t mind.

DeVeau: Not at all.  Follow me.

Alora made her way around the desk and out of the office.  Rather than returning the way they had come, however, she took a sharp left and made her way down a corridor.  Three doors down, she came to a stop and stepped inside.  Within was a desk with a console and a couple of chairs, but it was devoid of anything else.  

DeVeau: Computer, grant access to this room only to Ensign Rhyl Ch’cachra and Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau.  


Ensign Rhyl Ch’cachra


Starbase 118 Ops




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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