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to StarBase 118 Ops a Star Trek PBEM RPG

((The Next Day - Starbase 118 - Counselor Yael’s Office))

Ashley leaned on the desk on his elbows, digging into Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau’s file.  But there was a *large* chunk that had been wiped… or rather, blacked out.  The data was there, but the access had been shut down.

He didn’t like failure, and that’s all he could call his recent attempts to reach her.  A big fat failure.  So here he was trolling through her file, wondering if there was some glimmer of knowledge he had missed.  The only thing he had were a few people he might be able to contact.  Perhaps he could pick some brains and gain some wisdom?

Yael:  Computer, give me the location of a Raymond Lassiter.

Computer:  There are eight hundred and thirty seven persons known by the name Raymond Lassiter.

Ashley sighed, then figured he should cross reference.

Yael:  Known Raymond Lassiters associated with Starfleet, please.

Computer:  There are ninety three persons who match this criteria. 

Yael:  Cross reference known persons by this name with Lieutenant Commander DeVeau.

The computer went silent for just a moment before it chirped. 

Computer: There is one person who matches this criteria.  

Yael:  Show him to me.

The screen lit up with the file of known info on this man. A smiling face with dark skin and hair that was peppered in some places and white in others appeared.  His dark eyes reflected the warmth of the smile, even though he had only been posing for a picture.  His file and decorations were long, filling the screen and scrolling further, detailing a life of forty years spent in service to the fleet.  

Yael:  What is this man's current location?

Computer:  That information is classified.

Yael:  Can you establish a communication link up?

Computer:  Affirmative.

There was another pause, though this one was a bit longer.  A few moments later, however, the screen lit up with the face Ashley had seen in the file - only this one was in real time, and his smile was a little more demure, more the sort given to a stranger who suddenly called him up randomly. 

Lassiter: =/\=This is Commander Raymond Lassiter.  To whom do I have the honour of speaking with?=/\=

Yael:  =/\= Sir, this is Ensign Ashley Yael, Counselor, of Starbase 118 Operations. =/\=

That smile grew a little, warming as he was introduced to the person who made the unsolicited call.  Unsolicited, but not resented.  

Lassiter: =/\=Well met, Ensign.  To what do I owe the pleasure?=/\=

Yael:  =/\= I was actually hoping we could have a conversation about one Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau.  It seems you’re a close acquaintance of hers, yes? =/\=

Lassiter spread his hands slightly and nodded once in an acknowledgement to the question.  

Lassiter:  =/\=I am a friend.  And a counselor.  I had to admit, when I saw the call came from Ops, I wondered if it was about her.=/\=

Yael:  =/\= I do want to be direct, she doesn’t know I’m contacting you.  But it’s with good intentions.  You see, I’m currently her counselor. =/\=

Ashley let that hang there and hoped he might offer something before he dove into more intensive questions.

There was another nod. 

Lassiter:  =/\=I also had a feeling that was the case.  How can I be of help?=/\=

Yael:  =/\= It appears you already have an idea why I’m contacting you.  There are very large chunks of the Lieutenant Commanders files which are blacked out… apparently classified.  Which, as you may know, can make counseling or treatment a bit of a crapshoot… if you’ll pardon the phrasing. =/\=

Raymond folded his hands together then leaned his chin against them, eyes closing.  There was a lot the man didn’t know, and his rank as an Ensign would leave that information closed to him.  However, he wasn’t just any Ensign - he was a counselor.  And he was a counselor to someone who had been involved in a classified incident.  Yes, he could understand the difficulties of trying to help someone in that sort of situation - he had been there once upon a time. 

Which was why he was going to take the roadblocks out of the man’s way.  

Raymond opened his hands, his hands remaining folded, but dropping own as he leveled his gaze at the Ensign.  Fortunately, due to his current location, any channel to him was already secured, so that was, at least, one thing he didn’t have to worry about.

Lassiter:  =/\=I suppose I don’t have to impress upon you that any information I pass along must remain confidential and is classified.  It should not go beyond myself, Alora, or anyone without security clearance. =/\=

Yael:  ::nodding sagely::  =/\= Anything you can share that might be beneficial for her.  I can guarantee the information stays within these select few.  But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t try to help her… and I *do* believe she needs it. =/\=

Raymond nodded, then leaned back a little.  For a moment, he was quiet, thoughtful.  

Lassiter:  =/\=Alora was assigned to a classified project involving the use of Tachyon radiation.  =/\=

Yael:  ::his eyebrows furrowing::  =/\= Would this have to do with her degenerative health issue? =/\=

Lassiter:  =/\=Yes.  How much do you know about Tachyons?=/\=

Yael:  =/\= Not nearly enough, I fear.  Though I am capable of brushing up. =/\=

Lassiter: =/\=I’m not particularly /well/ versed in my knowledge, but I do know this - tachyon particles are one of the types of particles present in incidences that involve time travel and temporal distortions. =/\=

Yael:  =/\= That is… disturbing on it’s own premise.  ::pausing::   Please, continue. =/\=

Disturbing?  Yes, though time travel had not been the intended result of the experiments they had been performing.  Although Raymond hadn’t done a lot of research, he knew there were other properties of tachyon particles, though he didn’t quite understand the extent of them. 

Lassiter: =/\=There was an explosion during one of the experiments here, though I fear I can not say where ‘here’ is exactly.  Regardless, it killed Alora’s husband, Kalin Teser, and left her with a condition where her cells seem to travel back in time.=/\=


Ensign Ashley Yael


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