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Sep 19, 2023, 4:23:44 PM9/19/23

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Narendra))

The Bridge was much quieter than when they had left it. At least they weren’t being jostled by boy racers anymore, although there was something brewing down on the surface of Sannin VII that was much more worrying.

Fairhug: From what we can tell, the team on the surface have experienced some kind of body-swap scenario. We've been looking into similar incidents and Ensign Ross thinks he may have something that could help.

McLaren: And suddenly I'm glad we got the Klingons... :: she leaned back and looked to the new Ensign again, crossing her arms. :: You think you have something that can help?

Ross: Well. It's just a trace, but the USS Arrow faced a similar situation two years ago, which involved an experiment neural imaging probe from the Gentii. Whatever the crew faced down there, it might involves the same kind of technology. 

Ross offered his PADD for the others to look at and Rustyy took it. If anyone could make sense of such a device, Gogi was confident it was Rustyy.

McLaren: Interesting theory.

Hael: I reckon… So this ‘ere hunk’a machine. Do we go’ access to it?

McLaren: So how can we help our people? Would it be safe for us to beam down?

Hael: Uh yea’- safe? ::his eyebrows were both up at he looked at the other man.:: Cause I ain’ wantin’ in nobody else’s skin or Them’s in mine. 

Gogi smirked at that remark. He couldn’t agree more.

Ross: Well, if our theory is right, the device is probably still down there, which means it could be activated again.

Fairhug: Which probably rules out beaming down. Sounds like they have enough problems down there as it is, without us adding to them.

McLaren: We should probably give them a call then and see just what the cause was, get more information and see if it matches what Ensign Ross found.

Fairhug: Agreed. Now that we know what is going on and are able to assist, we need to put our heads together to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Gogi was no doctor, by any stretch of the imagination, Marine combat medicine training was about the extent of his knowledge in the medical field, but he couldn’t imagine having your consciousness transplanted into somebody else’s body was a good thing, either physically or mentally.

Ross: My rank prevents me from accessing the actual files related to the technology. They are rated confidential. If any of you could...? ::gesturing towards his PADD:: 

Gogi noticed Rustyy put his hands up and thumb to McLaren. The Bardeezan nodded along. Ops’ Director of Intelligence was the best person for that particular job.

Fairhug: I’m sure Commander McLaren can help there.

McLaren: Response? 

Ross: ::turning towards Hael:: Sir, maybe you can make sense of the files concerning the nature of the device? Perhaps there is something detectable about it, something that might enable us to locate it on Sannin, if something similar is actually in use down there?  

Fairhug: ::turning to Rustyy and Sol:: Any ideas?

McLaren: ? 

That sounded good to Gogi. He turned to await Rustyy’s input, but noticed the Engineer was preoccupied by something else going on. This shift had been absolutely non-stop so far.

Hael: Shuttle incomin’ ::he announced to the group.:: I got’s this, ya’ll keep on keepin’ on. 

Fairhug: Thanks, Rustyy. ::turning back to the two Intelligence Officers:: So, do you two think you have enough information to help the crew on the surface?

McLaren/Ross: ?

Fairhug: Use whatever resources you need. Sol, go ahead and contact the surface whenever you’re ready.

McLaren/Ross: Responses

(OOC: This seems like a good place for us to split while Sol and Evan make the call)

Gogi turned back to the rest of the Bridge just in time to see yet another familiar face stepping out of the turbolift. Lt. JG Stendhal had been a member of Ops’ crew the last time he had been FO on the Starbase. Evidently she was the new arrival Rustyy had been speaking to moments ago.

Hael: Lieutenant Stendhal, welcome aboard. If’n you’ll join me, we’ve got us quite the problem planet side. 

The Counselor greeted them with a warm smile and a polite bow. 

Stendhal: Thank you, Lieutenant Commander! I'm delighted to be here and eager to assist with anything that may arise on the planet and during the Flower Festival. What exactly has happened down there? ::She asked.::

Hael: Uh… ::he chuckled.:: Well’s ya see, we showed up to help cause folks was gettin’ sick from metals in the buildin’s an’ now we be tryin’ to … um. Well… 

Fairhug: The crew on the surface have somehow ended up the victims of what seems to be a targeted body swap.

Stendhal: That sounds quite extraordinary! A case of body-swap? Have you determined what's causing it?

Fairhug: Some kind of device was used. That’s what Commander McLaren and Ensign Ross are trying to determine.

The Counselor crossed her arms in a gesture that seemed to suggest determination. Gogi liked that.

Stendhal: Alright, I'm ready! Just let me know what I can do to assist.

Gogi scratched at his beard in thought. It was great that the Counselor was eager to help…but how could she right now?

Then it hit him. They had a patient down in Sickbay who might just have some answers for them and Lt. Stendhal just might be the person who could get them out of her.

Fairhug: Actually, Lieutenant, I think your skills might be best put to use in Sickbay just now. ::gesturing toward the turbolift:: care to join me for a ride?

Stendhal: Response

Having just come from Sickbay not that long ago, Gogi wasn’t all that keen to go back, but if he could learn any information that might help get everyone back in the right bodies, then it would all be worth it.

Fairhug: Then let’s go. ::calling out across the Bridge:: Sol, you have the Bridge. 

McLaren: Response

Fairhug: Rustyy, Sal and the others might need your expertise with the device.

Hael: Response

Nodding to the more than capable Bridge crew, the Bardeezan gestured for Stendhal to follow him into the lift.

Fairhug: ::to the lift:: Sickbay. ::to Stendhal:: So, Lieutenant, welcome back.

Stendhal: Response

Fairhug: Strangely enough, Rustyy and I have only recently transferred back, too. Like Solaris said, Ops seems to have a way of pulling people back.

Stendhal: Response

Fairhug: I hope your leave of absence was…productive.

He didn’t want to ask outright why she had been away. It could be a touchy subject. For example, his own leave of absence, which he had returned from about one year ago now, was not a happy subject matter. On the other hand, Rustyy seemed to have spent his LOA doing some very worthwhile work, from what he could tell.

Stendhal: Response



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