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Aug 4, 2022, 4:44:24 PMAug 4
to Starbase118

((Medical Lab 1, Sickbay, USS Narendra))


 Henry seemed on the surface a very amiable fellow - at least within the few moments that passed of her scanning them and introducing each other.


Blackwell: You might say that. 

There was a bit of wryness to her tone, a way of hiding the tension she’d been fighting to subdue as the situation got more and more tense.

Maxwell: Am I clear?

DeVeau: Lieutenant.


Her answer was paused as Deveau came over, and she nodded to Alora. 


Maxwell: Commander. I trust you're feeling better after your wee jab, aye?


 As he made the motion at his neck, her eyes widen slightly, attempting to interpret what it meant, and it put her on guard. Amiable, charming - enemy, friend, she wasn’t sure yet.

DeVeau: Scans are necessary, Mister Maxwell.  We’ve had someone else say they were one person and were actually another and we need to make sure.


Blackwell: And to that end, they were also to make sure you were not in any danger. 


Maxwell: Perfectly understandable. Got tae be sure who you're letting loose aboard ship.



DeVeau: Have you finished the scan? 


Blackwell: I’m done, nothing dangerous on him..and we can do the standard inoculation and he should be fine, from what my readings show.

Maxwell: ?

Rue couldn’t say for certain what was in Alora’s mind, save that the woman also seemed very tense herself, careful. Rue was good with that as it meant they were both on guard - if this Henry person was someone who had harmful intent, they were both on it.

DeVeau: This will help with the radiation exposure. 


Blackwell: Seems like a lot has happened - glad to see you are in one piece, Commander ::And she glanced towards Henry:: Seems like he need some care as well. 

Maxwell: ?


 DeVeau: can you roll up your sleeve far enough to be free of the injury.  If not, I’ll need you to remove your shirt. 

Maxwell: ?

Rue lowered her eyes for a moment, having the momentary image of what he might look like without his shirt. oO Not the time to be curious on a physical level, Rue. Not the time at all Oo.


Alora was on task though, and getting his wounds treated with hypospray to start, and then directing him to be ready. 


DeVeau: First we need to deal with your phaser wound.  After that, we need to discuss what happened on the Belladonna.  Lieutenant, I’m assuming you have standard first aid training and can assist. 


Blackwell: Yes, Commander. What do you need me to do?

Deveau/Maxwell: ?

She glanced towards Maxwell, a slightly amused narrowing of her eyes.

Blackwell: Don’t get cute oO At least not yet oO I’d like to know who you are and precisely what is going on?

She glanced between Deveau and Maxwell at that.

Deveau/Maxwell: ?

Blackwell: Well we are still getting evacuees off, and now we have gamma radiation and …well whatever has happened to you - so to say that things are getting more and more complicated is just slightly an understatement. So I feel like getting right to the quick of it simplifies things, doesn’t it?

Deveau/Maxwell: ?

Blackwell ::She smiled, still looking like her amiable self, even with a slight sharpness at the edge of that smile:: Sometimes I’m blunt. Comes with being a communications officer.

Deveau/Maxwell: ?


Lt. Prudence Blackwell


Starbase 118


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