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((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora’s Quarters))

Blackwell:  She laughed to that:: I just wasn’t sure if you wanted me to go through the entire list- I’m always working on my PADD or Tricorder to see if there is some new tweak I can do that enhances functionality, and I have a few private projects - largely research, that I work on. Then I read ridiculously salacious novels as well.

Foster: Not just salacious novels.  Ridiculously salacious novels.  ::he repeated for emphasis with a smile.::

Alora had known someone who read salacious novels.  That had spurred an interesting conversation once upon a time.  Now she was curious as to Rue’s reasonings behind reading such content.

DeVeau: And why, pray tell, is that?

Blackwell: There’s an intellectual aspect - I like to try and look at the books that are popular and stick around beyond just people liking the tawdry scenes. ::a wink:: some do have actual plot as well.  And then of course movies - I tend to like old ones, that are generally considered terrible. 

Foster: I’m sensing a theme here… but why?  Why read and watch terrible things?

That seemed fairly counterproductive in his mind.

Blackwell: Usually because despite being terrible - people actually put work into them, so there’s a bit of earnestness that becomes hilarious. I feel less guilty laughing when I know that in a way, the works are taking on a second life the creators didn’t know was possible, rather than just being lost to time.  ::she grinned:: Fortunately, the film we are watching tonight should be quite good.

Foster: Well, that’s good.  ::which it was -for the guy who rarely watched new things, if he did it should be good, right?::  I would hate to be a captive audience for a bad movie.

DeVeau: Now, Wyn, I picked this movie specifically with you in mind.  I wanted something you would enjoy.  Would I invite you here just to torture you with a bad movie?

Foster: I dunno, would you?  

That was an actual question.  Not a mean one, but one nonetheless.  Some people did truly do that because, like Rue they enjoyed it and thought others would too

Blackwell: ::She chuckled:: It’s an acquired taste, I admit. The thing to keep in one sets out to write a bad book or movie….save perhaps a few key directors who thought they were being ironic. But I’m certain Alora’s film will be good, and intentionally so.

Alora rested a hand upon her heart and sniff, though loudly, dramatically.  Her face contorted into a caricature of offense. 

DeVeau: I’m hurt you don’t have more faith in me.  

Foster: I’m sorry… ::His antennae crinkled inwards and his brows creased in an overly expressive sense of worry that this conversation was accidentally offending.::

Blackwell:::She looked towards Wyn for a moment, and then there was a glance to Alora, looking at reading the room:: 

DeVeau: I tell you what, next time, you get to pick the movie, Wyn.

Foster: I mean… I don’t…  ::He shrugged helplessly:: I don’t watch stuff.  I don’t read stuff.  It’s draining.  I do stuff.  I mean I’ll go running, and tend my tribbles.  I can cook and sometimes I’ll read or watch stuff on how to do something I want to do, but I’m just not wired to watch.  I want to do the thing rather than watch the thing.

Which should mean he would enjoy holodecks… but his dislike of holodecks was less due to personality and more due to bad experiences in holodecks that marred it for him.

Blackwell:::She smiled a bit:: And that is what adds in to your keen creativity and ingenuity. I imagine the fact you prefer expanding your knowledge is what keeps you so sharp.

 DeVeau: And if you weren’t stuck here with us, what would you prefer?

Foster: I mean if I could do anything right now?  Anything at all?  I’d like to take a long run on a cool beach and then drink cold drinks by a warm fire.  That would be nice.  Eat popcorn and sleep in.

Rue smiled gently at the image and sipped her own drink. It sounded like a relaxing mix - something for all the senses.

Which was his dream life when he wasn’t trying to be a medical superstar.

And that told Alora more about Wyn than she had before.  Maybe it didn’t seem like it, but it did.  Alora studied the man, but her expression was all smiles.  She could understand wanting to do something.  In that, they were similar. Oh yes, she enjoyed sitting and watching entertainment, but it was rare for her to do it alone.  Reading was more what she did if she didn’t have company.  The problem was, that made Wyn’s choice a little more complicated.  Well, so be it.  It was important to be meaningful, and if that was meaningful to him, then that’s what she’d do.  

DeVeau: Good to know.  However, thank you for indulging Rue and I this evening, I’m grateful you came.  Hopefully this will at least be entertaining for you.  

Blackwell: It sounds like a lovely image...and sounds familiar to some times we’ve shared ::she grinned and then chuckled::

DeVeau: Oh!  Popcorn!  I almost forgot the popcorn!

Like a kernel, Alora popped up from the couch and went to the replicator.  They had talked all about popcorn, Wyn had brought things to season said popcorn, but she had yet to actually make it.  Fortunately, that was easily fixed.  When she was finished, Alora had requested and carried three different bowls of popcorn with smaller bowls for them to use should they decide to do different flavours.  

DeVeau: All right!  Now we’re prepared!  Meals and popcorn, we’re going to stuff ourselves silly and have a laugh. Shall we get started?

Blackwell::Rue watched as Alora went up from the couch, and grinned to Wyn:: I think she can fulfill one part of your wish tonight. Popcorn and movies are fitting. A proud Earth tradition ::and she leaned back to settle into the cushions, legs folded beneath her::

Foster: Popcorn always makes everything better.  ::he leaned over and snuck a handful into his mouth, which had the added benefit of shutting him up for a bit.::

WIth that, Alora tapped on the emitter and the film appeared in front of them, credits rolling.  Alora passed along the bowls, grateful for the company, and even more grateful for the information the evening had provided. 


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