JP PNPC Ensign Pepper O'Grady & LtCmdr Alora DeVeau - A Dash of Pepper (Pt2)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 5, 2020, 5:41:11 PM10/5/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Starbase 118 OPs - Science Division, Alora’s Office))

O’Grady: Oh that would be lovely. ::she was practically electrified.:: Do you have any Heliotrope or Gentian too? 

DeVeau: I don’t.  Heliotropes can be a bit large to keep in quarters, especially when one is on a ship - which I have been most of my time in Starfleet. As for gentians, not those either.  However, you can put in a request for those to be added to one of our arboretums.  Why those specifically?

O’Grady: I have Moths, and those are some of their favorites.

DeVeau:  Ah, I see, yes that makes sense. Well, let’s put in a request and we can cultivate them here as well as get some for you to grow in your quarters.  

::Pepper beamed at the woman, but a hand went and covered her smile. While she was great with living things, and understood all the facets of a stable ecosystem, a green thumb wasn’t her strongest suit. Which seemed odd, considering all her time keeping other things alive. So the idea that someone was interested in putting in the work with her was thrilling.::

O’Grady: Really? Oh that would be wonderful. 

DeVeau: We should meet sometime outside of work.  I’d love to just sit and chat with you.  For now, however, there is something I’m going to request of you related to our department.  

O’Grady: Oh? ::she was brought down from her excitement induced high, to focus on something more serious.:: What is it? 

DeVeau: I’d like you to send me a list of possible experiments you’d like to work on. I want to see you grow in your field, and that will take practical, hands on experiments.  Then we’ll take a look at your interests and see what we can do about getting you experience.  

O’Grady: Oh I have many experiments - but what I work on most are problem based. Something arises and I work to find a solution. I .. don’t really have any personal experiments. ::her shoulder didn’t drop but her green eyes looked down.::

DeVeau: I see.  Are you kept busy?  

O’Grady: Oh I am kept very busy, and I work with many different problems and even do most of the breeding when it comes to modified needs of an ecosystem - usually those artificially created or ones colonized. 

DeVeau: But you never put it into practise yourself?  Never introduce them?

::She looked up at the woman and shook her. A smile still graced her freckle covered features.::

O’Grady: Not usually, I pass them along for someone else to put into the field.

DeVeau: Ok then, what are you working on now?

::Pepper paused and had a thoughtful look about her. What was she working on right now that was a project and not just the usual work. She sat up a little taller, shoulders rolled back a bit.::

O’Grady: At the moment we’re working on the main lab’s arboretum, it was in need of a ::she paused.:: revamping. Some of the plants and animal’s weren’t getting along too well. ::she smiled.::

DeVeau: Who have you been working with on that project?  

O’Grady: Working with me? I think it is myself and two crewmen. 

DeVeau: Okay, so here’s a different question for you.  If there was one thing you would like to learn about or find out, what would it be? 

::Pepper raised an eyebrow, her eyes darted about, to a fro from Alora in thought. What did she want to learn more of? There was also something, literally everything at times for her. Everytime she thought she had an idea, it either changed or didn’t seem right.::

O’Grady: I am interested in everything - so your question is hard for me to answer. ::she admitted honestly and without shame.::

DeVeau: I can certainly understand that. If only there were more hours in a day.  Or if they didn’t require sleep.  Alora could get so much done.  Of  course, she had interests that went beyond science, but she couldn’t give those up either.  

DeVeau: Just randomly pick one then.  

O’Grady: There are hundreds of species of insects and arachnids discovered every year, but the colder planets are what I know least about and would like to know about. Worlds like Andor - ?

DeVeau: Oh yes.  Now let’s focus on Andor.  How about you start working on learning about Andor.  What sort of life does it have on it besides Andorians.  Learn about their ecological system.  If anything strikes your fancy for learning more or performing an experiment, let me know and we’ll set you up.   Sound like a plan?  

O’Grady: ::she beamed.:: That sounds like a wonderful plan - thank you. ::she added thoughtfully.:: 

DeVeau: That's part of my job, no thanks needed.

O’Grady: In the meantime, do you have something you’d like me to focus on?

DeVeau: Yes, actually, I'll send you some information on some research being done on an Aldebaran arthropod.  It was recently discovered, so we're finding out what we can about it.

O'Grady: Oh yes, I can absolutely do that. ::she was eager to be helpful.::

DeVeau:. Any questions?

O'Grady: None as of yet, ma’am. ::her freckles covered cheeks glowed.::

DeVeau:. Let me know if you think of anything.  

Alora held out her hand toward her fellow officer.

DeVeau:. I look forward to working with you.

O'Grady: And you - ::she half stood and reached out to shake hands. The universal, unwritten agreement.::

::With that Pepper made her leave. She had some work to do before she could call it a night and look forward to a relaxing evening. But she foresaw a kinship between the two.::

O’Grady: I think I’ll go now, call upon me if you ever need. 

DeVeau: Oh don’t worry.  ::Alora grinned.:: I will. 


PNPC Ensign Pepper O’Grady

Science Officer 

Starbase 118 Ops



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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