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Jamie LeBlanc

Nov 15, 2020, 11:23:44 PM11/15/20
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((Bajoran Temple Gardens – Commercial Center – StarBase 118))

Decorations had been going up for the past three days.  Banners in white and gold with ancient Bajoran symbols festooned the walls and shops of the Ashalla District and the temple gardens were decorated with garlands of white and gold flowers.  The lovely scent of fresh cut flowers, spring leaves and peat smoke hung in the air. 

The gardens had ceremonial burning pits set up on safe stone platforms for the traditional burning of worries.  It was a lovely ceremony allowing anyone to write their troubles on a specially blessed parchment and then set it afire, letting that worry go up in smoke.  It was cathartic and beautiful.

The temple itself was draped with white silks trimmed with dark gold embroidery in ancient Bajoran script.  They were a gift form a visiting ambassador four years prior.  Before that the temple had used white tablecloths with painted edges.  It was marvelous to see how it had grown and flourish, tending to those who needed guidance, counselling or just a place of rest.

Both Prylars were dressed in ceremonial robes.  Prylar Durial Manas was wearing the ceremonial orange of his order, head bare, his sandy curls pulled back.  Prylar Hanak Lami work the dusky purple of her order.  Her sleek black hair was ceremonially braded and covered with a fitted cap.  They could not seem more different in outward appearance, but somehow each one had a fashion that befit their personality.  Prylar Hanak was devout, a tremendously hard worker who was unwaveringly honest, frequently blunt, and demanded the best from those who worked for her.  She was in charge of education and the students who followed her routines and advice always excelled.  Prylar Durial was soft, he listened more than he spoke, he cared for feelings as much as the facts of the matter, and sometimes seemed as if his head was in the clouds.  He was gentle, compassionate and calm.  He tended the gardens and grew the best Aldavian roses in the quadrant.

The Prylars had different goals.  Most of the improvements to the temple were directly connected to Prylar Hanak’s work.  Most of the growing congregation of faithful were directly connected to Prylar Durial’s work.  They had a hard time seeing eye to eye, but they were not enemies.  They had been stuck together for five years and in that time had found a mostly comfortable way of working things which pretty much meant that they delegated tasks to the one who was better suited to them.

The Gratitude Festival was one of those times where both came together.  Prylar Hanak had been in charge of the decorations, as well as the food and beverage.  Prylar Durial has communicated the festival to the station and would lead the ceremonies.  So far everything had fallen into place.

Only guests of honor were admitted into the grounds before the festival began, which included the senior staff of StarBase 118.  The temple acolytes who were serving as gate guards were well schooled on who to allow past. 

First to arrive was Fleet Captain Taybrim, and Lt Commander Nijil who were followed quickly thereafter by some of his crew.  The Captain decided on wearing his dress uniform, to honor the temple.  Even Prylar Hanak was impressed and she moved forward to greet them.

Hanak: Captain Taybrim.  Commander Nijil.  Thank you and your crew for joining us in this important fifth festival for our temple.

Taybrim: We are honored, Prylar Hanak.  ::he gave her a traditional Bajoran gesture of respect.::

Nijil: ?

Hanak: Once you crew arrives please divide them into groups, I will have one group with me, Prylar Durial will have one and if you and your first officer could join Vedek Lova, we would be most honored.

Taybrim: Certainly. ::He gave a formal nod, but his tone was full of curiosity and interest.::

Nijil: ?

Hanak: I will allow you to attend your crew.

She gave the two men a formal nod of her head and moved back to her position at the front of the temple, meanwhile Sal and Nijil were there to greet incoming crew.

Sal grinned at the first to arrive.

Taybrim: Good morning!  I hope you are enjoying the sunshine this morning?

Any: ?

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: We are gathering here, you can sit and enjoy the grounds, and then once we have all gathered ew will separate into groups and both Prylars will give us instructions on the ceremony.

Nijil: ?

Any: ?


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