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Jamie LeBlanc

Jun 6, 2017, 1:32:05 AM6/6/17
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((Briefing Room 2 - The hub - StarBase 118))

::Some things were both true and deeply unpleasant. The fact that the Federation Council was operating off a set of lies fed to them by an ex-Commodore and a skewed set of facts that they saw from behind rose-colored goggles was a frustrating fact that they now had to deal with.::

Hauke: ::She cleared her throat a little to bring attention back to her.:: The Federation Council forced their hand and Starfleet Command buckled. As of 0900 hours today, Captain Sal Taybrim is no longer in command of StarBase 118. Captain Storm Bomba, who will be onboard within the next two hours, will be the new Commanding Officer of StarBase 118.

Whittaker: :: spitting out the words. :: This is bullshit.

::Vivian Hauke raised a brow, and looked towards Theo but she didn't comment. In fact, she gave the faintest nod to indicate that overall she agreed with him.

Sal Taybrim on the other hand had to bite his lower lip. He agreed with Theo as well, but he seemed to be taking it better than some of his crew. That was because he already knew and understood Hauke's plan - and considering the circumstances it was a pretty good one.::

Ezo: ~Theo is right, this is total bullshit. You cannot let them do this!~

::Sal flickered his dark eyes towards Mirra and caught them with an empathetic gaze.::

Taybrim: ~Unfortunately it is already done.~ ::He gave a half second pause, just enough to feel her emotions rise before he added.:: ~But do not think for a second that I am going to lay down and let them kick me or go silently into the void. This can be fought, hang on and we'll discuss how we can possibly win this.~

Silveira: Calm down Commander. ::Looking between Theo and the Admiral.:: Like the saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger.

::There was a moment of silence and then everyone seemed to breathe. The air calmed down a bit.::

Whittaker: I apologise for my outburst, Admiral. But, surely you can't agree with this decision?

Hauke: If I agreed with this decision, we would not be having this briefing right now. So, everyone settle down and let me explain how I intend to fix this...

Silveira: May I ask something Admiral?

::Her dark eyes riveted towards Silveira.::

Hauke: You may. Who is speaking?

Silveira: Vitor Silveira, Security Specialist. I was just assigned back to Ops after a Medical leave. I asked to be placed in Ops, but the Fleet changed my posting from Tactical to Security, and in my briefing I was informed that the Station suffered an attack and that my previous knowledge of the Station, I was Chief Tactical Officer when Captain Nicholotti ran Ops, would be helpful in restoring the Station’s Security. ::He raised an eyebrow.::Does my transfer have anything to do with the current situation?

::She perked a greying brow as the name and the history made a connection and she offered a slow nod of assent.::

Hauke: In fact it does, Mr. Silveira. ::A faint smile was offered towards the man.:: I had a hand in bringing you here, particularly because you did not have ties to this incident. I suspect that Captain Bomba will approach you as a potential confidant for this very reason.

::Her tone indicated that Silveira should take the new Captain up on that offer. Getting close to Bomba was a key in removing him.::

Silveira: Well… Then I could be very useful. Don’t think you get rid of me calling you Captain… Captain. ::Turning to the Admiral.:: Now Admiral, you were mentioning something about a fix.

::She took a step forward, giving the crew a slow, deliberate nod.::

Hauke: At base, the Federation council has no idea what it takes to run a Starbase of this size and in a territory that is this tempestuous. They believe that because StarBase 118 is within Federation territory that everything should run as smoothly, peacefully and as much like a utopia as it does in the Sol sector. ::She paused, letting that sink in. She knew the officers gathered around the table could directly contrast the perception to the reality they lived with every day.:: Bomba is the council's favored officer for this position due to his political ties and willingness to do what the council asks.

Ezo: ::clearing her throat, keeping her anger in check:: And this...Captain Bomba. Can we expect a fair, non-biased opinion from this...::her eyes flashed steely:: temporary replacement?

Taelon: W-what’s happening to the Captain? ::He looked at Taybrim with wide, and at this point openly worried, eyes.:: You’re not - they’re not sending you away, are they?

Kasun: Better not. :: She could honestly say if they tried the Federation would have a revolt on their hands. ::

Taybrim: Well. ::He turned towards his crew.:: The Federation Council wants to recall me to Sol sector. They have a nice cushy desk job for me. They say it's a promotion. ::He paused just long enough for that to register with everyone before continuing on.:: Fortunately Admiral Hauke was kind enough to offer another posting.

Hauke: As of 1000 hours today, I have appointed Ambassador Sal Taybrim as the diplomatic attaché and head diplomatic advisor to the new Commanding officer of StarBase 118. ::Her tone was grim, but her eyes showed a bit of sparkle. She had been clever in this - the role of Ambassador kept Sal directly by Bomba's side.::

Taybrim: I guess you'll have to put up with me as your boss for a little longer. ::He said directly towards Trel'lis with a small amount of humor.::

Trel'lis: ?

Any: ?

Hauke: I understand, it is a small consolation, but hear me out. As an Ambassador, like you saw with Fleet Captain Nicholotti, Captain Taybrim will retain his command codes. Which means if there is a problem where strong leadership needs to step up and act, he has the authority to do so.

::She said 'if' because it was professionally polite to do so. Her tone clearly said 'when.'::

Any: ?

Taybrim: ::Sal shook his head gently.:: I want everyone to understand this very clearly - we cannot take any negative actions against Bomba. Doing so completely invalidates any argument we make to the council, the Federation and Starfleet that our actions on this StarBase have not only been valid, but necessary for the protection of the sector. No one will insult, harass or impede Captain Bomba from taking command.

Hauke: In fact, you should all encourage him.

::She said it so simply. If the words were taken down in a dictation, she would never been accused of anything. But again the tone - it so clearly said 'give him enough rope to hang himself.'::

Any: ?

Hauke: I understand it is a big - and potentially dangerous - undertaking. I am doing everything I can to support you.

Any: ?

Hauke: ::She stepped forward. She hadn't even told Sal about this part of the plan.:: I agree, you need more high ranked assistance to be able to present a firm counterpoint. I know that Captain Taybrim has the utmost confidence in each of you. Particularly in you, Mr. Whittaker. You were a driving force in retaking StarBase 118. And so I am going to do what he currently cannot do, and give you an edge against the adversaries you will soon face. Know that I do this not only to assist you, but because this accolade is richly deserved. As of 1130 hours, Theo Whittaker is promoted to the rank of full Commander, by my authority, with all the rights and responsibilities that attend this rank.

::She stepped forward in the stunned silence, pressing a small rosewood box with one extraordinarily heavy third pip into his hand while giving it a confident shake.::

Hauke: I am sorry this could not be under better circumstances. But know that you have earned the respect of not only your Captain, but my respect as well.

Whittaker: ?

Taybrim: I would have done it last night, had I not known that this was boiling over in the background. ::he admitted to Theo.:: But I promise you, Theo, if we get through this we'll make it official and celebrate in style.

Whittaker: ?

Any: ?


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