Lt Commander Foster - Are you Being Paranoid? (Tags: Blackwell/Galvens/Kasun/Meeks Sh’shelor)

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Jamie LeBlanc

Nov 30, 2020, 11:52:37 PM11/30/20
to SB118

((Chief Surgeon’s Office – StarBase 118)

Wyn Foster was looking over the duty roster for specialty surgery and absolutely dreading calling a meeting with them.  Partially because specialty surgeons were a nutty lot that tended to have very strong opinions on very minor details. 

And partially because he knew some of them.  And he really hated meeting people he used to know.  Because they were probably wonderful stable put together people with families and all sorts of accomplishments and here he was a higher ranked but more broken person with more experience in Starfleet – most of it traumatic – that made his larger number of pips shine less brightly.

It would be a difficult series of conversations with some big personalities.  Therefore he was procrastinating by filing paperwork.

Blackwell =/\= Wyn, are you there? =/\=

Foster: =/\= No, I’m on vacation on Rura Penthe… where else would I be? =/\=

As his father would crassly say ‘ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer…

Blackwell: =/\= I’m at the Bajoran Temple festival. I’m just feeling a bit...Strange. Not bad, just strange. =/\=

He dropped his generally jerkface response upon hearing that and shifted tactics. 

Foster: =/\= What kind of strange? =/\=

Said with that tenuous tone that questioned: is everything OK?

Blackwell: =/\= I am feeling...not quite drunk, but rather...lacking in inhibitions. =/\= ::And then there was a giggle as she looked at an attractive couple passing her, and she winked to them both, before calming down:: =/\= Oh and Meeks is getting rather amorous for a couple of ladies. And not well received, though I don’t see why, as he is rather…::She stopped herself, clearing her throat and said hurriedly:: =/\= Anyways...we got to conversations on riding.and I don’t mean just horse riding.. ...I think that it’s a case where friends don’t let friends ride…=/\=

Foster: =/\=I gotcha.  I’m coming to your location. =/\=

Which he was absolutely doing via transporter because there was no way he would not get lost trying to find her and even if he didn’t get lost there was no way he was getting through the crowds.  Transporter it was.


((Temple of the Prophets – StarBase 118))

One transporter ride later…

There were people everywhere.  So many people.  Too many people.  People gyrating, people close, people drinking and cheering and celebrating.  There was also the soft sweet scent of honey in the air, layered with fruit and something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on; but something that made his antennae curl slightly inwards and his head hurt slightly.

Sh’shelor: Stay back.

Another Andorian?  He felt his insides sink.  Wyn Foster wasn’t good with his own people in the best of situations, and with the rising tide of emotion and tension between those present this was hardly the best of times.

Meeks: RELAX, Stuffy Stufferton. Geez. ::Turning to Prudence, who seemed the only one there who wasn't in a tiff:: How 'bout you? ::Holding a full glass of 'whateveritwas" toward her::

Blackwell/Galvens/Kasun: ?

Foster: OK, what in the name of Gret’hor is goin’ on here?

His voice was sharp and commanding, with that pointed Terran accent.

Meeks: The night's still far too young to be a party pooper.

Blackwell/Galvens/Kasun: ?

Sh’shelor: Commander, if you wish, I will be glad to carry him to the brig for you.

Foster: Wait, why are people going to the brig?

He was looking around trying to see if anyone was attacked, or hurt, but the only feedback he was getting was ‘weird.’

Blackwell/Galvens/Kasun/Meeks: ?

Sh’shelor: Really, commander, it’s no trouble.

Blackwell/Galvens/Kasun/Meeks: ?

Foster: Ok, look you people.  I’m sober, I’m a medical genius and I have an open sickbay.  Before we start locking people up in some sort of insane drunk tank experiment can we come on down to sickbay and let me do some scans?!

He had a headache creeping on so his tongue was more sassy than normal.

Blackwell/Galvens/Kasun/Meeks Sh’shelor: ?

Foster: Ok, who is feeling weird and how are you feeling weird?  And was anybody actually attacked or are we all being paranoid?

He felt he had the right to ask that question since he was probably the most paranoid out of everyone.

Blackwell/Galvens/Kasun/Meeks Sh’shelor: ?


Lt Commander Shar’Wyn Foster
Chief Surgeon
StarBase 118 Ops

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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