Commander Dal - Best Case Scenario

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Jamie LeBlanc

Aug 6, 2022, 12:01:43 AMAug 6
to SB118

((USS Narendra, Sickbay, ICU/Surgical Suite)

He had been absorbed in his work, and it took him more time than he wanted to admit to realize that Doctor Trovek had returned and Doctor Bailey moved to treating the Gamma Radiation patients in medlab one.

That was probably for the best.  Doctor Bailey had the strength of having a calm, sweet personality that was good at putting people at ease.  Gamma Radiation required more social finesse as its affects included distraction, mental fogginess, hallucinations and disconnected thoughts – all of which could also incite negative emotions if provoked.  But the treatment was straightforward.

Sickbay however required technical finesse, which was the strength of Doctor Trovek.  Technical finesse and medical leadership.  With unconscious patients and critical injuries your bedside manner mattered less than your ability to save lives.

Paired with Ishreth’s triage skills, they could make a strong pair.  He would like to work a full mission alongside Doctor Trovek.  Not leaning on her for support for a punctured lung while she struggled to save as many lives as possible, or finding moments in an evacuation mess.

Still, he wasn’t sure if her comment was sarcastic or pained.  


Both was possible.

Dal: Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. My only strength here is keeping people alive until they can be tended to by the right person in the right scene. 

Her help made the work easy.  Both were focused and efficient.  

The stasis chamber sealed with a satisfying hiss and the bioscanner gave a positive reading.  Statis was effectively achieved.

Dal: That buys her at least twelve hours with minimal, fixable degradation. ::He breathed a deep breath for the first time in too many long tense minutes.:: Doctor, thank you. I leave sickbay in your care. I need to go meet with an unidentified person and probably send them to the brig.

Commander DeVeau had ordered him, and he intended to follow orders.  Eventually,  He was far too proper to disobey orders straight out.

But he would be adamant after the mission that he had made the correct choice in disobeying orders directly.  He believed the stasis chamber actions he took gave the patient a fighting chance for survival.

Trovek: I assume DeVeau went to deal with him. ::she paused, then shrugged, deciding that she was too tired for a diplomatic way of phrasing what she thought:: And frankly I'd like to keep you around, you're the only person on this ship who gives me any confidence in Starfleet. 

He paused, and for a moment his breath locked in the back of his throat.  That was a weighty statement.  Especially after he had spent all too much time weighing his worth as a command officer.

He was curious as to why Commander DeVeau would have finally returned to Maybe Henry, but the simple answer was probably the right one – Gamma Radiation.  It took time for the serum to take effect.  Her head was probably clearing with every passing minute.

Dal: Are you sure, Doctor?

He wasn’t clear if he was asking her about staying… or being the one who gave her confidence.  But he had – with some difficulty – learned that sometimes leaving an open question was best.  Let the other person interpret and answer how they felt was right.

He was a meticulous, accurate person by nature, but sometimes conversations were messy and awkward.

Then, again, maybe the most valuable conversations were messy, awkward and genuine.  Being genuine was often both messy and awkward and sometimes only a genuine person could help someone who was searching for their way.

Trovek: You are calm when there is chaos, you make decisions in the best interest for everyone and in alignment with Starfleet values, and you honestly and accurately assess what you can and cannot do. 

He paused at that, letting the medical equipment do its job – please in some small part that he had automated many of the critical functions for the evacuation as it gave them a moment to breathe.

A moment both truly needed right now.

Dal: I try.  And I am happy to stay here and help you.  Galaxy knows the evacuation needs it.  I only wish I could do… more.  

Trovek: At this point, I am more concerned that you won't want me as your CMO after this disaster. 

Another weighty statement.  He and she were both at a crossroads.  She wondering if she was good enough, worthy enough to be a CMO.  Him wondering if he was good enough, worthy enough to be a CO.  

She thought he was worthy.

He thought she was worthy.

Maybe they were both right about each other, and wrong about themselves.

Sometimes the best officers were their own harshest critics.

Dal: I value your skills, leadership and decisions.  I would like to work with you, side by side; and I would like to work with you as a leader.

There was another weighted pause.

And then a commline chirp.

Always great timing with the important interruptions… 

Trovek: I got good news and b-... nah, we're not doing that. ::she motioned towards the woman in stasis:: Lieutenant Meryel Harris, former security officer aboard 118, and someone I would likely have killed since I didn't know her medical history beforehand. Stasis is the best call until I can get Wyn.

Dal: I can forward this and have the 118 surgical suite ready for an emergency transport.

Trovek: And we have another group incoming, thirty-five people, the last group from Evac-14. They've reported a missing adult and an unaccompanied human child. 

He drew a breath in through his teeth.

Dal: Let’s get a scan on the child and see if we can get a positive identification.  That will help up track down the parent.

He started moving to the panel, calling it up.

Trovek: ?

A pause, he felt a chill go down his antennae and they wilted slightly.  He imagined Tyva, unaccompanied, wondering if he was alive or dead.

Dal: While the scans will start with the Narendra, I can do a full scan of the Belladonna as well.  Still, we should get one of the counselors to take the child under care.

Trovek: ?

Another commline chirp.  This one was information for him.

Dal: I have good news and… but we’re not doing that.  ::humor?  Maybe.:: The bomb has been deactivated, but we need to move away from the Belladonna while they shut the impulse engines down otherwise we risk collision.

Trovek: ?

Dal: It means we pause evacuation with fifteen thousand still onboard the Belladonna.  Give or take.

Trovek: ?

Dal: Best case scenario?  We get the bomb off, the Belladonna stops, we evacuate everyone without injuries to the Prophecy and with injuries to the Narendra so we can take injuries to StarBase 118.  But the whole ship should be cleared because of the Gamma Radiation.

The worst-case scenario was a massive explosion.  That was getting less and less likely, but he still didn’t want to dwell on it.

Trovek: ?


Commander Ishreth Dal
Marine Liaison Officer

StarBase 118 Ops

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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