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Jamie LeBlanc

Aug 13, 2017, 10:22:35 PM8/13/17
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(OOC - as always, only PCs are given awards in the official ceremonies. If you want to see an NPC recognized that can certainly be done and would be given out by the department head, just send a message to Commander Whittaker or myself! :) )

((Keal's Pub - StarBase 118))

::Sal had just concluded welcomes and was smiling joyfully at both the new members of the senior staff and the returning ones. He was surrounded by people who were so much more than co-workers. They were close friends, compatriots and confidants. He could not ask for a better crew.::

Taybrim: ::Clearing his throat:: Now, as you might have imagined, one of the things I wanted to address is what all went on last mission and the aftermath. Let me start by saying each and every one of you did a tremendous job against adversity. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in. Yesterday Admiral Hauke confirmed that Captain Bomba was relieved of duty and would be transferred back to Sol sector. And I trust everyone saw the announcement confirming the return of station control back to myself and Commander Whittaker. I also wanted to confirm that Starfleet command formally reprimanded the members of the Federation council that meddled into our affairs. This means we should be free of political meddling for a good long time.

::This was good news on all accounts. Life on the frontier was tough enough without some desk bound politicians trying to tell them all what to do and how to do it.::

Any: ?

Taybrim: And, in the aftermath I would like to recognize some crew with some long overdue accolades. First off, Stafleet has decided to agree with me and recognize the entire crew who served against Chennel and her takeover of StarBase 118 Ops with the Peacekeeper Service ribbon. Had she been allowed to take over the station, it would have meant an extended war in the quadrant that would have taken millions of lives. The following officers stood against her on this very Starbase: Theo Whittaker, Antero Flynn, Mirra Ezo, Tatash, Ishani Kasun, Arturo Maxwell, Ziron Antraydin, Taelon, Trel'lis and Aitas. I cannot thank you all enough for what you did to ensure the safety of this StarBase and the protection of this sector.

Any: ?

Taybrim: Also overdue - and I might add that while words cannot express my gratitude for the bravery and willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done, I still hate giving away this award - to recognize the gallantry and injuries sustained in the line of duty by the hand of Chennel, the Purple Heart is awarded to Mirra Ezo.

::He really did hate Purple Hearts. He loved seeing his crew get recognized, but he hated seeing them get hurt.::

Ezo: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Wait a second, Mirra - if I have to recognize the fact that you were injured, I'm also going to recognize the more important part of this equation. ::His tone was soft and kind:: Your actions, the ones that put you in danger also bought the crew precious seconds that they used to get the upper hand on Chennel and retake the station. For this overwhelming bravery you are awarded the Federation Cross.

::He moved forward to press the award into her hand.::

Taybrim: ~and you are the bravest doctor I have ever known.~ ::he smiled gently.::

Ezo: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Also, the people who rushed to save your life are to be commended. Lieutenant Maxwell and Lieutenant Kasun were first responders and took action to make sure Doctor Ezo was transported to sickbay safely. Arturo, Ishani - you have both proven that any person on this crew could trust you both with their lives. To honor that, I award you both with the Silver Lifesaving ribbon.

::He stepped forward, congratulating both with a gentle smile.::

Kasun/Maxwell: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Now, another award that I feel is well deserved to recognize the struggles we went through this past mission but one I wish I did not have to award because it always means that something painful has happened. Commander Flynn and Lieutenant Maxwell - you are both awarded the Prisoner of War ribbon. And I know this doesn't salve away all of what happened, but your actions helped save over seven hundred innocent people, and to go along with your awards, I am giving you each a PADD of thanks yous from those people, telling you in their own words what heroes you are.

::He stepped forward handing each one - first Flynn and then Maxwell the award and the PADD. The wished on it were pure and raw, people profusely thanking them, telling them what hope they gave to disenfranchised slaves, how much they wanted to tell everyone about the Starfleet heroes that saved them.::

Flynn/Maxwell: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Commander Trel'lis, please join me., ::he waited for her to move towards him and he smiled:: Commander, for your work navigating the difficult diplomatic waters of the Federation council and Storm Bomba, you are awarded the Diplomacy Ribbon. And I would like to personally thank you for all you did in diffusing Bomba and helping him to understand what he had done.

::he smiled gently as he pressed the award into her hands and held them for a moment in a gesture of thanks.::

Trel'lis: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Major Kelly, you're next ::He smiled gently:: I know you never expected to be a pilot, and you never expected to be steering a damaged ship against an Orion dreadnought, but your potentially insane plan of 'playing chicken' really paid off. For creative thinking under stress I award you the Innovation Ribbon.

::He smiled again, somewhat amused, and yet so thankful that Flynn would take over helm. And yet confident that Kelly's innovation would carry him into doing great things with his new role in the marines.::

Kelly: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: And lastly, but again certainly not least to every officer who served on the Columbia and on the away team in the last mission I award you the lifesaving ribbon. I know that sometimes you feel disconnected from what happens on a mission. You feel that sitting on the bridge pushing buttons or tagging along with an away team and taking scans while others administer medicine or shoot phasers feels like you didn't do anything. And yet each and every one of you came together to incarcerate 78 Orion Syndicate criminals and free a total of 759 innocents who had been pressed into slavery. From lowering the shields to fighting off the Skullmasher to tending wounds I want everyone to know what a great job you did. And I know that sometimes you question 'did I really do a great job?' My answer is - you were out there, when others failed to care. You all took risks and decided to act because you knew it was right. Yes, you did the right thing and you all deserved this accolade.

((OOC - this is to every active crew that participated in the Dominicus Mines mission: Whittaker, Flynn, Kasun, Maxwell, Silveira, Antraydin, Ezo, Taelon, Trel'lis, Tatash, Kelly, AItas))

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Taybrim: Yes, hold on, you know I'm not done yet... ::He winked gently at everyone.::

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Captain Sal Taybrim
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