JP: 2Lt. Anthony Meeks & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Not Chopped Liver" Part I

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Amanda Nordstrom

Sep 30, 2020, 10:04:33 PM9/30/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118
If anyone is interested, this is the plant Alora gives Meeks.

((Starbase Ops 118 - Meek’s Quarters))

Alora had originally given away most of the plants she had available. 
Now that some time had passed, the babies had gotten older, and she had
more to give to new homes . So, she started making rounds.  Sometimes,
she allowed people to pick.  At other times, she felt moved to pick one
for the person to whom she was giving the gift.  Such was the case when
it came time to give one to Tony. So, with the chosen plant in hand, she
made her way to his quarters and pressed the button which would sound
the alarm - er… - let him know that someone was there to visit.

Anthony was kicked back on his sofa, almost asleep when he was awakened
by the chirp of his door alarm. It took him a second to realize what the
noise was. Shaking off the drowsiness he answered.

Meeks: Come in.

The doors opened and Alora stepped through, her grin springing to her
face, one hand held behind her back to hide the plant.

DeVeau: Hi!

Meeks: Well, hi! ::Standing:: What do I owe the pleasure?

DeVeau: Oh, I just wanted to bring you a little something.

Alora finally revealed what she’d been holding behind her back.  In a
two part pot, a young plant rest in dark, light yet nourishing soil. 
Its lightly ruffled and quilted leaves were heart shaped and of a medium
green hue.  The flowers, of which it sported four with the promise of
more to come, had a double layer of lightly ruffled plum purple petals,
the outer rim of each outlined in a stark white.

DeVeau: I like to spread the joy of plants and had yet to give you one,
so thought I’d rectify that.

This was the last thing he expected. Holding his hands out, he accepted
the plant from Alora. He glanced around his apartment quickly and
realized he had nothing of the like decorating his place. In fact, it
was pretty barren as it related to making it “homey.”

Meeks: Why, thank you. ::Turning it in his hands, viewing it from all
sides:: It’s beautiful.

DeVeau: I’m glad you like it.

If he didn’t, he was hiding it well.

Holding it up at eye level, he turned himself in a full circle, viewing
the room with the plant superimposed in his line of sight. He had no
idea where to put it, but he was sure he had someone nearby that could
help him with some thoughts.

Meeks: Where do you think I should put it?

DeVeau: Where you can see it often and gets a good amount of light from
the ship’s lighting.

Meeks: Next question… I have no idea how to care for it, so can you give
me some tips?

DeVeau: Already one step ahead of you.  You’ll find a message in your
inbox that goes into great detail as to how to care for it. Water the
bottom part, sit the top in it and the violet will soak up water as it
needs it.  Just refill the bottom when it gets low. Repot once if not
twice a year, and make sure it gets lots of light.  You can have the
computer leave a light on over the plant wherever you decide to put it. 
Oh, and there’s a program for soil when you’re ready to repot as well as
for various different sizes of pots - they like to be cuddled, so when
repotting, just repot into one that’s only slightly larger than the
previous if the flower’s grown . If not, stick with the same size.

Meeks: It likes to be cuddled? Like hugged or something? There’s more to
this than I thought.

Alora’s amusement was enough that she threw her head back and laughed,
then shook it.

DeVeau: No, no.  The roots don’t like to have too much room. They liked
to be more contained than some plants.  I call it ‘cuddled’. So when you
repot, give them a little more room, but not too much.

Anthony felt the color come to his cheeks as he blushed. He was slightly
embarrassed that he actually thought he was going to have to hug the
flower, but was slightly relieved when Alora told him he didn’t actually
have to. He would have, though, if that’s what it took to keep it alive
and happy.

Meeks: Thank God. I woulda, ya know. ::Smiling::

DeVeau: Well, you still can if you really want too.  I’m sure it
wouldn’t hurt anything - might actually be good for the plant’s psyche!

Placing the pot onto the coffee table, he poured water into the bottom
pot until it reached the first line in the pot. He motioned to the sofa.

Meeks: Can I get you a cup of tea or something?

DeVeau: Sure, I’d love some.  Herbal, though.  Something fruity.

Since he offered the tea, Alora allowed herself to sit down on one of
the chairs.

DeVeau: So you told me a bit about how you got into the marines...and
about band camp.  How long have you been at 118?

Anthony used the kitchenette to heat the water for tea. While replicated
tea would have been fine, he definitely preferred the water to be at the
perfect temperature (almost at a boil), then allow the herbs to steep in
the tea to give the perfect cup. He selected an orange pekoe and placed
the ground leaves into the small stainless steel ball before submerging
the device into the hot cup of water. Selecting a saucer for under the
cup, he delivered it to the table in the center of the sitting room,
placing it in front of Alora.

Meeks: I’ve only been here at the station for a bit. I graduated a few
months ago, and this is my first post since. You?

DeVeau: I arrived here just a couple of weeks before our most recent

Alora leaned over to lift the cup.  After blowing on it for a moment,
she carefully sipped at the hot, citrusy concoction.  Ah yes, that just
hit the spot.

DeVeau: Which location of the Academy did you attend?  Or are Marines
trained elsewhere?

Meeks: I did my basic training at the MCTS on Mars, and ACT on several
stations. My Academy was predominantly at the San Francisco campus, and
did my final cruise here on 118.

DeVeau: That's where I went too!  How do you like the station thus far?

Meeks: It’s definitely a different place. There is such a melding pot of
different people on the station. So many different cultures. I like it

DeVeau: m I agree.  That's one of the reasons I wanted to go into
Starfleet instead of staying planet side

There were other options, of course, but the discipline and
opportunities Starfleet offered seemed to suit her

Meeks: ::Taking a sip of his own tea:: How do you like it here?

DeVeau: I like it a lot.  I do miss the friends I had on the Veritas,
but I'm making new friends here.

Alora lifted her tea toward Anthony before taking another sip.

Meeks: ::Lifting his cup:: To new friends. Was the Veritas your last

DeVeau:. Yes, that was the last ship I served on.

Meeks: What was it like being on a ship? Compared to the Station that is?

DeVeau: Well, it’s the same in that I’m still an officer, I still have
duties and what not.  It’s different in that I feel 
Literally.   With science, we’re constantly on the go.  Here...well, we
had a mission, but this just feels more...stable in a way.  It’s not the
/best/ way to describe it, but it’s about the closest I can get.


2Lt. Anthony Meeks
Company Commander
1/292nd TMR D Co.
Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narendra


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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