JP: Counselor Ruwon & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "A Friendly Face" (Part I)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Sep 24, 2020, 3:44:12 PM9/24/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

OOC: Takes place day after returning from mission, before other JPs for continuity. :) IC:

((Starbase 118 Ops - Counseling Office Waiting Room))

Alora stepped out of the office and glanced around the waiting room, now devoid of any awaiting patients.  Closing the door behind her, she headed toward the exit, but glanced over at some movement from the corner of her eye.  What she saw made her stop in her tracks and turn - that of a face that was familiar, but one she hadn’t seen in three years. 

DeVeau: Ruwon?

Ruwon jolted in surprise, evidently having had his mind else. He looked around for a half-second before he spotted her. He took one more second before he smiled in recognition. 

Ruwon: Miss DeVeau! What a surprise. I didn’t know you were in the sector. 

Alora’s face lit up with a smile and she turned completely to focus on the man whom she had met back on the USS Za.  

DeVeau: Hi!  How /are/ you?  I didn’t know you were on Ops!

He extended a hand for a handshake, his grip friendly. 

Ruwon: It’s a recent re-assignment. I assume it’s the same for you? 

DeVeau: I just got assigned here before the Nimitz mission.  How did I not see you at the award ceremony?  

The Romulan raised his eyebrows, looking sheepish for a moment. 

Ruwon: I haven’t been to too many of those, unfortunately. I’m sorry I missed you there. How are you finding the base? 

DeVeau: It’s wonderful.  And if you call me Miss DeVeau again, I might have to smack you.  It’s just Alora.  But yes, it’s lovely here, if /huge/.  

Ruwon chuckled, running a hand through his dark hair. 

Ruwon: It’s a bit larger than I’d expected it to be, myself. I haven’t had time to explore most of it. 

That was a bit of a lie - not that he’d had the time, but exploring the commercial sector wasn’t high on his list of priorities. This place was too close to the border for his liking. Far too easy for him to be recognised and reported. 

Starfleet might’ve offered him asylum, but that wasn’t likely to stave off any attack by his old colleagues in the Tal-Shiar. 

Alora canted her head, studying the man’s face, as if she was trying to decide something.  Whatever it was, she didn’t reveal it and moved one. 

DeVeau: Well, maybe you just need some company.  It’s always more fun to go exploring with company.  

Alora found that to be the case.  She missed having friends to explore with, and was grateful she’d met some lovely people, but it wasn’t the same as having Chy or Raissa or any of the others she’d grow truly close to.  Still, having a familiar face who had been a part of her past was a nice discovery.  

DeVeau: So you’re acting as a counselor here?

Of course, he had been a counselor on the Za, but she hadn’t ever needed to utilise that service there.  

Ruwon: As always. ::He smiled again.:: I’ll admit I was a bit worried people would make assumptions, but it seems they’ve gotten over that.

DeVeau: I have to admit, you always did seem easy to talk to.

He laughed, a bright and cheerful sound. 

Ruwon: I’m glad. I worry about that at times - but as for exploring with company - that would be lovely. I don’t suppose you’ve some free time? I’d love to hear how things have been for you. 

DeVeau: Actually, I do, and would love to catch up.

Alora motioned for him to join her, then stepped outside of the counseling offices.  This was an unexpected pleasure and she was glad for the opportunity to re-establish an old acquaintance.  Now that Galven was gone, she particularly appreciated the reconnection.

DeVeau:. It's been a while since I last saw you.

In fact, it had been a little over three years.  In some ways, it seemed longer.  So much had happened.  Good.  Yes.  And bad.  

DeVeau:. What have you been up to?  Staying out of trouble, I hope.

The Romulan shot her a wink, smirking playfully.


Counselor Ruwon

As played by

Ensign Taelon

Starbase 118 OPs



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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