JP LtCmdr Alora DeVeau & 2Lt. Anthony Meeks - Not Chopped Liver (Pt. 2)

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Sep 30, 2020, 10:06:23 PM9/30/20
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((Starbase Ops 118 - Meek’s Quarters))


Meeks: Considering this is my first post, I don’t have anything to compare it to.


He had been to different Marine facilities during his time as an enlisted Marine, and to and from numerous stations during his training, but as far as having someplace to call home, this was his first.


DeVeau: It’s nice.  While there is diversity on a ship, there’s even more on a base - plus there is more to do.  Here there are shops, even places of entertainment.  Some ships might have some places to go that serve meals or drinks, but it’s a lot more limited.


Meeks: So far, I’m having a blast… pardon the pun. ::Winks::


DeVeau: Haha.  I’m glad.  There’s a lot to do here, which can be seen as both good and bad.  Good because you aren’t bored, bad because there are so many choices!


Meeks: I hear ya about the choices. I’ve seen things on the station I had no idea could be on a station. I mean… we went ice skating, for crying out loud.


DeVeau: So tell me something about your family.  Who made you who you are? 


Meeks: Not much to tell, really. My folks own a freighter, that’s where I grew up really. I haven’t seen them since I enlisted. As far as siblings, I’m an only kid. 


He thought about his family and wondered what they were doing at the moment. He hadn’t thought about them much lately, with all the craziness of getting settled into the Starbase.


Meeks: How ‘bout you? 


DeVeau: How long do you have?

Meeks: Really? I got all the time in the world. We’re off duty, remember?


All the time in the world? Maybe not that much, but if he didn’t mind listening to her ramble..sometimes Alora felt a little self absorbed when she talked so much about herself, but since he asked, she would share.  

DeVeau: I have four brothers, and my mom and dad are actually kind of interesting.  So it might take a while.  


Meeks: I’ll make some more tea. You hungry?


DeVeau: Actually, I could go for something to eat. 


It was funny how she hadn't realised she was hungry til he mentioned it.  Her stomach realised it with those words and growled softly at her.  


Meeks: I make a mean omelette. Anything you want…


He did too… He had learned how to cook from his mom, who was always making sure Anthony had enough to eat. He was surprised he was able to make the PFT weigh-ins when he enlisted.


DeVeau: actually cook an omelette?  Not replicate? 


Meeks: I do. Replicated food is alright, and I can tell you it beats emergency rations hands down, but there is nothing like real food to cure that hungry spot.


Anthony started taking the fixins out of the refrigeration unit. He placed the items on the counter and heated up the cooktop in his kitchenette.

DeVeau: Wow.  I mean...I can cook and get by, but I usually just use the replicator. 


Meeks: There are a few things I had to replicate, but I did it in the raw form. Most of this came from the Commercial Sector markets though. 


Anthony started chopping and mixing as Alora started to tell her story. This was just about his favorite thing to do; listen and talk while cooking a meal. It seemed there was something… intimate about breaking bread with a friend. 


DeVeau: Aimé, my youngest brother...well, I’m the youngest, but the youngest of my four brothers, he’s an artist and an amazing cook.  


Meeks: Well, I hope I can at least come close. I’m no artist, but I’ll try. Please… go on.

DeVeau: Well, let’s see...what have I told you thus far?  Born on Earth in Virginia, went to Japan, raised there, entered Starfleet.  I love music and dancing and acting, but Science is my passion.  I graduated, got posted to the Mercury.  Oh, my family!


That’s right, Alora had meant to tell him about that.  He’d already heard the other information - no need to be repetitive.  


DeVeau: My father’s a businessman.  Starconn Intergalactic.  They actually have quite a few contracts with Starfleet.  My eldest brother, Alain is also high up in the business.  Married, three kids, two nieces and a nephew.  Adrien’s the next oldest.  He’s...interesting.  


Meeks: Interesting? How so?


DeVeau: Well...he kind of does his own thing.  Jack of all trades.  He’s been pretty wild and free his whole life.  I actually saw him a few years ago when I was stationed on DSX.  He’s kind of here then gone.  Alexandre is the next one.  He’s actually a medical officer and is married with two kids, another niece and nephew.  Then there’s Aimé, like I said, the youngest of the boys, but still older than me.  He’s a wonderful artist.  He’s also a trained massage therapist.  He’s…


Alora broke off and lapsed into a sudden silence, her expression going distant.  


He was listening intently, barely concentrating on the chopping going on. Just enough, though not to lose a digit while he was dicing the ingredients.


Meeks: Anything you don’t like?


Alora shook her head, forcing herself out of the sudden reverie. 

DeVeau: Olives.  I don’t like olives.  Other than that, pretty much anything. 


Meeks: No olives then. ::Moving them aside:: 


Anthony started placing the items together and into the pan. The sizzle of the cold food contacting the heated oily surface signalled the beginning of the process. The aroma began to fill the room.


He was actually paying attention to Alora as she talked, learning new things about her family and her life. He noticed the poignant pause, and decided to allow the subject to change. He wasn’t about to begin prying out something that wasn’t comfortable.


Meeks: What else do you like to do for fun? You’re a heck of a dancer, by the way.


DeVeau: Play music.  Study languages.  Aikido.  Dance, of course.  Act, though I haven’t done much of that since the academy.  You aren’t a bad dancer either.  Did you take lessons? 


Meeks: My mom taught me. She liked to dance, but she didn’t get to do it very often. 


DeVeau: I don’t do it as often as I would like - not with real people.  Holograms are fun, don’t get me wrong, and I can easily do a hologram program, but it’s...different with real people. 


Even though holograms could /seem/ real, as if they truly existed, at the end of the day, they were simply bytes of information.  Illusions.  There was no substance.  Part of the fun of dancing was enjoying it with someone who was also truly enjoying it.  Afterwards talking, having fellowship.  That wasn’t really possible with a hologram.  

Meeks: I agree. I run a lot of combat simulations on the holodeck, but the AI is only so good. As for dancing, I definitely prefer a “real” partner, and you aren’t chopped liver when it comes to that.


Alora laughed and shook her head.

DeVeau: I should hope not!  The knowledge that you’re real and not some machine generated hologram makes a big difference in the atmosphere.  Sure, it’s nice to get lost in a little fantasy, but ultimately, reality stays, and I prefer real people.  


Meeks: Well, maybe we could do it again. I mean, after all, we do kinda have a history


DeVeau: I would adore another dance - after all, we both enjoy it!


Meeks: Then, we’ll call it a date. 


2Lt. Anthony Meeks
Company Commander
nd TMR D Co.
Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narendra



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops




2Lt. Anthony Meeks

Company Commander

1/292nd TMR D Co.

Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narindra



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