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((Starbase 118 Ops - Sickbay))

Alora stared up at the ceiling.  She had gotten far too much of Sickbay over the months since the accident, and she didn’t relish being back - especially since it was related to her condition.  Further, she couldn’t leave until a specialist Medical officer checked her over. So, wait she did. 

Foster: Got a call, came up from deck 503, sorry for the wait.  ::His antennae turned downwards to see her, after their last conversation.  He had a feeling, considering he had a priority call and that she was in a private exam room that the two things might be connected.::  

Ah good.  The chief medical officer was busy, so Alora didn’t resent the wait, but she was glad the former chief, currently head surgeon, was available now.  The sooner she was released, the better.  Sitting up, she offered him an almost rueful smile. 

DeVeau: Hello commander.  Sorry to bug you.

Foster: You’re not bugging if there’s something wrong.  ::he grabbed a medical tricorder.:: So… what’s going on?

DeVeau: I had another episode - and it blindsided me.  

He curled his antennae forward to listen - not just to the words she was saying but to her vitals as she said them.  Sure, the tricoder was out and running as well, but sometimes he just trusted his senses and his intuition.

Foster: Connected to the temporal displacement, I assume - correct me if I am wrong.

DeVeau: No, you’re not wrong.  That’s the only reason I’ve ever had episodes like that.  

And it stunk.  Most people would have probably laughed at that word, but Alora didn’t usually care for strong language.  Usually.

Foster: What was the trigger or starting symptoms - if you know.

It was always possible that a patient didn’t know and simply found themselves broadsided by pain.  That was the worst because it was more traumatizing for the patient and more difficult for the doctor to track down.

That was the problem - Alora didn’t know.  She frowned her entire expression encased in shadow.  There was more that bothered her about that particular attack. 

DeVeau: There wasn’t a trigger - never has been that I’m aware of.  It just happens.  Normally, it happens at regular intervals - I take my medication at the same time every day.  This time, it happened two hours earlier than it should have.  

She paused for a moment, thinking back to what she was doing before it had happened.  She’d been caring for her plants and had just put the items away.  Then Alora had decided to replicate a snack before sitting down to read.  Ah, yes.  There had been some symptoms, but she hadn’t connected them because of the timing - it’d been too early, and she hadn’t skipped her medication.

DeVeau: As for symptoms - slight headache, then some malaise - like my sugar had dropped and I needed to eat.  Which...was what I was in the middle of starting to do when it just hit me. 

Usually the words ‘it just hit me’ never ended well.  It sounded like this situation was holding true to pattern.

Foster: And then you came here? ::He queried, not having watched her come in, it was an assumption.::

DeVeau: I didn’t.  Someone somehow got into my rooms and brought me here.

And there were only certain people with the clearance to override something like that, but there were also enough of them that she couldn’t say who.  Whomever had helped her had not left a name, and the staff had refused to give it.  Then there was the matter of /how/ they would know Alora needed help.  Had Sachiko gotten involved? Knowing how...unusual the feline was, that idea didn't seem completely strange.  

The little blue doctor nodded slightly, one antennae canting down lower than the other, listening.  Seemed like Alora DeVeau had some sort of guardian angel on her side.  Which was a lovely thing to have. 

Foster: Well, whoever or whatever it was, I’m glad you’re in here.  ::He dipped his head towards the scans and his antennae snapped back up, one tracking slower than the other.:: Your instincts are correct, your blood sugar is down pretty dramatically.  And your other instincts are also correct, this is tracking with the condition we previously discussed.

DeVeau: Well, considering my condition, it stands to reason that my body burned a lot, so...probably need to consume something, get my sugar back up, calories in me.

It was strange, talking about it that way.  Had been strange talking about it that way with other people too.  It was as if Alora wasn’t really thinking about it in a personal sense.  When she discussed it with the doctors, it seemed so...disconnected from her.  Maybe because there were other things that had occurred in relation to what caused her condition that were far worse than the condition itself.  

The little Andorian rocked on his feet in thought for a moment before heading towards the replicator.

Foster: Let’s fix the symptoms first and get your head a little clearer.  Pick a juice, your favorite kind. 

DeVeau: Cranberry grape. 

Just the right amount of tart and sweet - it wasn’t quite as good as chocolate, but for juice, it was the best.  

He replicated a small cup, walking it over to her and offering it.  It was a small one, with a nice easy to grip handle just in case she was shaky.

Foster: Sip.  That’ll help a little.

Alora accepted the cup gratefully and did as she was told, careful not to drink quickly.  Sometimes, nausea could be a symptom of low blood sugar, though in general, she usually felt /better/ once an episode had ended.  Not just in relation to how she felt during the episode, but even better than normal.  It was odd.  

DeVeau: What bothers me, ::She stated in between sips.:: Is both that it came on earlier than it normally does, and it hit me so suddenly.  Thus far, it’s followed a cycle.

But that cycle had only been established a few months prior.  Still, what had changed?  Why all of a sudden did she get hit? 

Foster: And yet this incident didn’t follow the cycle, which has me worried.

There was no tone of accusation there, just concern.  When things went off the rails medically and there was no direct correlation why he got worried.

Alora frowned into her cup, staring at the distorted, shadowy reflection of herself in the juice that was left.  

DeVeau: Do you think my condition is worsening?

Foster: Think? ::He shook his head:: I don’t have enough evidence yet to think that.  But fear?  Yes.  It’s my job to worry about such things otherwise I’m not putting in due diligence for my patients.

He was pretty adamant about that, he kept a high standard of his own actions to assist patients.

His job, yes, and Alora now that the subject had been brought up, Alora couldn’t help but worry a bit too.  She sipped again at her juice.  

Foster: It does appear that the reverse aging process is accelerating.  The question is why and what triggers it.

DeVeau: I wish I knew.

Alora paused and leveled her gaze at the Andorian doctor.  

DeVeau: Accelerating?


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