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Aug 6, 2022, 1:45:40 PM8/6/22
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((OOC: Didn't push this any further to give Sal the opportunity to make decisions and not have to base them on what others already simmed.))
((USS Narendra, Bridge))
Aristren: We cannot, in fact, match your experience, Commodore, so I am inclined to rely on it. 
Tito: Why don’t you get a report from the away team? It might help to get a clearer picture.
Taybrim: Yes, I agree, let’s talk to our team before I make the final call.
Tito nodded. Hopefully they had more news.
Taybrim: Put them though.
In the next second the voice of their new Tactical Officer was on the other line of the comline, and Nestira listened carefully to what Sherlock and Luthas had to report. 
They had done good work - deactivated the bomb, and Taybrim was pleased with the. Even Tito broke his usually stoic persona and allowed himself a smile. 
But the explosives were still active, and needed to be disposed of quickly and safely. 
Taybrim implied making use of the transwarp beaming theory Tito had proposed earlier, but Nestira wasn't sure how viable that option was - she wasn't an Engineer. 
What Tito had described sounded classified and advanced, what Taybrim suggested sounded trivial enough to be done by an Ensign. 
Tito set up a wider scan of the surrounding sector of space they were on.
Lowering his voice he turned to Nestira.
Tito: According to the theory we can transport the bomb almost to another quadrant. I don’t think we need to get it that far, but we have to find a safe spot for it.
Aristren: We do. If I remember correctly an explosion can cause spacial rifts, and I assume we want to avoid that. 
Letting the Commodore chat with the away team, Tito went over a wide scan, explaining to the Lieutenant where he needed her help.
Tito: OK one thing we need is space, which we have plenty of. However, we need to find a safe place where the explosion can occur without interfering with any celestial bodies, any trade lines, and naturally further from any systems with living planets. Do you think you can help me find it so we have specific and secure coordinates?
Aristren: I believe I can.
Taybrim: =/\= Let me talk to Ensign Renot. In the meantime, Captain Luthas, can you send the scans of the specific bomb specs to Lieutenant Tito so we can calculate how far we’ll have to be from the bomb when we fire, to be able to escape? =/\=
Tito raised his head as he joined the conversation
Tito: Ready to receive the data when you are able to send it, Captain Luthas.
Taybrim: =/\= and we’ll need to know the safe distance for the other ships. =/\=
Sherlock: =/\= Is there anything we can do to assist with the evacuations, Commodore? =/\=
Luthas: response
Tito turned to the Commodore.
Tito: Me and Lieutenant Aristren are working on finding a suitable place for it. If the theory proves to be right, distance won’t be a problem.
Aristren: Transwarp beaming theorises that it could transport a person from one quadrant to another. I do not believe we have to go that far, but we are pinpointing several locations the bomb can be detonated at. 
Tito: We can get a new detonator for it, and set it to detonate as we materialised it.
Taybrim/Any: response
Tito again turned to Nestira with a smile and then to the Commodore.
Tito: Now we only need an engineer familiar with the transport and a suitable place to drop it.
Taybrim/Any: response

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