[JP] Lt. Commander German Galven & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau & Ensign Casparian - Incredibly Hungry - Part 2

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German Galven

Jul 2, 2020, 12:13:07 PM7/2/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((OOC: This is the 2nd part of a three parter Joint Post. The last part will be posted soon by the Alora DeVeau.)) 

((Granny's Place, Starbase 118 Ops))

German let Romy speak first as they entered the food establishment. The aroma was practically inviting him in as if it had a hand waving and welcoming his nose. 

Casparian: An insatiable curiosity. ::laughs:: I want to know everything and as a kid I started by taking apart technology and finding out what makes it tick. I still do now.

Galven: My decision for my fields of study is a story in itself, but first let's find a table to sit at. 

Casparian: Right, ::navigates a few tables and then points to one:: What about this one? Seats four and next to the wall so you can lean your cane against it, Sir. Um, I mean German.

The young Ensign was flattered to join the two senior officers, though she hoped that didn’t translate into too much clumsiness. Even off duty she wanted to make a good impression.

Once they found a desired table, German waited for both of his friends to sit before he did. Out of all the things he learned throughout his life, being a gentleman first was at the top of his list. 

A Trill waitress came over as they got themselves situated. She was very sweet right from the get go with a bright smile before she started talking. 

Waitress: Welcome to Granny's Place! ::places menus down:: My name is Uriah and I'll be serving you today. What would you all like to drink before we get started? 

Galven: I'll have a water first and then decide if I want anything else to drink, please. 

Casparian: Same for me, thanks.

DeVeau: That’s three waters.  Looks like we’re all of the same mind!

German laughed as he read the menu and saw a couple things in particular that Ayiana had mentioned before the last time they hung out. He pointed at it and glanced up at the waitress. 

Galven: I’ll take the lida and syto bean soup, please. I hear it’s delicious!!

Romyana didn’t need to look at the menu, she remembered the delicious looking yellow leaf salad from last time and now she wanted to try it for herself.

Casparian: ::looks up at the waitress:: I’ll have a Grakizh. I hope I’m saying it right.

Alora perused the menu, but since she wasn’t particularly knowledgeable, she wasn’t sure what to choose - but there was a way to solve that problem.  

DeVeau: If you would please surprise me.  I particularly like spicy, but it doesn’t have to be spicy - whatever you think is your best dish.  

Waitress: As you wish! ::takes each menu while three glasses of water materialize in front of them:: I’ll be back momentarily. 

Galven: ::grasps his glass and takes a sip, sees both officers staring back at him:: Do you still want to hear why I chose my areas of study?

Casparian: ::folds her arms and leans forward on the table:: Yes, do tell. I’d love to hear about that.

DeVeau: Of course I do.  

Galven: It’s not really a happy story. ::leans back:: Can’t really know if it’ll be a good outcome either in the long run. ::glances down at his drink::

Casparian: Oh, sorry to hear that, we can change the subject if you want.

She fell silent while she thought of a different question to ask.

Alora hadn’t realised that.  She supposed not everyone had a happy history that inspired them as to their course of study and, subsequently, career of choice.  She inclined her head toward Casparian.

DeVeau: She’s right, you don’t have to share if you don’t wish.

Galven: No, it’s fine. I became interested in those fields because when I was younger. ::looks around, speaks softer:: My sister was abducted by the Borg. 

That was indeed a surprise, and Alora sat back in her seat.  Oh she’d had run-ins with Borg.  She also knew about the Federations history with the collective - and it wasn’t a pretty one. Her particular experience was minor at best - others had far more history with that particular...species.   

Casparian: The B-- ::her eyes widen at the mention of the cybernetic species:: You are joking now! ::stifles a laugh, then realizes he may be serious:: Or?

Galven: Oh, I know because it happened right in front of me. We were playing out in the yard and when she ran inside the house, a cube or sphere came crashing down on the building. While I tried to run inside, a piece of debris fell on me, and right before I lost consciousness I saw a drone take her. 

Romyana’s usual joyful expression totally vanished from her face and she listened to the Denobulan’s story with disbelief and a sense of terror. 

Casparian: But German, that is… terrible. ::droops her shoulders and shakes her head slowly:: 

DeVeau: I’m sorry German.  

Alora was wishing she hadn’t asked.  While German was willing to talk about it, that didn’t mean it was a pleasant thing for him to discuss.  While she knew him, she didn’t know him particularly well.  Their time interacting with one another had been brief before he’d been reassigned.  Was he sharing the story out of some sense of politeness?  

Galven: That’s where it gets even weirder. There were no reported sightings of the Borg ever in Earth’s spatial region that year. ::takes a sip:: My parents and I were able to grab some of their nanotechnology before it shorted out. Which… eh, I shouldn’t. ::shakes his head::

Casparian: oO Earth? I assumed he lived on Denobula. Hmm, that goes to show - don’t assume anything, Romy. Oo ::snaps back to the conversation:: Nano tech? 

So they had been on Earth when this had happened. Interesting.  And the idea that there had been no Borg sightings reported was also interesting.  Even more so, because from what Alora knew, that was not how the Borg acted in general - but then again, they were constantly evolving.  

Galven: Long story short, we were able to run “scenarios” the next following years and each time I came up short. The next best idea was to figure out the assimilation process so I could at least see if my sister was okay. 

Casparian: Wait! ::throws a surprised look at Alora:: What?

Assimilation, the word alone made the ensign’s stomach churn. She’d seen footage, it was a pretty grim prospect.

DeVeau: So you’re trying to deconstruct the process to see how it’s done?  And...actually recreate the process?  

Galven: ::nods:: About a year or so ago. During a mission on the Montreal, I was poisoned which activated the nanoprobes. My body went into hibernation mode which as a result… Fully assimilated and was able to see my sister in the Unimatrix Zero. Anyways, enough about me. What made you guys choose Starfleet?

Her mouth had gone dry listening to German’s troubled past. Romyana had never imagined the always upbeat Denobulan with his wide signature smile to have such a sad and tumultuous story to tell. She blinked a couple of times and gulped down half her glass of water in one go. 

Casparian: That is quite the story indeed, German. I think it’s impressive though, how despite what happened you remained strong and confident to find a solution, find your sister. Not many brothers would go such lengths for their siblings.

It was quite the story, and not the sort of things Alora had expected.  The question had brought up bad memories, which had not be Alora’s intent.  She was a social creature, and enjoyed learning about others, but not if it left the hurt by recalling memories. Casparian, for her part, seemed to try and steer the conversation to a happier tone.  Alora would have to apologise in private later.  

Casparian: For me there are various reasons, curiosity is one of them. The insatiable curiosity for the diverse universe we live in. ::eyes brighten as she speaks:: Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, seeing different planets. ::laughs:: Gosh, I sound like a recruitment poster! ::shifts in her chair and frowns:: Though, my parents are the main reason. 

DeVeau: Your parents?  

Recalling his past had stirred up some kind of feelings and thoughts that German always tried to push in the back of his mind. Although, through counseling and others encouraging him to take on the past, present, and future, it was healthier than suppressing his emotions. 

As Romy continued her own story, the waitress came back with a tray of their food and placed the plates of food in front of their respective diners. Uriah, the Trill waitress, stood there for a moment wondering if there was anything else they needed which German raised his hand slightly to acknowledge that everything looked great. 

Galven: ::speaks softly, careful not to interrupt Romy:: Thank you. We'll let you know if there's anything else. 

Uriah: ::nods:: Of course. Enjoy your meals. ::smiles, then walks away::



Lt. Commander German Galven 

2O/Chief Science Officer 

Starbase 118 Ops - USS Narendra 



Ensign Romyana Casparian

Engineering Officer

Starbase 118 Ops 



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops  - USS Narendra


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