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(OOC – as always only PCs are recognized in this post.  NPCs may be recognized by their department head if you feel an NPC has earned it – just let me know!)

((Buenas Aguas Sailing Vessel – Main Deck))

As the toast and cheering settled down from the official welcomes, Sal brought our a case filled with rosewood boxes and smaller dark hardwood boxes polished to a high sheen.

He loved this part of the ceremony.  It was a chance for him to recognize and validate a job well done for his crew – the ones who did all the hard work to make each mission a success.

The sunlight dipped below the horizon and the decklights twinkled with a golden glow to give a focused ambiance to the ceremony.

Taybrim: Now I would like to take the opportunity to recognize a job well done among our crew.  As most of you know, we fought a difficult battle with the Cult of Molor, one that we survived and succeeded against some pretty stiff odds.  We kindled new alliance and strengthened old ones and now we know that the Cult of Molor is an unfortunate blight on Klingon society, one that must be addressed by Klingon and Starfleet alike.  Again, I want to express that you all did a tremendous job, even in the fact of terrible stress and danger.  ::He fixed a gaze with every crew member who had been on the mission.:: I thank you all, and please know these recognitions are the least I can do.  You have all saved countless lives with your actions.

He let that sink in for a few moments before he looked towards German Galven who would be his first assistant tonight.

Taybrim: If Commander Galven could please join me?

Galven: ?

Taybrim: Commander, you led your away team into the Death Fog facility, and were successfully able to contain and avert a launch of the death fog.  Sensor and probes have confirmed that all of the chemicals were trapped inside the environmental dome and that the breather units, while they did take time, were able to scrub the atmosphere.  That means our allies are now able to occupy Vankoth and use it as a base to prevent the smuggling of the components of Death Fog into the Klingon empire.  You leadership helped your team succeed, and for this I am recognizing your job well done with the Captain’s Commendation.

He smiled warmly and offered out the rosewood box to Commander Galven.

Galven: ?

Taybrim: Thank you, Commander.  I cannot tell you how proud I am to know that I have multiple senior officers who I can trust to lead a team and see that team succeed.  Thank you again.  ::His expression was genuine and warm.  He would have hugged Galven, if this was not a formal ceremony.  Maybe afterwards?::

Galven/Any: ?

Taybrim: And as you are becoming familiar, I would like you to stay with me to help recognize your fellow crew.  ::He handed Galven the case of Rosewood boxes.::

Galven: ?

Taybrim: Next, will Ensigns Kudon and Taelon please join me?

Kudon/Taelon: ?

Taybrim: Ensigns, your work on the planet and your preparations with the breathing units were instrumental to the success of our mission.  Your quick thinking helped your team survive difficult situations and your teamwork ensured the safety of your team and the success of our mission.  You have both done a tremendous job, and I am happy to award this effort in cleansing the atmosphere with your breathing units with the Innovation Ribbon.

He nodded gently for German to present the awards.

Kudon/Taelon/Galven: ?

Taybrim: ::warmly, with a smile.:: Again I want to thank you both.  Your actions have ensured the safety of untold numbers of innocent civilians that were threatened by the Death Fog.  You were brave, quick thinking and supportive of your teammates.  Thank you both so much for showing the best of what Starfleet does.

Kudon/Taelon/Galven/Any: ?

Sal took in a deep breath and let the smile settle over his face.  So many well deserved awards for such a strong mission.  A difficult mission, certainly, but one where they made a decisive difference for the safety of the Trinity Sector.

Taybrim: Next, if Lieutenant Baily could please join me?

Bailey: ?

Taybrim: Doctor, you acted quickly and faced your fears to save the life of your team leader after injury.  I know how difficult it was for you and yet you persevered and overcame, saving a life as the best of Starfleet Doctors can do under pressure.  I am so happy to be able to recognize your good work with the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon.

Bailey/Galven: ?

Taybrim: ::For a moment he held out a hand to her and spoke softly, with a deep warmth:: I believe in you, Doctor and I know you will continue to do great things.  Thank you so much for the support you showed your team, and the hard work you did to make sure everyone was safe as the mission succeeded.

Bailey/Galven: ?

Sal drew in another soft breath, letting the memories of the mission linger in his thoughts.  As time passed the difficulty of the mission faded and only the success remained.  Would that all missions could end so positively.

Taybrim: Next, if Commander Maxwell, Ensign Casparian and Ensign Drevas could please join me?

Casparian/Drevas/Maxwell: ?

Taybrim: I know full well that it is no easy job to be on the bridge of a starship in the middle of a battle.  Even one ship against another ship is a terrifying prospect.  One ship against six is something I hope we only experience once in this life.  That said, the three of you conducted yourself with incredible bravery, integrity and quick thinking that insured that our entire ship survived.  We owe our lives to your gallantry and I cannot say that enough.  You all did tremendous work, and for that I would like to recognize all three of you with the Good Conduct Ribbon.

Casparian/Drevas/Maxwell/Galven: ?

He smiled softly, with faith and encouragement for his crew.

Taybrim: I know you have all gone above and beyond.  There are many crews who would crumble under such pressure and you three not only did your duty, but you did so with grace and optimism.  You are the best bridge team I could ever ask for.  ::he smiled with genuine, deep warmth::  Thank you so much.

Casparian/Drevas/Maxwell/Galven: ?

Taybrim: Next if I could please have Lieutenant’s Meeks and Blackwell join me, please.

Meeks/Blackwell: ?

Taybrim: Lieutenant Blackwell, you took over for Frederickson after he betrayed us, flying the Narendra through the most difficult battle of her life.  Lieutenant Meeks, you were part of an infiltration mission with the Loq’Noom to give us a fighting chance to survive, planting a torpedo inside of the shield barrier of a Vor’cha class cruiser.  Both of you went above and beyond to show your bravery and ability to adapt to a dangerous, and ever changing combat situation – and your actions ensured our survival.  I am so proud of both of you, and I am so happy to be able to awards you both with the Silver Star.

Meeks/Blackwell/Galven: ?

Taybrim: Again, I would not want to fight with anyone else by my side.  Both of your have proven your bravery and integrity with your actions and you stand by the finest heroes in Starfleet.  ::His conviction in this was absolute.  He believed that both officers were destined for greatness:: Thank you both so much.

Meeks/Blackwell/Galven: ?

He couldn’t help but smile.  To finally be able to recognize and validate all the hard work, he could feel some of the shadow of how difficult the mission was lift.  They had been lucky.  Casualties were extremely low.  But they had also been smart, prepared and good.  And that counted for so much.

Taybrim: Next, if I could please have Marine Captain Luthas and Commander McLaren join me?

McLaren/Luthas: ?

Taybrim: Captain, Commander – your actions connected our team with Commander Lofsha.  You were able to approach her as an ally and assist her with our shared goals.  You both did a tremendous job in establishing this connection quickly and ensuring both Lofsha’s crew and your team survived and were successful.  You actions have strengthened our bonds with our allies in the Empire and have earned us greater respect and new allies.  For this good work I recognize you both with the Joint Meritorius Unit Award!

McLaren/Luthas/Galven: ?

Taybrim: Thank you both so much.  I knew I could trust you to find and form an alliance with Commander Lofsha and your action created the best of all scenarios.  She respected your strength and your actions and you were able to quickly make a connection with her.  Thank you both so much for furthering our bonds with our allies who seek to see this Cult eradicated as much as we do.

McLaren/Luthas/Galven: ?

Taybrim: Next will Lieutenant Karen Stendhal please join me?

Stendhal: ?

Taybrim: Lieutenant, you were able to see though the Cult’s lies and save an innocent soul from their clutches.  In return, Tirya will be able to find a new life and new allies and she has been able to provide us critical intelligence into the Cult.  You did a tremendous job, Counselor – in a situation where another might have shot first and asked questions later you saved an innocent soul and gained us a wonderful ally.  For your hard work I recognize you with the Diplomacy Ribbon.

Stendhal/Galven: ?

Taybrim: Thank you so much for your compassion, bravery and ability to stay true to your ideals, Counselor.  ::He smiled warmly:: We are so lucky to have you with us, and I thank you so much for the tremendous job you did.

Stendhal/Galven: ?

Taybrim: and Last, but certainly not least could Commander Nijil join me?

Sal had ulterior motives on this as well.  He had already given Galven a work out.  It was time to award Nijil and then conscript him into awards duty.

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: Commander, you led a team though some of the most dangerous areas of the Cult Compound.  You ensured the safety of your teammate DeBarres and ensured that everyone was safely onboard the qulCha’par.  You did a tremendous job leading and for this I want to recognize you with the Captain’s Commendation.

Nijil/Galven: ?

Taybrim: Thank you so much, Nijil.  You have been a steadfast support on this StarBase.  ::He reached out and touched Nijil on the shoulder.:: And because you are my first officer, you get to relieve German of duty.

He offered the second case to Nijil.

Nijil/Galven: ?

OOC – the third posr will again follow directly after this one.

Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim
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