JP Ltcmdr Nijil & Alora DeVeau - Of Plants and Men Pt2 (NT)

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((Starbase 118 Ops - Nijil’s Office))

::Mentally he fidgeted, physically he was stone. Persistent little - he cut himself off. He wouldn’t just give in though. Too much stubbornness in him on top of being extremely private. The Rekarian prickled a bit.::

Nijil: On the off chance I get much down time, I visit the commercial sectors. ::he didn’t have a store or bar he went too, he just… walked around.:: Do you have a preference for which sciences you focus on?

::Yes, because his futile attempts to make this conversation work related had totally worked thus far. He was socially awkward, only just recently gaining traction to the contrary and here he was in a relentless conversation… he wasn’t sure if he liked her or despised her for the all too innocent persistence. He leaned towards the ‘if i see her in public i’m running the other way’ at the moment.::

Deveau: My specialties are Xenobotany and Xenozoology.  I’d probably have a zoo, but being in Starfleet, I don’t usually have the room - so it’s mostly just plants.  And Sachiko.  

::He made a mental note to never allow her to meet O’Grady… And the hell was Sachiko. He had to know now, but hated that he had to know. It was a trap, he could feel it.::

Nijil: Sachiko… ?

DeVeau: Sachiko’s my cat.  Oh she’s the sweetest little thing.  Okay, once again, it’s back to me.  Do you like music and do you sing?

::This time he couldn’t control his expression, his eyes widened slightly and his nose flared. What and who’s deity did he anger to deserve this? He sighed.::

Nijil: Yes, no. ::he answer simply.::

DeVeau: Good, and a shame, you have such a lovely timbre to your speaking voice.  

::He folded his arms across his chest. It didn’t work. The idea that if he didn’t ask a question, she wouldn’t have, instead he just made it so she could ask another question unhindered. Fine… If she was going to be a persistent little naetae… His brain seized up at her final comment.::

Nijil: Excuse me? 

DeVeau: Timbre.  Quality of sound.  Your voice has a nice quality to it, so I was wondering if you sang at all - hence the question

After all, Alora was a musician, so she thought about such things.  Idly, she wondered if anyone would be interested in getting together and singing from time to time.  Maybe they could do some holographic musicals or something.  Evidently, Nijil would not be participating.  

::If he knew what she was thinking he would have jumped up and left. Luckily he couldn’t though.:.

Nijil:  ::He bristled at her.:: I take it you’re a ‘music lover’ - do you sing? 

DeVeau: Yes, I do, actually.  I’ve performed in musicals before, back before Starfleet. I love opera too.  Puccini is one of my favourites, but I also have a particular fondness for Rossini and Mozart.  Oh, and there’s Telemann and Purcell.  Just to name a few.  

Nijil: ::Part of him wasn’t in the least bit surprised.:: That’s quite a list - have you always been musically involved?

DeVeau: Oh yes, from as far back as I can remember.  My mother was a musician too - she still performs, though not as a professional.  

And her mother had always dreamed that Alora would do what she never did - though Grace had never stifled her daughter when Alora had shown an interest in a scientific career.  Alora still knew what her mother wanted, even if she had tried to hide it.  

DeVeau: Okay, my turn again!

::He  rolled his eyes at her and shook his head.::

Nijil: I have no idea what you’re talking about, ::he folded his arms.:: there are no ‘turns’.

::Though if one was keeping track, she’d asked two questions in a row so it was hIs turn…::

DeVeau:  Well, isn’t that part of having a conversation?

Nijil: Is that what we’re having here? ::he relented, his tone not harsh.::

DeVeau: In a conversation, there are turns.  Maybe we don’t declare them, but each person takes a turn talking and listening, alternating throughout.  It could be taking turns talking about our work, our hobbies, our friends and family.   It means we each get a chance to have a say, whether it be about our beliefs, our opinions, our dreams and desires.  It’s a part of getting to know each other . A conversation without turns is just a lecture.  Either that, or a monologue.  

And while Alora enjoyed sharing about herself, she enjoyed even more listening about others.  People in general were interested - and she loved to learn about them.  

DeVeau: So, even if you don’t sing, what /kind/ of music do you like?  

Nijil: I’m not picky, haven’t found too much I don't care for. 

::His mother and sister were both singers, and music was a core piece of his culture. Nijil simply didn’t have much of a nack for it, so instead sat back and enjoyed others.::

Nijil: Are you this interrogative to others you gift with plant life?

DeVeau: Depends.  Actually, yes.  Yes I am.

Nijil: ::he huffed.:: You’re having fun with this aren’t you. ::it wasn’t a question.:: 

::He still didn’t know how to take her… What her angle was. While not the most new member of the crew she was still new enough. It was rare people wanted to jump right in the CO/XO. But then again, this station drew out the oddities. And she wasn’t from fresh ensign, they were of equal rank actually. He crossed his ankles and conceded she wouldn’t relent any time soon.::

DeVeau: Oh yes, because I always have fun when I’m getting to know someone - especially a member of my family.  

Nijil: ::he raised an eyebrow.:: Family? 

DeVeau: Starfleet.  My family.  Maybe not biologically, but family nonetheless.

Nijil: I see. ::he threw an arm over the back of his chair.:: I am not so interesting, I can assure you. What you see is what you get - as Terrans say. What about you? What are your interests - ::he added gently.:: besides music.

DeVeau: Oh I beg to differ.  Everyone is interesting in their own way.  Just because you consider it mundane doesn’t mean it’s not interesting to someone else.  As for interest...I have an array.  Other than music, I enjoy reading, cultivating flora ::She motioned to the plant that she had gifted him::, learning, and martial arts.

Alora didn’t look like it, but she could do some damage if she had to. Well, that wasn’t surprising.  All Starfleet personnel were taught basic fighting techniques.  

DeVeau: Okay, what about you?  Anything else you enjoy doing? 

Nijil: A strong drink, especially when talking to science officers. ::he snarked with a hint of a smirk, and Alora returned it with a soft laugh.::

::Oh there were things he liked, but he wasn’t about to tell just anyone. Especially this one. Science officers were a type, it appeared. She and Galven were equally matched in their candor and outgoingness.::

DeVeau: Perhaps we should have a drink sometime.  

Nijil: ::seriously spoken.:: I might just hold you to it. 

::He didn’t relax, but he stopped taking each question like an interrogation. The cows were still out on what he thought of her…::

DeVeau: Good.  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to chat more then.  However, I’ve taken enough of your time - I’m sure you have other things you’d like to accomplish today, so I’ll let you be.  For now.  I really enjoyed chatting with you.  

Alora’s grin brightened her expression as she stood and made her way to the doors.  They parted, but she paused in the threshold. 

DeVeau: I’ll send you the information about how to care for your violet - don’t hesitate to ask any questions.  I’d love to know what you decide to name it. 

If he went for that sort of thing.  Some did, some didn’t.  With a wave and one last smile, Alora finally departed.  

::She had left before he could respond with a flourish that seemed all her own. He huffed and crossed a leg over the other, head shaking the entire time.::

Nijil: Name it… how insane. ::he murmured to himself. He then glanced at the flower.:: Name you pain in my a**. ::because now he felt obligated to tend to it.::

::Of course he would, all living things needed cared for. He just would have liked to be a part of the deduction making process before taking on such a task… with much internal struggle he admitted to himself that it was indeed a lovely plant. Not a single shade of purple, but many… he stood, leaving the flower where it sat and went back to work.::

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