PNPC Ensign Pepper O’Grady - Evidence Found (Freg/Dastrup)

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((Starbase 118 - My Favorite Bar - Stock Room ))


::An Engineer and a science officer stood uncomfortably in a suddenly smaller growing room with a rather irate bar owner. But they had a job to do, and that was it.::


O’Grady: ::she hesitated.:: Maybe you can help, can you show me the newest product you’ve gotten in? 


::The newest was likely to be the compound they were after, as this had never happened before.::


Freg: You know what I think?  I think you’re here under false pretenses.  Not only that, do you even have an order that says you can search the premises?  


Dastrup: Given the… ::He glanced to Ensign O'Grady, then back at the Ferengi, then somewhere at the floor.:: Given the urgent nature of the situation, we needed to deploy immediately. 


O’Grady: We do, actually, have - ::she was cut off::


Freg: Article Four hundred and sixty two, Section 85, subsection 4 specifically states that before officers of the Federation can search any private residences or places of business, they must have an order signed by the captain.  Where’s your order?   


Dastrup: A radiation leak is sufficiently hazardous enough to override standard procedures for the concerns of private property. ::While this was true, he sounded about as confident as a ten year old reading an essay in front of his class:: 


::this one was pushy, quick to cut them off and ramble on. Meanwhile, people were all out of sorts. If they weren’t two ensigns this might not have been happening. But they were, and here they were.::


Freg: Then where’s the official alert of the radiation leak?  We should have received notification directly from Engineering had there been any real incidence of a radiation leak or other issue that would pose possible risk to residents.  In addition, they wouldn’t send a scientist to do such a scan, and the only engineer I see is him.   


The Ferengi jabbed his thumb over at Dastrup, who still had the air of uncertainty about him.  


Freg: And, no offense, officer, he doesn’t quite seem comfortable.  


::She stepped up.::


O’Grady: We have permissions to scan any area we need to by the first officer of the station. We’re under stri- ::again, cut off. And she was about to lay it out for him, the true reason for them being here and what problems were being caused.::


Freg: Here’s what I suggest.  I suggest you two high tail it out of here before I call security and let them know you’re illegally searching the premises and call your captain to let him know that two of his officers decided to come into my personal bar without proper procedure and lie to me about why they were here.  


::Pepper was a calm one. Even when others were rude or pushy. She knew the little man was just doing what he knew, trying to protect himself and business. So her freckles face never turned as red as her hair. She took a breath in order to respond and explain the situation.


Then the tricorder alerted them to exactly what they were looking for.::


Dastrup: Something's been detected!


O'Grady: Where? ::she turned to look...


Freg: ?


Dastrup: We...we need to open this barrel.


O'Grady: Do it - ::she turned around to Freg.:: And you need to listen to me, because you might be in trouble, more so than you think we are. Yes, we came here under false pretense. ::she admitted, which made her feel much better.:: But we were sent by Commander Nijil, you can speak to him yourself. 


Freg: ?


O’Grady: You supplied drinks to a Bajoran Festival today? ::she kept herself between Freg and Dastrup. Sometimes it paid to be tall.::


Freg/Dastrup: ?


O’Grady: The drinks were… spiked… ::frown.:: Are you trying to hide the evidence of your actions? Because we’ve found trace amounts here now. So we know it came from you. 


Freg/Dastrup: ?


::vials? There were more than just trace amounts then. She looked at Freg who looked… well more than worried.::


O’Grady: Alright Ensign, let the first officer know we found it. ::to Freg:: Perhaps we should take this out there? 


Freg/Dastrup: ?




Ensign Pepper O’Grady

Science Officer 

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