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Arys Trovek

Aug 5, 2022, 7:30:01 PMAug 5
to Starbase118
((Sickbay, Starbase 118))
Catherine had, she reflected, arrived at One-Eighteen at the worst possible point of time. Okay, maybe not the worst possible, after all the station wasn't exploding or on fire. But the Commodore, his First Officer, his Chief Medical Officer, and everyone else with significance, were on a mission. A classified mission, though of course rumours of hunting down terrorists had already spread like wildfire. 
Cat hated the idea of plans changing, but had eventually decided to be proactive and simply get her medical and counselling checkup done by someone else than suggested upon her arrival. 
Harper: Catherine Vargas? 
Cat looked up from the PADD she was reading, and her eyes settled on a young Betazoid in a medical uniform, who was evidently looking for her. Her eyes scanned the area, as if looking for someone who would stand out a lot more than Catherine did - and she, in turn, knew why. 
Vargas: Here. 
She smiled awkwardly and made her way towards the Ensign, who regarded her incredulously. 
Harper: You’re…Catherine Vargas? 
Vargas: .... Yeah... that's what I said. 
The Doctor still didn't really seem to trust it. Was identity theft common in Starfleet? Cat didn't think it was. 
Harper: Please, if you would come with me, I can take care of you.
Offering a small smile, the Betazoid turned and made her way into it, then turned and indicated the biobed. 
Catherine was pretty sure she could steal someone's identity. 
Harper: Please, have a seat. 
But whose identity would she steal? Maybe the Doctor's? What even was that woman's name? Had she mentioned it? Had Cat missed it? Wouldn't be the first time.
oO Stop being so awkward. Oo 
Vargas: Thanks. Okay. 
Harper: Before we get started, do you have anything you’d like me to know? Any concerns you might have? 
The woman pulled her gaze away from the chart and then let the dark orbs settle on the Cat. Her lips stretched upward a little, her smile small, but sincere as she regarded her patient. 
Vargas: I am... concerned... that you told me your name but I didn't listen. ::she admitted, perhaps a little more meekly than she had intended to:: 
Harper: response 
Vargas: Ah. No worries. Hi. ::she sighed:: And no, just here for the initial checkup. 
Harper: response 
Vargas: Oh, I contracted Craat's Disease a few weeks back, I think it's lingering. 
A small inconvenience, and luckily Alexis couldn't get sick, though - with her agreement - there was an instance where Cat had changed her subroutines to imitate the symptoms of a minor flu. Alexis had regretted her decision within minutes, and they had changed it back. 
Catherine had found that funny, and then she had felt guilty. 
Harper: response 

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