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Corey Wethern

Sep 21, 2023, 1:03:06 PMSep 21
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(Cardassian Embassy – Sannin VII – Lab))

Wethern (as Marsh): Everyone ready to give this another spin? Same drill as last time, I'll keep an eye on the frequency modulation.

Marsh (as Wethern): Ready.

Duran: Let’s do it.

Corey watched himself and his colleagues go about their task like a well oiled shuttle. They had worked together long enough through this to know each others actions and him and Madison had a much more in depth knowledge of each other. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Here we go. 

Wethern (as Marsh): I feel like I need to insert a funny catch phrase here. A little like all of our captains when training had a catchphrase to go to warp. 

Corey watched the screen intently. 

Duran: It is looking good…

Marsh (as Wethern): The initial results are optimal, but it is still early in the trial. 

Wethern (as Marsh): Cell structure stable, minimal hameolytic damage. 

Duran: The Cerdal regeneration is preventing the destabilization of the Cervaline… Just a few more minutes and we’ll ensure the detoxification of the Inaprovaline…

Marsh (as Wethern): Perfect.

Wethern (as Marsh): Here is the moment of truth...

Duran: It’s clear!

Marsh (as Wethern): I am about ready for that brandy now.

Corey turned to high five someone but missed completely and went spinning round due to his body's lighter mass.

Wethern (as Marsh): I have a bottle in my quarters back on the Narandra. This is definitely cause for success.

Duran: ?

Corey's tricorder bleeped the reconnection and a transmission of the data it had been collecting acknowledged sent to the Narandra computer. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Doctor Marsh, it looks like we have established communication with the Narendra again. I suggest that we report our findings here and receive our next set of orders. 

Wethern (as Marsh): I am sure Doctor Duran that the command team on the Narandra will want to debrief you about the work and support with the political hurdles surrounding the roll out of the fix. 

Duran: ?

Marsh (as Wethern): Before I comm the Narendra, I wanted to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you Doctor Duran. I am glad that through our team work we were able to deliver results and develop an option to save these patients. 

Wethern (as Marsh): I completely agree Doctor Duran I hope this isn't the last time our paths cross. Always happy for some fieldwork to support as well. 

Corey felt a slight loss that he wouldn't be working with Doctor Duran as closely anymore.

Duran: ?

Corey watched as Madision tapped his commbadge.

Marsh (as Wethern): =/\= Narendra, this is Doctor Wethern. We have successfully created a cure and are awaiting our orders. =/\=

Corey piggybacked onto the message.

Wethern (as Marsh): Also Narandra there should be a data burst with the information surrounding our work around alongside our other issue prior to communication failure. Any assistance with that would be appreciated. 

Duran: ?

Any =/\=: Response.

Corey felt he needed to make himself busy whilst the ship responded with a plan of action both how to retrieve them and how to get them feeling more like themselves. He also hated goodbyes. 

Wethern (as Marsh): Do you think we could get them to beam down that brandy whilst we wait? 

Marsh (as Wethern)/Duran: ?


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