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Arys Trovek

Aug 6, 2022, 7:29:13 AMAug 6
to Starbase118
((USS Narendra, Sickbay, ICU/Surgical Suite))
Arys had made a mental note that would remind her to keep an eye on Dal, no matter whether they were on a mission together or living their everyday life on the massive starbase they called their home. 
Calling both of them 'alike' would trivialize the matter, but both of them had their struggles, and their insecurities and both of them knew when to put them inside and prioritize the greater good. 
Trovek: And we have another group incoming, thirty-five people, the last group from Evac-14. They've reported a missing adult and an unaccompanied human child. 
Dal: Let’s get a scan on the child and see if we can get a positive identification. That will help us track down the parent.
He started moving to the panel, calling it up, and Arys wondered if she should tell him about the dead human female they had come across. On a ship with twenty-five-thousand souls on board, it was statistically unlikely that the child and the woman were connected in any way. 
Still... she should probably let him know. 
Trovek: I... think I should inform you that we came across a dead female human, at the location where we found Henry and Lieutenant Harris. I didn't have the time to look at her properly, but it looks like someone shot her in the back. 
Dal paused, and his antennae wilted slightly. Arys knew that he was a father, and she wondered if, in time, being Geleth's guardian would make those things more personal. Right now, she of course felt sympathy for the child - but that was about it. 
Dal: While the scans will start with the Narendra, I can do a full scan of the Belladonna as well. Still, we should get one of the counsellors to take the child under care.
Trovek: I will see who I have available. 
She could just hope that they didn't run into another staffing problem. No one had been prepared for a whole passenger liner to be evacuated. 
Another commline chirp. This one was information for Dal, who reviewed it while Arys checked the availability of a counsellor.
Dal: I have good news and… but we’re not doing that. ::humor? Maybe.:: The bomb has been deactivated, but we need to move away from the Belladonna while they shut the impulse engines down otherwise we risk collision.
Trovek: I'd rather not collide, no... ::she sighed:: But we are not done evacuating? 
Dal: It means we pause evacuation with fifteen thousand still onboard the Belladonna. Give or take.
Now Arys understood why these were potentially bad news. Reviewing the current evacuation, more and more groups had shown light to moderate levels of gamma radiation poisoning. They needed to get people treated, and they needed to keep people from panicking. 
Trovek: Not good, no. So in practice, what does that mean? 
Dal: Best case scenario? We get the bomb off, the Belladonna stops, we evacuate everyone without injuries to the Prophecy and with injuries to the Narendra so we can take injuries to StarBase 118. But the whole ship should be cleared because of the Gamma Radiation.
Trovek: And the worst-case scenario is that the Belladonna explodes. Fantastic. 
Arys sighed, then shook her head. She motioned for him to step over to the console she was working on, pulling up a graph on the screen. 
Trovek: Here is what I worry about - this is data compiled from the medical tricorders of the Narendra's medical personnel, and it shows the levels of gamma radiation detected in the evacuees. As you can see it's rising almost exponentially. At the current levels, we are expecting mild symptoms. Continue exposure for another few hours, we're expecting severe mental and physical impact. 
Dal: response
Trovek: Yes, what I am saying is that we, if we keep up the thirty-six evacuees every ninety seconds, will be taking far too long. 
Dal: response
What to do... well, it was difficult to say. Looking at the math, and the most likely outcome, another two hours into the evacuation, they would have barely beamed out a fifth. 
Trovek: What about treating them on the Belladonna, tagging them there, and beaming them up to the correct ship? 
Dal: response
Trovek: Treating radiation poisoning is basic medical training, and I am fairly sure Taybrim took a bunch of marines along. The alternative would be risking that someone snaps and causes mass panic, and if that happens we'll not need a way to tag and treat people quickly, but we need an Olympic-Class vessel as support to deal with mass casualties and fatalities... ::she paused:: But you are a search and rescue expert, I would love to hear your recommendation before asking you to call Taybrim to make a recommendation. 
Dal: response

Lt. Trovek Arys
Chief Medical Officer
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