(JP)Ensign Drevas Matthel & Lt. Cmdr Alora DeVeau - Delightful Conversation

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Samuel Chin

Jul 15, 2020, 7:27:19 PM7/15/20
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((Starbase 118 Ops Commercial Sector - Ashalla District: Jumja Delights))

Alora stared at the list of confectionaries offered by the stand.  Located within the Bajoran district, it tantalized the tastements with its assortment of sugary concoctions.  The problem wasn’t whether or not she would like any of them - Alora was quite sure she’d like every single one.  However, eating every single one was out of the question.  As tasty as they were, she couldn’t eat that much, and even if she wanted to, that would be way too much sugar.  So, Alora would do the sensible thing and choose only one - for now.  After all, she was stationed there, and likely to remain at the base for a good while, she had time to explore.  That didn’t make the choice any easier.  *

For the Bajoran queueing next to her, though, the choice was made much, much more quickly: Mango peach, his absolute favorite. As he consumed the treat he found his hazel brown eyes settling on the human woman that seemingly couldn’t quite decide which flavor to get.

Drevas: Hey there. Need some help? I can give you a recommendation if you like.

Alora forced her eyes to slide away from the list of sugary sweets and rest upon the young man who approached. 

DeVeau: Advice would be greatly appreciated.  You have recommendations?

Drevas: Yep. They’ve got chocolate fudge and more than that besides too if you’re not a fan of fruit. But they’re all excellent, I assure you.

Alright, confession time. Bajorans loved jumja in all its flavors (well, except that one time his local stand tried to introduce a butter popcorn-flavored one which didn’t fly at all with the taste buds of the local population). Perhaps he was a little biased.

DeVeau: I adore chocolate, but I also find myself falling into a rut, so I thought it might be nice to try something else.  It’s so hard to choose though!

Drevas: Well, you could always come back and try the rest; the stand’s not leaving anytime soon! ::an amiable chuckle as he takes a bite out of his own stick:: 

DeVeau: I was just thinking that.  Perhaps you’re a mind reader.  Okay, I’m going to order. 

Alora turned to the confectioner.  

DeVeau: One moba fruit, please. 

He decided to strike up some easy conversation - he’d only just come to the starbase after all, now was a good time to make contacts and people he could talk to; never know when you might need it.

Drevas: Can I ask you a couple of things about the starbase? I’d like to find out a few things considering I’ve just come on about a couple of days ago.

DeVeau: Well...I supposed you /could/…

She was about to say more, but Alora had to turn and accept her Jumja stick.  It was huge!  She tentatively tasted the tantalizing delight.  Oh it was delicious!

Drevas: Sweet. What’s it like working with captain Taybrim? On a daily basis?

DeVeau: Oh that’s easy!  ::She paused for effect, then grinned.:: I have absolutely no idea!  I just arrived yesterday!

Drevas: Oh. So you’re new as well? Well, that’s alright then! I guess we can both find out at our own time, huh? We’re both in the same boat!

Never mind if she couldn’t provide him with information - a kindred spirit was always welcome to him. He and the fresh blood assigned to the starbase could make the journey of getting to know the place - and people - together, and that was perfectly, wonderfully fine. 

DeVeau: Indeed we are.  I’ve heard really good things about him though, so I imagine he’s nice to work with.  I actually haven’t even met him yet.

It was always interesting meeting new people, but quite a different animal, meeting someone who was your direct superior.  Alora had to admit, she’d had nothing but fantastic commanders in her time on ships, and on the two Starbases she’d served before her most recent mission.  She expected nothing less this time.  

DeVeau: So are you coming straight from the Academy?

Drevas: Yep! Straight out of Starfleet Academy. Barely got the time to enjoy the starbase before getting launched into the thick of action. But hey, life in Starfleet. Gotta get used to it. 

DeVeau: Are you from Bajor originally then?  

Response: Born and raised in Hathon - ah, the edges of Hathon city actually. The forests, with lots of animals and hunting game. Kind of grew up with them. What about you? What’s Earth like, actually? Never really ventured beyond San Francisco in my four years there.

DeVeau: Earth?  Well, it depends on where you go.  It’s got a variety of different environments.  Forest, swampts, deserts.  I was born in Georgia, then moved all the way to Japan, which is where I spent most of my formative years.

::Alora realised that probably meant little to the Bajoran.::

DeVeau: Japan has a different culture and language, so it was a big switch.  I can show you holograms sometime if you’re interested.

Drevas: I’d like that. The most contact I have with Japan is the food and the people. The language sounds so… melodic, too. I like the names - I had a classmate in tactical strategies called Jun Yamazaki. Really nice guy, very polite both in and out of class. Diligent, too. Kinda cute, actually, but that goes for anyone from there.

He let that hang in the air.

Drevas: Love the food, too. I actually went down to the local Asian market after class one day and bought an entire bottle of wasabi paste, started putting it on my hasperat. And wowee, that stuff is hot. Wonder why no one’s brought that to Bajor for so long! ::a nervous chuckle as he takes another bite from his jumja stick.:: Love the udon too. The cold kind, in that sort of salty broth? 

DeVeau: If you think that’s hot, you should try a California reaper.  That will make hasperat seem mild in comparison.  Oh yes, Udon.  That’s my favourite type of noodle as well - beef udon in particular. 

Drevas: But to actually live there. What’s it like? I’ve heard a couple of things about it in the 21st century, something about the birth rate being really low? Just curious of course. Are all the people so polite?

DeVeau: Oh yes, they are  It’s ingrained in their culture.  Politeness, avoiding confrontation.  They can often be hard to read, there’s a lot of subtleties in their culture that a lot of people aren’t aware of.  The culture is fascinating, lots of mythology, lots of traditions.  The people are not only polite, but hardworking and honourable.  I loved it.  


Ensign Drevas Matthel

Tactical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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