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Madison Marsh

Sep 20, 2023, 8:39:09 PMSep 20
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(Cardassian Embassy – Sannin VII – Lab))

Wethern (as Marsh): Everyone ready to give this another spin? Same drill as last time, I'll keep an eye on the frequency modulation.

Marsh (as Wethern): Ready.

Duran: Let’s do it.

Madison added the newly modified serum and then followed it up by adding 0.3ml of Tranexamic Acid to the live sample with tender care in her administration. She had hoped that the addition of Chloromydride along with Cerdal regeneration waves would prevent the destabilization of the Cervaline and negate the Inaprovaline process for three minutes filling in the gap in the full cycle. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Here we go. 

Wethern (as Marsh): ?

She and her peers patiently waited as the computer simulation slowly but surely began producing the results of the test. The effectiveness percentage continued to gradually increase as the initial stages were promising as they were during the prior examination. The hope was that there would be no hiccups in the final stage as they headed down the homestretch in their pursuit of success. 

Duran: It is looking good…

Marsh (as Wethern): The initial results are optimal, but it is still early in the trial. 

Wethern (as Marsh): ?

Duran: The Cerdal regeneration is preventing the destabilization of the Cervaline… Just a few more minutes and we’ll ensure the detoxification of the Inaprovaline…

The process was lengthy, but the success rate kept on rising northward. This looked like it might be a win for the team. The journey was arduous, but the payoff would be worth it in the long run. It would save many lives in the process. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Perfect.

Wethern (as Marsh): ?

At the conclusion of the test the computer indicated that the experiment was a success with no chance of the serum harming a live patient. The computer indicated that the serum model and treatment plan were rendered. 

Duran: It’s clear!

Marsh (as Wethern): I am about ready for that brandy now. 

Wethern (as Marsh)/Duran: ?

Madison noticed the computer screen light up green indicating that they were connected with the Narendra once again. A slight smile spread across her lips at the thought. Perhaps now they could move on to the next problem at hand now that a cure had been developed. She turned to look at Corey in her old body or was it? This whole experience was beginning to drive her a bit mad and could only take so much more of this befuddled state of mind. She was suffering from an identity crisis in a sense. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Doctor Marsh, it looks like we have established communication with the Narendra again. I suggest that we report our findings here and receive our next set of orders. 

Wethern (as Marsh)/Duran: ?

Madison looked downward at Doctor Duran and spoke in a positive tone of voice. 

Marsh (as Wethern): Before I comm the Narendra, I wanted to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you Doctor Duran. I am glad that through our team work we were able to deliver results and develop an option to save these patients. 

Wethern (as Marsh)/Duran: ?

Madison pressed her combadge. 

Marsh (as Wethern): =/\= Narendra, this is Doctor Wethern. We have successfully created a cure and are awaiting our orders. =/\=

Wethern (as Marsh)/Duran: ?


Ensign Madison Marsh
Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Ops
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