JP Lt.Cmdr. Alora DeVeau & 1Lt. Anthony Meeks - Dancing Feet (Pt. 2)

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Nov 11, 2020, 11:39:33 AM11/11/20
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OOC: Takes place before the awards.


((Starbase 118 Ops - Ballroom))


DeVeau: Definitely.  Also, I expect to have more than just this one dance tonight.  Am I being too greedy by that expectation?


Alora loved to dance, and even more, she loved to dance with others who enjoyed it at the same level.  Tony was one of those, and he danced /well/, which was another benefit.  Although she herself would be glad to teach others and help them improve, it was nice to be with someone who could keep up with her from time to time.  


Meeks: The night’s still young, and the band’s just getting warmed up. I’d imagine there will be quite a few more in us tonight.


DeVeau: Good.  Though I do plan on dancing with as many people as possible, not everyone is interested, so I may monopolise you later. 


Meeks: Who’s monopolizing whom? ::With a wink::


DeVeau: I haven’t seen you much lately though.  Been keeping busy?


Meeks: I have been busy. Even though we’re on shore leave, there has been a lot to catch up on. No rest for the wicked, I guess. ::Smiling:: Other than work, I’ve been doing some tutoring and training in a one on one. I’ve been working with Kherys Harper on her hand to hand and marksmanship.


DeVeau: Oh really?  She’s that cadet that was on the mission, right?  


Meeks: Yeah, that’s her. We’ve been doing daily training sessions together… She’s doing really well. It’s been quite the treat, actually. 


Alora’s eyes twinkled and she cast a mischievous grin up at the towering vampire. 


DeVeau: My dear Tony, have you caught yourself a cadet?


Tony felt a flush come to his cheeks at her statement. He hadn’t thought of it that way, really. He and Kherys had become friends, good friends, and he looked forward to the time he was spending with her. In fact, he found himself thinking about her between the training sessions, and he sometimes found himself searching for reasons to spend more time with her.


Meeks: ::Blushing:: I haven’t caught anyone. We’re just friends, and she has a lot to focus on right now. 


DeVeau: Uh huh.  And one of those things to focus on is a certain marine we both know and love?


Meeks: ::Smiling:: Maybe. Who knows what the future holds.


DeVeau: Indeed.  


Meeks: ::Turning his dance partner:: What about you? Have you been able to get any rest on leave?


DeVeau: Oh yes, you know me, I always take time for my hobbies. 


And Alora had a lot of them.  Schedules were important for that reason.  She rose early, went to bed late, but she also slept hard - most of the time.  The other times...she pushed through.  There was so much to do that every moment was filled.  Although there were times that she put aside certain activities because it meant she could spend time with someone else - which was even better.  


DeVeau: What about you?  Surely you’ve done more than simply train and woo young cadets? Haven’t you had /any/ downtime?


Meeks: Oh, there’s always time to do little things. If I wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. You should come roll around with me some time. 


Tony realized how that sounded and his cheeks flushed. 


Meeks: I mean in the gym. ::Smiling:: 


DeVeau: Oh yeah?


Meeks: You know what I meant. 


DeVeau: Yes, I know exactly what you meant.  I don’t know, Lieutenant, I’m pretty confident in my abilities, but I’m no marine.


Not that she couldn’t hold her own.  Alora had been training in Aikido for years, even worked on jodo occasionally, but not to the extent of the other.  Still, Tony was a few grade aboves - his training far more intense, and he’d started years prior as well.  She did have one advantage - she was significantly shorter. 


Meeks: Somehow, I think you’d have made a good one. ::Fixing a sly smile on his face:: You have to promise not to go easy on me.


DeVeau: All right then, how about tomorrow after my shift, before dinner?  Definitely don’t want to do anything after we eat.


Meeks: No. I don’t want to barf on you. Tomorrow before dinner sounds good. 


DeVeau: Sounds like a plan!


Meeks: We’ll use my holodeck. I have the program all set up. ::Wink:: Besides, then I can have the advantage because it’s my turf.


DeVeau: Turf?  Not going for a dojo?


Meeks: Oh yeah, but it’s my dojo.


DeVeau: Doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get the best of me.


Alora’s eyes narrowed, but rather than distrust or antagonism, there was a glint of playfulness.  Oh yes, he was on.


DeVeau: Now I’m determined to show you up.


Meeks: Oh, trust me, it’ll be fun.


Tony knew Alora had secrets, many of which no one would know about unless she decided to let them inside. Part of those secrets likely included her ability to kick some serious butt if she needed to. He looked forward to testing his hypothesis. 


They continued to sway to the music, even after the music had stopped. It took a few seconds to realize they were dancing to their own tune. When he realized it, Tony stepped back and let go of her waist. He enjoyed her as a dance partner, and he was enjoying her becoming more of a friend.


Meeks: Thank you for the dance. ::Smile:: Hopefully it won’t be the last tonight.


They had been lost in their own melody for a few moments, simply enjoying the motion, the feel of the rhythm, allowing it to continue even after the musicians had ended it.  Alora stepped back, her smile bright and she curtsied, the the edge of her coat spreading out upon the floor at the motion.  She rose and nodded. 


DeVeau: Make sure you get at least one more with me tonight.  I enjoy dancing with you.


Meeks: Me too. The night’s still young.


Alora’s smile brightened, then she turned and made her way back into the crowd.  





1Lt. Anthony Meeks
Company Commander
nd TMR D Co.
Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narendra




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops



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