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((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): I’m just glad we got a good look- I mean fantastic medical staff.

That was it! Medical staff! That’s what this had been all about. She needed help… In fact, she was almost sure this was why everybody was here in the first place. But there was still an open case, and there were still potentially dangerous suspects around… or were they? The short kid, the one who had stolen her communicator, was certainly gone.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::breathing and leaning rather unsteadily at an unwavering Cardassian wall:: I believe Ksivi-Sava is right. Say, now that the short kid is gone, can we, by any chance, speak candidly? Because I don’t think I know where I am. I think it has something to do with his mother, or his blood or something. ::pointing at his own body::

Iru: Wow, and here I thought you’d never admit to being insane and unsound. ::her tone was condescending.::

This particular civilian was arguably one of the most confusing aspects of this case—whoever she was, her remark did remind Ksivi-Willow of some other aspect of this perplexing situation, though, which was… insane and unsound? Yes, insane and unsound. That had been an issue for a while now, hadn’t it?

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): We are holding a double edged sword. We are slowly going insane without realizing it.

Yes, that must be it then. Even Ksivi-Sava realized they were going insane, and she had the distinct feeling something about that creepily grey Vulcan/Orion hybrid was very important. Something that she had told herself to not forget under any circumstances… If only she hadn’t forgotten it. She took a very deep breath, holding on to that tastelessly oppressive-looking wall; they were not on Risa, were they?

Renot (as Tito): Response

Garev (as Renot): Madam, I can only apologise for any distress you may have experienced here. I am confident that my colleagues would not have deliberately caused you any harm under different circumstances, but it is clear that they’re not feeling…themselves.

Iru: Look ::she waved her empty hand.:: I don’t care what you do with these two - all three of them need their heads checked. As for one of you - ::she pointed at the two new people.::

That was right, they needed their heads checked. Ksivi-Willow certainly did. And her nose. It had stopped bleeding, but relaxing breathing techniques were still out of the question.

Renot (Tito): Response

Garev (Renot): Please try to understand…

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. And you Ms. Are one of those people.

Throwing stones at glass houses, did she catch that right? Well, that would certainly make for a good reason why everybody seemed so inimical towards the civilian lady. Was Ksivi-Willow supposed to support her… fellow officers? Yes, they were her fellow officers, she was sure about that. Was she still on duty, though, with whatever was wrong? She had to presume that. She had to keep it together!

Ksivi-Sava (Willow): ::at Iru with glazy eyes, but in a schoolmasterly tone:: Ma’am, do you even begin to realize just how dangerous that is? Criminal property damage aside—and I can assure you that is no trifle in and off itself—have you thought about what would happen if a stone accidentally hit an inhabitant? You should—

Iru: I’m going to stop you right there. Make this right, or I’m going to make things worse. ::she pinched her lips.:: I am not the one who is insane in this. I will be heard and you are going to make that happen.

Right, insanity. They had already started discussing the insanity, so the property damage was likely of secondary importance at this point. Still, throwing stones at glass houses... the nerve some people had!

Renot (Tito): Response

Ksivi-Willow vaguely noticed the Lieutenant join her at the wall. Equally vaguely, she felt that his rank and Starfleet affiliation was of some relevance to her. But more than that, she felt sympathy for the poor guy who seemed somewhat unwell; a pair of goldshirts having to steady themselves against on obscenely tacky wall, trying to hold up against… something? Something.

Garev (Renot): Madam, we are under strict orders *not* to disturb our Commanding Officer. Surely you can understand that it is our duty to follow those orders?

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Even if you cannot understand the power of duty orders, I suggest you pay attention to this: You are equally going insane. You keep expecting to see them while we continue to deny such a request. You are doing the same action over and over expecting vastly different results.

Right, there was the matter of insanity again… They were trying to hold up against insanity, that was the important matter here. That must be why she felt Ksivi-Sava was particularly important: He kept bringing up the things that mattered… Obviously a rather steadfast man who wasn’t nearly as easily perturbed as she was. Or was he? On an intuitive level, something about that conclusion felt plain wrong, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on any particular reason why. They kept talking about a commanding officer? Perhaps Ksivi-Sava was that commanding officer? Could the others shed some light on the matter?

Ksivi-Sava (Willow): This might be an odd thing to say, but I can’t seem to recall who my commanding officer is.

Iru: I don’t care - tell him to expect me at your Starbase then. ::her laugh was dark and forced.:: Because this isn’t going away. I am an Intergalactic journalist! And I think you’re going to want a better light than what I’m about to write.

Renot (Tito): Response

Garev (Renot): ::struggling to keep himself calm:: Very well.

Iru: I fought for my life - as these … well now two because the one just left! ::astonished.:: literally lost their minds. So yea, do that. Unless someone else wants to point a phased at me, I’ll go. ::pause, she shrugged.:: After you called your commander.

No, it couldn’t be Ksivi-Sava, then. They wouldn’t have to call him, he was right there. Besides, Ksivi-Willow seemed to remember that he was an Ensign. She would have pondered what it was that struck her as so important about a mere Ensign, but her thoughts were startled out of cohesion by the goldshirt Lieutenant’s sudden outburst:

Garev (Renot): ::shouting:: FINE!…::breathing heavily and trying to contain himself, but speaking through gritted teeth:: Fine. Lieutenant, perhaps we can arrange an appointment for this…lady to speak with Commodore Taybrim on Starbase one-one-eight at some time in the near future.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): I think it would be wise if she - oO Shut your mouth dear woman. Oo

Renot (Tito): Response

Ksivi-Sava (Willow): ::in a mildly outraged-sounding short-circuit of synapses:: Well, a citizens’ concerns should at least be taken seriously!

Garev (as Renot): I am aware of that, but we can not stand here all day debating with her.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): I have come to the conclusion that it is illogical to continue this argument. Perhaps we are to simply part ways. ::There she went again with that ingrained Vulcan logic::

For just a moment there, Ksivi-Sava had sounded almost like his mother. Her wry smile at the amusing thought froze as a worrying thought erupted in her brain: Why did she and Ksivi-Sava share a mother? That was strange, wasn’t it? Was he her brother? Being half-Vulcan, half-Orion, he simply couldn’t… Yet, they somehow also had the same father! That was staggeringly strange. Good thing there was this wall to hold on to.

Renot (as Tito): Response

Garev (as Renot): The more time we waste…::he paused, not wanting to give the reporter any more ammunition than she already had:: Look, we have got to get Ensign Willow to a doctor.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): The most logical solution would be for you to merely walk away.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::leaning on the wall ever more sluggishly:: Quite honestly, I’m not confident that I currently can. In fact, I can’t seem to hold my balance very well, and even if I could, where would I find that doctor? I couldn’t even find my own way back to the beach at the moment.

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot): Response

Iru: Response?

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): We would prefer it if you did the going away first. However if neither of us do so we are back to square one with another stalemate.

Perhaps that was why the unfriendly lady had plummeted to her posterior earlier. Had she tried to walk away, even though she had been dizzy? Ksivi-Willow didn’t and wouldn’t know, as the bottom-plummeting incident was a mere isolated memory, briefly washed to the surface, swiftly to be drowned in the churning sea of random associations again. It was dizzying. Very dizzying.

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot): Response

Iru: Response?

Willow (Ksivi-Sava): Solution. We both walk away at the same time.

Solution. Important. Ksivi-Sava was somehow important, she remembered. She was dizzy, but she remembered. There was something about this person that she was supposed to never forget… Well, he would probably know best, wouldn’t he? And he said that he had a solution!

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Very good, s… ::eyes seeking and failing to find a horizon:: Sir? oO Is he my commanding officer? Does he know that I’m not feeling very well? oO

Inside and outside, everything was fading, but this man seemed to be some sort of constant. She simply had to trust him. Trust his solution. Trust her own memory of his significance. Walk away. Respect those confidence-inspiring words of his:

We both walk away at the same time.

With a single, deep breath did she try to muster all her courage. Her nose being clogged, though, she tried again through her mouth, and this time actually did muster that courage. She took a valiant step forward. Away from the wall.

Away. The oppressive Cardassian architecture spun around her; orbited just out of her reach like the washed-out impressions of his own past. The ecliptic tilted ever so slightly, then toppled with a start, and Ksivi-Sava fell. Like a ship in a dive with no inertial dampening, no artificial gravity. Free fall. Those were the things that came to his mind, because… because he was Ksivi-Sava. Yes! It occurred to him a mere instant before he hit the ground: He knew all that because he was a pilot! And a physicist! Goodness gracious, that had been the important thing: He was Ksivi-Sava! And it wasn’t his own chin that hit the corridor floor in a Cardassian embassy.

Renot (as Tito)/Garev (as Renot)/Iru/Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Response?

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