JP LtCmdr Nijil & Sachiko - Surprise Visitor Pt 1

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Sep 23, 2020, 9:14:32 AM9/23/20
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((Starbase 118 Ops - Nijil’s Quarters))

The mission was finally over.  The Nimitz had been destroyed, as had the Andromeda, but as many people that could be saved were.  Everyone had worked together (for the most part), and now were going to enjoy a well deserved shore leave.  The day prior had been spent arriving back at the Starbase and all that was in it.  That day?  It had been filled with reports and paperwork - not a great start to a shoreleave, but at least it was better than getting assimilated.  That evening, when the doors opened Nijil arrived at his quarters, they were exactly the way he had left them, except for one tiny detail.  On his couch, curled up without a care in the world, was a petite, calico cat.  Initially, her head was tucked under one paw, but as soon as the doors closed behind Nijil, that paw lowered and her head popped up.  Crystalline blue eyes peered up at him, then half closed as a low purr rumbled through the room, far louder than one might expect from so small a creature.  With her eyes in that position, she almost seemed to be smiling at the First Officer in a silent ‘hello’.

::The day had slipped past him faster than he thought possible. So much to do and so little time. The day had been interesting so far, after a long meeting with Sal about one German Galven. The scientist had shown strange colors over the last mission, particularly one of reckless behavior and complete disregard for anything sane. That last part might have been more of Nijil’s personal feelings... The Rekarian entered his quarters expecting to be alone.

One could imagine his expression to see a hairball curled up on his couch, looking at him with equally blue eyes. Wait, was that a … cat? He frown.::

Nijil: ::to the cat.:: Hello… Computer, lifesigns in first officer Nijil’s quarters…

Computer: There are two lifesigns in First Officer Lieutenant Commander Nijil’s quarters. One Rekar - 

Nijil: Computer end request ::he cut it off. The computer chirped at him::

::He paused and looked at the feline, hands on his hips. Something he could never seem to fully turn off was his medical side. With long strides, the distance between man and feline closed.::

Nijil: Well you don’t look hurt do you.

::It actually wasn’t so odd for him to speak to the beast. In fact he even spoke to Trill and their symbiants as two different beings. He set the plant down - the one given to some time ago that he only just now brought to his quarters -  to use both hands to look over the cat. How it got in his room would be the next thing he focused on.::

If going by her size, she was not fully mature, though age was certainly more difficult to tell with animals.  She allowed the man to pick her up and examine her without complaint.  In fact, the purring actually grew in intensity.  When one hand came near her head, she butted against it, a universal feline request for scritching.  

::Long fingers carefully reached out to make contact, reacting calmly to its meeting him half way. He picked it up carefully and watched for it to react negatively. The feline seemed pleased by the contact actually.  He felt along its ribs and moved him about, bending him left and right just a little.::

As if to respond to him, the cat opened her mouth and let out a squeak of a ‘meow’.  

Nijil: I’ll have you know I’m the doctor here - and I’ll be the judge of that. ::paused.:: You seem to be in one piece anyways… Now… 

::Who did she belong to… and how did she get in his room? The latter was much more disturbing to him, the idea that someone just helped themselves here and left a cat. Was someone trying to tell him something? First a plant, then a cat… 

Oh no, he wasn’t keeping it!.::

Nijil: Now… ::he started over again.;: Who do you belong to? 

::The cat gave a look - was that normal? He rolled his eyes at the furball.:: 

Nijil: Let’s see your collar  - 

::Well microchip. The computer told him the name of the owner. Expression of disbelief, how did HER pet get in HIS rooms… ::

Nijil: Oh that’s lovely… ::sighed.:: 

Sachiko seemed unconcerned with Nijil’s concern.  Instead, she butted her head against his chest and that purr just kept on rumbling.  

::He pulled the cat away from his person and turned the creature to face him. Not that he could command the cat to look at him, and he didn’t. But he wanted to take a good long look at the feline.::

Nijil:. Just how did you get in here, hmm? ::he lowered the cat and look off for a moment.:: 

::He’d never had an animal.::

Nijil: I suppose it would only be polite to offer you something … ::he sighed at the foolishness of it all.:: Do you want something? ::he raised the cat back up to look at it clearly.:: 

oO Like to go home? Oo ::he thought to himself.::

Again, the cat's eyes closed halfway, that same pleased expression over her furry feline face.  As if to give the man some sort of vocal answer, her mouth opened and she let out another high pitched, squeaky…

Sachiko: Mrrrrow. 

Perhaps that answered everything.  Perhaps she had shared the secret of her success with him.  The problem was, could he understand her?  Did he speak feline?  Or would that mystery never be solved?  Perhaps Nijil would simply have to live in ignorance, that question ever a thorn in his side.  

Nijil: That’s not very helpful… Why don’t I just take you to her.

::He packed himself up mentally and tapped his commbadge with his free hand.::

Nijil: =/\= Commander Nijil to Commander DeVeau. =/\=

DeVeau: =/\= Alora here.=/\=

Alora was honestly surprised - she hadn't expected to hear from the first officer.  Unless she had done something wrong.  Uh oh.

Nijil: =/\= I have found your feline companion - =/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Wait...Sachiko is with you?=/\=

Alora hadn't noticed her missing because she wasn't in her quarters.  That little feline was really getting the wander bug.

Nijil: =/\= Yes, she is. =/\= ::he kept the annoyance out of his tone - only slightly.::

DeVeau:. =/\=I have no idea how she got out.  She was in my quarters when I left.  It's like she knows how to open doors.=/\=

Which honestly, wouldn't really surprise Alora at that point.

Nijil: =/\= I couldn’t say - would you like me to bring her to your quarters or meet somewhere else? =/\=

DeVeau: =/\=My quarters, please.  I can be there in ten minutes.=/\=

Nijil: =/\= Very well, I will meet you there. =/\=

::Nijil ended the call and glanced down at the cat contentedly tucked in his arm.::

Nijil: I am taking you back you to your owner - 

Sachiko turned her head, her body still vibrating with her internal motor.  After a brief pause to consider the implications of his declaration, she opened her mouth and let out another squeak of a "meow".

Nijil: Well I really wasn’t giving you a choice...


Lieutenant Commander Nijil

Executive Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra



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