JP: PC Sxryx & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Mad As Hornets" (Part I)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 17, 2021, 3:46:41 PM2/17/21
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Promenade - Starbase 118 Ops))

Sxryx flew out of the turbolift and past the heads of several uniformed officers and civilians, who’s eyes grew large at her presence.  They didn’t have enough time to panic before she had already passed them and departed, leaving them to their internal panic.  Her large lower body hung beneath her wings as they buzzed loudly, carrying her to the Promenade.

The path of people before her split open like a wave.

No one wanted to contest the path of a Jarada.  Her great furry body, silky black and skinny furred legs, yellowjacket colored stripes upon her thorax, wingspan, front slasher arms, and massive stinger saw to that.  She turned her mantis-like head and her flight path diverted to follow it… and she noted someone of importance she hadn’t met yet.

She was just a lowly enlisted working in engineering, but who would pass up a chance to schmooze with the First Officer?

She approached at that rapid flight pace, and suddenly landed in front of the Human woman, turning to face her and lifting onto her back legs.  Her black slasher arms lifted and waved somewhat menacingly, her head canting to the side.  For those who *weren’t* utterly terrified by her mere presence, they might notice the collar beneath her neck that displayed her Petty Chief status, and her position in Engineering.  Those who were terrified stepped back or fled at the sight.

Sxryx:  SKRAAA-raaaa!

The morning had been quite busy.  Actually, Alora was always quite busy.  As a science officer, she had been constantly monitoring her experiments, delving into research, writing up proposals, and a variety of other tasks.  As Chief Science officer, she had even more PADDwork to fill out, reports to file, contact with other bases and ships to maintain in order to keep up with scientific discoveries as well as coordinating with their own experimentations, and yes, she still allowed herself some time for a couple of experiments.  Adding on to that, Alora had launched the mentoring programme, bringing in students who had indicated an interest in the sciences and allowing them to shadow volunteers from the department.  Now, as First Officer, experiments were put on the back burner, and research generally focused on how to do her new job.  Reports and PADDwork had increased.  That being said, she had enjoyed the wider variety of people she got to work with, even if she also had to take on the task of doling out more discipline.  She’d been pondering over a particular report all that morning, however, and that had allowed her to become distracted.  Making her way from her office to her quarters, just because her shift was over, didn’t mean that work still wasn’t on her mind.  It was.  In fact, it had kept her from noticing the approach of an enlisted officer until said offer suddenly appeared right in front of her.  Immediately, Alora halted before she accidentally collided with the creature.  She blinked.  A Jarada.  Oh yes!  She remembered reading that when reviewing one of the manifests.  

Sxryx:  ::waving her pincers *slightly* less menacingly::  Keeer’la?  KL’eeeeerXraaaaaREEEE-ka Sxryx.

DeVeau:  Why, hello there Sxryx!  I’m Alora.  

Being off duty, Alora didn’t see any reason to keep up with formalities.  Even on duty she didn’t necessarily require use of rank and surname, preferring a more relaxed atmosphere.  That changed, however, if someone was displaying disrespect.  The Jarada, however, was not, and she received a warm smile along with the greeting.  

DeVeau: A pleasure to meet you.  ?

A civilian woman, a Bajoran, suddenly came nearer to them having not paid attention… screamed in horror, and quickly fled the scene.  Sxryx seemed to glance her way, tilting her head the opposite side, and then shrugged her insectoid body as if unperturbed.

Alora sighed.  Even though they were out in space, even though people knew there were all sorts of alien life forms in the galaxy, it never failed that someone would react badly simply because they were presented with something new and different .

DeVeau: Sorry about that.  Have you been here long? Although Alora had seen the female mentioned on the manifest, she couldn’t recall every detail, and she’d only been quickly perusing at any rate. 

Sxryx:  XREEEaaaaaaaSSSHHHHH-kt.  KL’eeerrrrr three GREEE-ka moon KREN.

Somewhere in the mass of untranslated consonants was a “three” and “moons,” which roughly translated into three months.  Still relatively new.  Despite her frightening appearance, she seemed quite content, and the crowd around them started to relax as they realized the First Officer wasn’t about to become a meal.  

Oh, so not that long, which might explain the reaction on the part of the Bajoran.  Still, one should realise that there was no reason to panic.  After all, they were simply standing there and having a pleasant conversation. 

DeVeau:  Well, belated as it is, welcome to the station!  I hope you’ve settled in well?

Sxryx:  SK’reeeeee’KLAA engineering KREE’aaaa busy.  SHHHHkt Jeffries XREE’gaaaa quite comfortable XEEEERRR KL’gah.

She’d developed an understanding with her crewmates that she could quite easily and comfortably traverse the Jeffries tubes, whereas they were quite a bit slower and more claustrophobic in them.  She could speedily fix issues that took them solid hours to complete, given her unique talents and bug-born dexterity.

Although she did tend to give them a bit of a shock still, if she suddenly showed up in a dark Jeffries tube from around some corner.

DeVeau: Oh I imagine so.  The base can certainly seem very much like a hive at times, can’t it?  And we get to have you a part of our hive!  I’m glad you are enjoying your time here.  Have you had a chance to explore the commercial sector yet?

Sxryx:  KR’aaa.

The word didn’t come through, but the shake of her mantis-like head side-to-side was something she’d quickly picked up from her mammalian and reptilian crewmates to indicate a negative response.

Her body lowered somewhat more naturally to the ground on the tips of her black-clawed feet and her wings spread above her body… with them up, she was still as tall as the First Officer.  They buzzed once, then twice, though she wasn’t taking off.  Her stinger swirled in a circle.  It was almost dance-like in bug body language, but amounted to an invitation.  One she wouldn’t have to vocalize with other Jarada, but habits died hard.

Sxryx:  KL’aaaasss supper XREEEE if you Kaaa-EERxysss time?

Alora’s face lit up immediately.  That had to be one of the most unique requests she’d had in a long time.  A Jarada asking her to join her for dinner.  Awesome. 

DeVeau: I’d love to. What sort of food do you like?

Now *that* was an interesting question.  In short, Sxryx could eat almost anything.  But she learned quickly that her *style* of eating could be off-putting to some people.  She suspected the First Officer wouldn’t be one of them, but watching an insect inject solid food with an enzyme and then watching it dissolve into a soupy gel she could suck through her straw-like tongue was pretty different.  Cutting out the middle part of the process allowed for better socializing.

Sxryx:  SK’laaaaa soups!

DeVeau: Honestly, I have a pretty eclectic palette, so feel free to choose. Soup is fine with me, or anything else, really.

When one spent a goodly portion of one’s life in a country that was known for eating raw fish and eating inago no tsukudani, or basically grasshoppers cooked in soy sauce, as a snack, one learned to try a vast variety of dishes rather than automatically reject them.  Alora had eaten all sorts of things - including insects when she’d been stranded on Limbo.  

Sxryx turned slightly, not having the words to name the place, but she *had* discovered a lovely little food joint that served all sorts of soups at all hours of the day, and it quickly became her favorite place to eat out.  Turning her mantis-head toward the First Officer, then turning away, she lifted her wings and… with a steady humming buzz… they lifted her thick bug body off the deck plating and she slowly flew with the First Officer at her stinger.

((Souplantation - Restaurant, Promenade))

Sxryx flew up to the entrance, her approach having cleared the way for her and the First Officer to enter the door easily regardless of how busy it might have been, and one of the wait-staff looked up with surprise at first.  Then…

Waiter:  It’s Sxryx!  Get the pedestal!  ::then to the pair of ladies::  Welcome back!  Your usual seat?

Sxryx:  KR’AA-aaa.

Well now, evidently the place was familiar with the Jaradan guest, and Alora couldn’t help but find some amusement in the reaction.  Following the waiter, Alora glanced around.  Yet another place she hadn’t previously visited.  There was always something new to discover at the base, no matter how much she explored.  

The wait staff quickly changed out the normal seat for a type of pedestal stand that Sxryx could easily perch atop, giving her a perfect perch near the table near the window.  Clearly they had made it just for her visits to the restaurant.

DeVeau:  I’ve never been here before. 

Alora commented as she slid into a seat across from the insectoid.  

Sxryx:  Kaaa-EERxysss polite staff XREEE.

DeVeau:  Yes, indeed.  It’s nice to know that places are willing to accommodate for unique needs.  So, what do you recommend here?

The waiter, as if on cue, slid a tray covered with samplers of soup, two of each type for the two guests, onto the table in front of them.

Waiter:  ::to Alora, giving only the Human woman a large spoon::  If you’d like to order anything, feel free.  We just sort of bring Sxryx *everything.*

DeVeau: Good to know.  Samplers are fine, actually.  It will allow me to get an idea of all that you offer. 

Leaning over, Alora slowly inhaled the scents that wafted from from the bowls.  Once Sxryx selected one, by using a single black claw tipped arm to pull a bowl closer to herself, she chose the matching for herself.  

DeVeau: This smells really good.  So, is the base your first posting within Starfleet, or have you been posted elsewhere before?

Sxryx:  First posting KRAAAAAA Star Fleet xerrrr-ka.

DeVeau: I imagine it must have been a big change for you.  You doing all right with everything?

Sxryx nodded her head in a mammalian manner that indicated a positive response, her great eyes glinting in the light.  Every now and then she would reposition her clawed feet on the pedestal, clacking lightly on its surface comfortably.  She suddenly dipped her long, skinny, tube-like tongue out into the bowl in front of her, and in one great slurp the bowl was cleanly emptied.  Then she retracted the tongue back into her pointed claspers, and they wriggled appreciatively at the bright flavor of the soup.

Sxryx: KL’aaaasss big adjustment XREEEE.  Universal translator Kaaa-EER difficulties, but xysss engineering crew KH’laaar adapted well.

It seemed that, despite the communication issues, she was getting along well with her crew.  Save of course that one crewmate who had been getting on her nerves, who she had stung in frustration.

DeVeau:  Oh I bet it has.  Your people aren’t common among our ranks.  It’s great to have you here, and others will eventually adjust as well.  

Sxryx:  KL’eeeeer one guy insulted Xraaaaa hive.  REEEE-ka *stung* kraaa jerk.  ::there was a pause::  Kraaa was fine.

DeVeau:  Really?  I’m so sorry to hear that.  


Petty Chief Sxryx


Starbase 118 Ops



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

First Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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