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Arys Trovek

Aug 4, 2022, 7:08:17 AMAug 4
to Starbase118
((USS Narendra, Sickbay, CMO’s Office))
Alora seemed to have snapped out of her singing and odd commentary and had decided to treat Arys' arm. The Medical Officer had wanted to protest, but with doctors currently unavailable, the woman was her best option. 
Trovek: I need to be able to do the surgery if necessary. We can always take care of the arm later. But we don't have enough Doctors available for me to not be able to function. 
DeVeau: I know. We’ll get this to where you can work and take it from there.
Trovek: Yes...
Alora continued her work, and Arys had to admit that the woman knew what she was doing - and evidently more so than her medical officers. Before long, the fibres had been removed from the wound, it had been cleaned thoroughly, the first treatment of dermal regeneration had been done, and a synthetic film acted as a more flexible bandage. With any luck, Arys would be able to avoid scarring of the skin. 
Alora took another hypospray and lifted it once more. 
DeVeau: Anetrizine, 0.5CCs more to deal with the pain along with a dose of corophizine to prevent infection. 
Arys quickly shook her head. Anetrizine was used to numb nerves, and a careless application could induce paralysis. In addition, the numb hand hadn't been an issue when all Arys needed to do was to talk Kent out of blowing up the ship. It would however make her unable to do any kind of surgery.
Trovek: Go for Corophizine and a low dosage of Metorapan instead. 
Once the medication was adjusted, Alora injected it into Arys' neck, then proceeded to put the used devices aside and closed the kit. 
DeVeau: You’re going to need better treatment than that once we return, but you should be able to function til then. 
Trovek: That's what matters. Thanks.
Arys nodded, but immediately refocused her attention on her patient. The mystery woman. The woman who was hopefully not dead or dying. She passed Alora on her way out, stepped out of the CMO's office, and headed in the direction of the surgical suite. 

((USS Narendra, Sickbay, ICU/Surgical Suite))
To her surprise, she found Dal working with the orderlies, and it seemed that he had decided to take charge of the situation. The stasis unit was already fully warmed up. 
Finally some good news. 
Trovek: Joining us in medical, Commander? 
It was meant to be a sarcastic remark but sounded a lot more hopeful than Arys had intended. 
Dal: Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. My only strength here is keeping people alive until they can be tended to by the right person in the right scene. 
Quite the statement, Arys found, but not something she had time to unpack right now. 
That said, they weren't a bad team at all. Their movements were quick and efficient. The stasis unit was lowered over the biobed, and the patient was fully encapsulated within only a few moments. 
And then there was a hiss as the stasis chamber was sealed, allowing Arys to exhale. No one was dying. Not right now anyway. 
Dal: That buys her at least twelve hours with minimal, fixable degradation. ::He breathed a deep breath for the first time in too many long tense minutes.:: Doctor, thank you. I leave sickbay in your care. I need to go meet with an unidentified person and probably send them to the brig.
Arys tilted her head, not having paid too much attention to anything around her when she was occupied with yelling at Bailey, but she assumed Dal meant Maybe Henry.
Trovek: I assume DeVeau went to deal with him. ::she paused, then shrugged, deciding that she was too tired for a diplomatic way of phrasing what she thought:: And frankly I'd like to keep you around, you're the only person on this ship who gives me any confidence in Starfleet. 
At this stage, she would rather follow Dal into the territory of a hostile species than on a cruise with anyone else. 
Dal: response
Trovek: You are calm when there is chaos, you make decisions in the best interest for everyone and in alignment with Starfleet values, and you honestly and accurately assess what you can and cannot do. 
And where he had areas of improvement, as they all had. Starfleet was all about continuous improvement. 
Dal: response
She gave him a look. She remembered their conversation on the holodeck, and decided to do both - be snippy and make sure where she stood. 
Trovek: At this point, I am more concerned that you won't want me as your CMO after this disaster. 
Implying he would have his own ship, and she would want to serve in his sickbay - just that the past few minutes surely didn't make a good impression. After all, this was her responsibility, no matter that she had been in the position a whole two hours before the launch of the Narendra. 
Dal: response 
Before Arys could reply, the console chirped, and she moved over to see who was finding what information relevant enough to be sent over in the middle of an evacuation and with an emergency patient in sickbay.
Trovek: I got good news and b-... nah, we're not doing that. ::she motioned towards the woman in stasis:: Lieutenant Meryel Harris, former security officer aboard 118, and someone I would likely have killed since I didn't know her medical history beforehand. Stasis is the best call until I can get Wyn.
Dal: response 
Trovek: And we have another group incoming, thirty-five people, the last group from Evac-14. They've reported a missing adult and an unaccompanied human child. 
Moderately concerning. Someone getting lost wasn't unexpected at all, but with parents and children, they usually just ended up in two different evacuation areas. 
And then Arys remember the dead human female they had come across... 
Dal: response

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