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Noelle Motuelle

Jan 27, 2021, 9:43:52 AMJan 27
to SB118 Ops

((Ooc this is before Nijil leaves for his secret mission!))

((Starbase 118 Ops - Habitat Sector))

Machines were marvels.  Technology had spurred humanoids and non-humanoids alike to the stars, to wander among planets and solar systems, to go where no one has gone before.  It allowed food to become plentiful and easy to create, the wonders of holographic adventures to allow people to experience places they wouldn’t have the opportunity to otherwise, or to revisit places they enjoyed. 

Yet, with all the benefits, there were downsides.  Sometimes, technology just didn’t want to work right.  For instance, turbolifts.  They made it easy to get from point A to point B in a given location whether it be ship or starbase.  Except when they didn't.  Sometimes, they went kaput.  They just stopped. Only an engineer could coax them back to life - it was a bit harder for a doctor to bring machines back from the clutches of death.  

It stopped not quite at a floor, and the doors opened.  Then they closed.  Then they opened again.  They did this three more times before finally giving up the ghost and remaining open, though the passage through was only halfway big enough for Nijil to pass - they would have to be forced open. 

Nijil: =/\= Nijil to Commander Hael. =/\=

Hael: =/\= This ‘ere be Rustyy, boss man, wha’cha be needin’? 

::Nijil sighed.::

Nijil: =/\= There’s a problem with the turbolift in the upper habitat, turbolift 6 in the -F- section.=/\=

::There was a pause.:: 

Hael: =/\= Reckons you be righ’  - It’ll be a long minute fer we able to ge’ outta tha’ way. You can hang outta minute - =/\=

Nijil: =/\= The doors are partially open, I’m going to pry them open. =/\= ::he grumbled annoyed. He wasn’t in the mood to be stuck there all day.:: =/\=

Hael: =/\= Supposin’ you could - jus’ be careful. We be gettin’ someone ou’ ther’ soon ‘nough. =/\=

::Nijil disconnected the comms and groaned, something he rarely indulged in unless alone. With a displeased look to further show his fouled mood, he grabbed at the doors and worked to pry them open, he used his foot to push one side and hands to push the other. It hesitated for a moment, before the well balanced bearings let the doors glide open. He managed just enough that he was confident he could squeeze through. He was broad shouldered, it had caught him before. 

He stepped back to see if the doors would slam shut, not wanting to get caught in it by chance the gears didn’t hold. Once content, despite his whole mood already cranky, he made his way out of the turbolift and up into the corridor. 

A quick dust off and the Rekarian made his way down the corridor - it didn’t jump out to him where he was at right away. The decks with the living quarters tended to merge and look similar. The only thing for him to do was go for a walk.::

From down the hallway, a small body appeared.  It paused briefly, a familiar form, that of a calico cat, roughly the size of a four month old kitten.  She paused ever so briefly, then set out at a dead run only to come to a stop in front of Nijil.  Looking up at him, she meowed. 

This meow was nothing like what she had done when he had previously run into her.  Before, she had squeaked her speech.  Now, she let out a high pitched, long, loud, insistent wail.  She turned, then ran down the corridor and stopped.  Looking back to the Rekarian, she wailed again and started on again. Only to dart back, that insistent wailing returning before she ran off.  

::Nijil frowned deeply, his brow furled nearly to match a more subtle Romulan V. Only a second did he think to not follow the feline. But his gut told him otherwise - and he was one that always followed his gut. He took long strides to meet back up with the animal. He had read about familiars and the like, how they knew when their owners were in danger or hurt.::

Once at the door to quarters that Nijil was familiar with, she began to paw at the seam.  Little good it did, for she was unable to pry them open, but she stopped, looked up at Nijil, then yowled again and again, alternating that with her insistent pawing.  

::The doctor part of him kicked in, and without hesitation this time, overrode the lock with his security clearance - ::

The doors parted to make way for the man who initiated the override.  Before he even had a chance to step through, Sachiko shot in and bolted around to the back of the couch.  There, Alora lay on the floor, her eyes open wide, her body convulsing and writhing.  Sachiko yowled once more.


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops




Lieutenant Commander Nijil

Executive Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra



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