JP: Ensign Amaase & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - “The Games We Play” (Part II)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Nov 13, 2020, 1:06:10 PM11/13/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora’s Quarters))

Ariana had to pick up a card as she had no playable cards. 

Amaase: Your choice of game after this.

DeVeau: Cool.  We can take turns choosing.  Hm.

In her hand she had a four and a six, which neither of them were power cards, nor did they complete  arun.  So, Alora chose another card.  That time, she pulled a Jack. 

DeVeau: Uh...okay, what do Jacks do again? She knew she’d given away her most recent card, but she was still learning, so it didn’t matter.  

Amaase: If it's a black jack and I have no jacks, I pick up 7. If it's red it can cancel black jacks. Last cards by the way.

DeVeau: Ah, okay. Well, since it was red, she couldn’t play it, so Alora simply waited for Ariana to go again.

Ariana played her card.

Amaase: Chipped. ::she gave a toothy smile::

Alora grinned and showed her deck now that Ariana had ended hte game. 

DeVeau: Looks like you beat me good.  

Amaase: Luck of the cards really. You played well for your  first time 

DeVeau: Tell you what, why don’t we eat before doing another game?  It’s going be hard to do both at the same time. 

Ariana patted her belly.

Amaase: Food sounds great actually. 

DeVeau: What do you feel like?  I have the finest the replicator has to offer!

Ariana  licked  her lips.

Amaase: Tuna, sweetcorn and mushroom pizza, would be great. ::she was salivating at the thought:: Please. 

DeVeau: Of course.

That was an interesting combination, but considering some of the stuff Alora sometimes ate, she certainly wasn’t one to argue or condemn for what someone else chose. She was certain quite a few people would have wrinkled their nose at some of the things she consumed.  Putting in the command to the replicator, she first requested Ariana’s food.  

Ariana stood up

Amaase: Would you like some help? ::she followed Alora::

DeVeau:  This is yours.

She handed the plates to her guest, then turned back to the replicator.  Ariana’s choice of pizza had put pizza in her own mind, so that’s what she decided to do.

Ariana took the plate with a smile. 

Amaase: Thank you. ::she turned and place the plate down on the table::

DeVeau: Computer, pineapple and bacon pizza.

Ariana took the chance to admire the room.  She looked at the various plants and trinkets.

Amaase: How many plants do you own? Do you name them? ::she had a thoughtful expression and looked at Alora::

DeVeau: How many plants do I own currently?  Oh gosh, I’ve not really counted.  But no, I don’t name them.

For some, that might have seemed odd.  Alora was definitely a flora buff, she loved plants - and animals - and she was forever giving out babies to others.  Which reminded her….she needed to make sure Ariana chose hers before she left.  

DeVeau: If I refer to a name, it’s the name of what they are.  

Carrying her plate over to the coffee table, she didn’t immediately sit down, but instead moved to a set of shelves on the other side of the couches, above where she kept her desk, that was completely of African violets.  The one across the room, above the piano, held the same species though different varieties. 

DeVeau: Speaking of which, I have one to give to you.  What’s your favourite colour?

Amaase: Purple. ::she took a bit of her pizza. It tasted really nice::

Alora’s gaze sifted through the varieties and then she plucked one from the shelf.  It was young, the pot small, but it would grow fairly quickly.  

DeVeau: This is an African violet.  They’re very easy to care for, and I can send you all the instructions as well as programs for soil to repot - only twice a year or so - to replicate more pots - for when they get bigger - and for the occasional extra feeding.  

She turned and set the pot on the table in front of her guest.   Inside the young plant sported dark green foliage, the leaves all fuzzy, lightly quilted.  Although it was young, it already sported blossoms.  Semi double stars of flowers were of a deep amethyst hue accompanied by hints of pink and lavender peeked out in a couple of places from among the leaves.  

DeVeau: And I find they just help brighten up a room. 

Ariana looked pleased with her gift.

Amaase: Thank you. ::she smiled admiring her plant:: You're so thoughtful. I tell you what, I'll attempt a painting of it. I'll gift it to you. ::she looked at Alora::

DeVeau: Oh that’s not necessary!  But I won’t say no either.

Ariana ate a full slice of her pizza l before speak again.

Amaase: Sorry, I'm so hungry. ::she licked a bit of sauce of the side of her mouth::

DeVeau: Then eat up girl!

Ariana pointed to her pizza.

Amaase: For replicated food, this tastes real good. 

DeVeau: They have some good programs here. 

Alora agreed as she took a bite of her own.  The sweet and salty of the pineapple and bacon always seemed like a perfect complement to her.  She chewed and swallowed, then wiped her hands on a napkin.

DeVeau: So tell me something more about yourself.  Where are you from?  Earth?  Do I detect some Betazoid heritage? 

Ariana  nodded. Her stomach knotted at the thought of talking about her home life.

Amaase: Pretty much. ::she stuffed a chunk of pizza in to her mouth::

Ariana looked pointedly around the room avoiding Alora's eyes in case she wanted any more information. She swallowed her mouthful.

Amaase: How about yourself?

DeVeau: Earth born and bred.  I lived in a couple of places, including Japan, which is where my family still lives.  Did you grow up on Earth, or elsewhere?  

Alora canted her head slightly as she took another bite. Was she hesitant, or just shy?  Sometimes, it was difficult to tell.  

Ariana lowered her pizza from her mouth.

Amaase: Earth. ::she took a huge bite of pizza::

DeVeau: So what got you interested in joining Starfleet?

Ariana shrugged, and steadily chewed her mouthful. Delaying the answer. 

Amaase: To prove that I am actually worth something. ::she said with a slight angry tone and pushed the pizza with her finger as she said it::

That made Alora pause.  Obviously, she’d hit on something sensitive, though without meaning to.  Lowering the piece that had been halfway to her mouth, she asked softly.  

DeVeau: I’m sorry.  Are you okay?

Ariana sighed.

Amaase: It's just a whole other story. ::she looked a little sad but was trying to hide her feelings:: My life isn't that interesting. ::she pushed her food away from her::

Alora set the half eaten piece back on her plate, wiping her hands slowly on her napkin, watching the other woman, but remaining silent.  

Ariana had tears in her eyes. 

Amaase: Look, I'm sorry. ::a tear escaped down her face:: Can we just leave it for now? ::she wiped her tear::

Alora scooted a little closer and smiled gently. 

DeVeau: Look, you /are/ worth something, and if anyone tells you otherwise, you let me know and I’ll set them straight.  

Ariana smiled softly. 

DeVeau: Besides…

Alora motioned to the plant that sat silently upon the table in front of them.

DeVeau: I don’t give my babies to anyone who’s not worthwhile, so you just remember that, all right?

Amaase: I'm sorry. ::she blushed:: It hit a little harder than normal due to no response from my calls. 

Ariana had done eating,  she no longer had an appetite. 

Amasse: Anyway, enough about me. Tell me more about you? 

DeVeau: Well, what do you want to know? Alora didn’t mind sharing about herself, and maybe it would help Ariana relax a bit.  She hoped, anyway.  Alora hadn’t meant to make her cry, but evidently there was some hurt in the new counselor’s past.  Perhaps that was why she’d become a counselor.  

Amaase: What's the most embarrassing thing you have done? 

DeVeau: Oh you /really/ want to know?

Ariana had an amused expression. 

Amaase: Of course I want to know.  ::she smiled at Alora, with a curious look on her face. She sensed a good story here::

DeVeau: Okay...well, let me tell you about the time I took a Vulcan to a holodeck adventure where we went through the story of Cinderella…


Ensign Ariana  Amaase 

Counsellor Officer




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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