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Amanda Nordstrom

Aug 8, 2022, 3:26:12 PMAug 8
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Sickbay – USS Narendra.))


Alora had joined Rue as soon as Doctor Trovek was taken care of.  The care she had received was temporary, and she would require further treatments later, but it would at least allow her to function and work as a doctor.  There was another injured as well, and Alora retrieived a fully stocked kit and made her way to the room.  There, with Rue’s help, she took care of the injury which would also require further treatment, but he had a painkiller and the medication would stave off any infection.  Now she needed to get more information.


DeVeau:  I need to know what happened Henry. 


Maxwell: Could you be a bit more specific?


Alora levelled her gaze at the man.  Be more specific?  Did he not realise the situation he was in?  What had she walked in on?  Why was he unclear as to the information she was requesting?  Henry was not stupid, and she had just confirmed that this was indeed Henry Maxwell.  


Blackwell: Start at the beginning, perhaps? How you got on the Belladonna, who you interacted with, and how you ended up with the wounds. I know it’s repeating a bit, but we want the story clear.


Alora nodded.  That was likely more than she needed, but it was a starting point and she really hoped that he would just answer the questions and stop trying to be cute. 


DeVeau: That would be a good place to begin, yes. 


Maxwell: ?


Blackwell: No, right now, we are dealing with a complicated situation that could have a lot of misdirection if we aren’t just on the same page ::She gave a slight smile:: As we both agreed, blunt is best.


But he wasn’t being blunt.  He was asking questions - which was fine in a situation where he wanted to get a story, but this was neither the proper place nor the proper time.  


DeVeau: Again, start at the beginning on the Belladonna and go from there.  


Maxwell: ?


Blackwell::The response garnered a bit of a sharp grin:: Believe me, you won’t hurt my feelings, and Commander DeVeau is tough herself.


Alora couldn’t fathom why her feelings were hurt, she just wanted to get a clear picture.  Then they could know how to proceed. 


DeVeau: All right, you boarded the Belladonna.  We know you’re Henry.  You were there, and I’m assuming you were told to evacuate.


Blackwell/Maxwell: ?


Alora frowned and her brow furrowed.  It didn’t make sense to her, but then again, he was a journalist.  They didn’t always follow orders either.


DeVeau: All right, so what happened after you left your quarters? 


Blackwell/Maxwell: ?


Of course he would do something like that.  He was a journalist.  Yes, she had to keep reminding herself of that.  Reaching up, Alora ran a hand over her face . 


DeVeau: And what happened after you ran into these people?


Why was she having to direct the conversation so much?  He should know how to give a testimony. 


Blackwell/Maxwell: ?


So Henry had been taken prisoner.  Terra Prime claimed human superiority, but she also knew they had no tolerance for those who didn’t mind aliens mixing with humans, as she had found out first hand back on Miranda. 


DeVeau: And when you ran into this second woman, was she the one who was shot?  What happened? 


That was where she needed the most detail.  She had gotten a picture of *how* he’d gotten into the hands of one, but how had he moved from a prisoner to standing over a woman who was bleeding and dying.  


Blackwell/Maxwell: ?

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