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Aine Sherlock

Aug 8, 2022, 12:13:03 AMAug 8
((Engineering, USS Belladonna))

It felt like everything was starting to come together, but one could never be overconfident. All the impossible things became many small problems that were now easily solvable. Though the unknown variables, in particular the terrorists themselves, could still factor in. However, getting rid of the problems would leave the terrorists with no options.

Sherlock: =/\= Is there anything we can do to assist with the evacuations, Commodore? =/\=

Luthas: response

Aine could hear more talking in the background, but again couldn't make out what was being said before the Commodore's voice came through the comline again.

Taybrim: =/\= Yes, two things will help – one, can you attach a tracking device to the bomb before we teleport it off? =/\=

Sherlock: =/\= That should be no problem, Sir. =/\=

Luthas: =/\= ?

Taybrim: =/\= Exactly, that will allow us to do a long-distance transport and a long-distance detonation. =/\=

A logical idea, one she could get behind. The last thing she wanted was for this material to end up in the wrong hands again.

Sherlock: =/\= I've got something I can rig up. I'll start working on it now. =/\=

Luthas: =/\= ?

Taybrim: =/\=I know the star maps of the sector very well.  I can get a location, we just need an engineer to get those co-ordinates in the system.=/\=

Sherlock: =/\= Captain, can you handle that or should we get the Ensign? =/\=

Luthas: =/\= ?

Taybrim: =/\= Once the bomb is off, you can tell Captain Leski to bring the Belladonna to a stop.  From there we’ll finish evacuation with both the Prophecy and the Narendra. =/\=

Sherlock: =/\= Understood, Sir. =/\=

Luthas: =/\= ?

Taybrim: =/\= Unfortunately, yes we’re still going to have to evacuate the ship.  The Gamma Radiation levels are rising from the engine damage, so we’ll have to remote pilot or tow the Belladonna back to 118, and completely scrub her of radiation.  No one can be on the ship during that time, a radiation scrub will destroy everything organic on the ship. =/\=

It made sense, they themselves had absorbed a lot of radiation and were now in EVA suits, she could only imagine what might be happening to some of the passengers who didn't even know what was really going on.

Luthas: =/\= ?

Taybrim: =/\= we’re going to have to move out of range when the Belladonna shunts power from the impulse drive to shut it down.  My hope is that we can get the bomb off before they do that, and allow them to simply come to a full stop. =/\=

Sherlock: =/\= I'll set up the tracking now. It should only be a minute or so and the Narendra should be getting the signal. =/\=

Luthas: =/\= ?

Aine left Luthas to coordinate the transport with Sal while she set up the tracker. She'd have to kiss her tricorder goodbye. Though she didn't use it often, she did a lot on this mission and much like her little Type 1 phaser she'd lent to Egil, she'd had it for some time. She didn't like to think of herself as being superstitious, maybe just a little 'stitious.

Pulling out the older model tricorder, she flipped it open and began tapping away, setting it up to broadcast a signal nearly strong enough to drain its power, but hopefully long enough they'd be able to track it until the device met its demise. Gathering up all the parts they'd seperated and placing them close together, she set the tricorder amongst the pieces then activated the signal.

Sherlock: =/\= Commodore, the bomb is ready for transport. You should be receiving the signal now. =/\=

Taybrim: =/\=?


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