Lt. JG Peters: Is He My Type? (Taybrim / Meyers)

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Cadfael Peters

Dec 26, 2015, 5:37:19 PM12/26/15
to Starbase 118 IC
(( Holodeck 4 -- Battlezone ))

Peters: Righto.
oO I want to call BS here, but I won't. We're having fun. Oo

Peters: Righto. 

:: As he made another snowball, he glanced around at who was closest to his position. There was a pause as the program froze, and then it resumed. ::

oO Ah! The perfect target. Oo

:: He threw the snowball at Vondaryan, hitting him squarely in the back before ducking behind ridge of snow. It seemed to be nearly Sal-sized, and there was, in fact, a Betazoid hiding behind it. ::

Peters: Oh hey, skipper.

Taybrim: ?

Peters: Oh, having fun. Theo deserves his promotion. I'll keep the base whole. 

Taybrim: ?
:: Cadfael gave a soft smile and made another snowball, wanting to throw it at...someone. He stood up from behind the ridge and threw a couple at random before one glanced off his face. As he fell backward into the snow, feigning grievous wounding, he blinked a few times ::
Trel’lis: You okay, Peters?
(( A Few Minutes Later ))

:: The party stopped when someone called out for medical assistance, and the holodeck faded. Peters blinked a few times to readjust his eyes to the light. He saw Sal stand up. ::

Taybrim: Computer, fade program.  ::The CO turned, his voice raising to an authoritative level:: I apologize everyone, we seem to have our evening's festivities cut short.  We will be shutting this program down, and investigating.

:: Cadfael snapped his fingers then went to retrieve his snowboard from where the coat check used to be, and glanced around for Meyers. Upon not finding him, decided to head back to his quarters. ::

(( Timeskip -- Peters' Quarters ))
(( Time Index: Morning After The Party )) 

:: Cadfael dressed up in his best formal shirt and black leather jacket, deciding to look nice for the dinner and concert that Christen had invited him to. May be worth spending the day with the guy just to see if the comm officer was his type. So, he took his badge from his desk and tapped it. ::

Peters: =/\= Lieutenant Peters to Lieutenant Meyers.

Meyers: =/\= ? 

Peters: =/\= Did you want to hang out a bit before the concert and dinner? I know a few great pool halls. 

Meyers: =/\= ?

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