JP: Ensign Amaase & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - “The Games We Play” (Part I)

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Tanya Warwick

Nov 13, 2020, 12:53:49 PM11/13/20

OOC: For those interested, the flower looks like this:

((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora’s Quarters))

Alora had come home and immediately showered.  Normally, it wasn’t a big deal, she could have waited until after her guest went home, but with that little explosion in one of the labs, she stank.  Well, it wasn’t an explosion-explosion, more like the contents of the experiment hadn’t been measured correctly and it wound up getting /everywhere/, including Alora and several other officers.  There was no way she was going to expose anyone to that wretched odor if she could avoid it.  

Fortunately, she had plenty of time between getting home from her shift and the arrival of her guest.  She pulled out her holographic emitter which had all sorts of games loaded on it, as well as her deck of /real/ cards.  They would have plenty of options for games, and plenty of options for food with the replicator available.  

When the computer chirped, Alora called out, the acknowledgement a command to the computer to open the doors and let the woman in.  The scientist smiled and waved, then motioned to the large couch.  Make yourself at home.  Do you want to go ahead and eat, or just something to drink now and eat later? 

Ariana was in her pyjamas, she had debated wearing day clothes, but opted for comfort in the end.

Amaase: Hey Alora. ::she beamed:: Sorry about the pyjamas, but I opted for comfort, since I'll be here a while. To answer your question. Could I just get a drink for now? Please. A water will be fine.

DeVeau: Hey, I'm all for comfort.

While Alora hadn't worn hers, she had changed in to civilian clothes.  A simple purple t-shirt with dark grey sweatpants. They were great for lounging around in.

Alora moved over to the replicator, fulfilling Ariana’s request along with a glass of chocolate milk for herself.  She carried them over to the table and set her guest’s down in front of her.  

Ariana took a few mouthfuls of her water.

Amaase: Sorry, thank you. ::she wiped the excess water from the side of her mouth with her finger and thumb:: That's refreshing. ::she motioned to the water::

DeVeau: So, I have a ton of games, or you can teach me a game you know.  I have real cards too.  What would you like to do?

Amaase: Can we do a bit of both maybe? If you don't mind?

DeVeau: I don't mind at all - we've got time.

Ariana grinned.

Amaase: Awesome. Can we start with Black Jack? 

DeVeau:. Sounds good to me!

Alora plopped down beside Ariana, then took a sip of her milk.  Setting it down, she leaned back about to ask if Ariana wanted her to shuffle and deal, but the woman launched into an explanation, and Alora didn't have the heart to tell the woman she already knew how to play.

Ariana looked at Alora as she explained l, so she could notice if she understood the game.

Amaase: Okay, so it's as follows; you have your power cards. Ace, two, eight, ten, red Jacks and Black Jacks. Are you with me so far? 

DeVeau: I think so…

Now Alora was glad she had let Ariana start explaining.  This sounded different.

Amaase: So your aces change the suit, and any ace can be used to do so. Two's mean you have to pick up two. You can only cancel a two, with another two. ::She offered a toothy grin:: Eight is miss a go, but they have to be the suit that we are on. You can only lay one eight at a time, to see if your opponent is missing their turn. Ten, means you go again which can be beneficial in a run of cards. I'll get to that in a second. Then we have the jacks. The black jacks mean you pick up the amount of cards dealt, usually seven cards but if a big group is playing you can move it down to five. Any red jack can cancel a black one. Any questions? Before I move on?

DeVeau: Wait...this is black jack?  This is different from the game I know.

Amasse:. Yes. You may mean what I call Pontoon, where you try and make 21. I confuse a lot of people. But where I'm from, the games have different  names. 

DeVeau:. I've always played it that wasn't to try and get a value as close to twenty one without going over.  This, however, sounds way more interesting.  Okay, so power cards, aces, twos, tens, and the jacks.  Right?

Amasse: ::nods smiling:: That's correct. 

DeVeau:. I get a two, I draw two.  If I want to cancel that, I need another two.

Amaase: Indeed. I can always help until you get the hang.

DeVeau: So what do you mean by eight is a miss a go?  I don’t think I quite understand that.

Amaase: So if I was to place an eight down. You can't take your turn. It works well for getting rid of cards so you can finish.

DeVeau: what’s next?  

Amaase: So then we have runs. Which run in card order. Ace to King, King to ace. But then if you have say a five, six, and seven of hearts and then a 7 of spades. You can put the two sevens down as the cards make a run. Does that make sense? ::she took a drink from her water::

DeVeau: So it sounds a little bit like poker.  

Amaase: Yes, that's correct. 

DeVeau: Okay, I /think/ this makes sense, but be kind, this is new to me.  Deal out and let’s take a shot at it!

Amaase: I forgot a few last things. If you have a finishing hand, you have to call last cards on the go beforehand. To finish meaning you have no cards left, you say chipped. You can't chip on a power card though.  Also, you pick up two cards for any blunder, so any false plays, false calls on last cards. 

Ariana dealt them seven cards each, starting the deal with Alora. The rest of the deck she placed in between them on the table. Flipping the top card over so it was face up,  so that they could start playing. 

Alora waited until all the cards were dealt, then picked up her hand and eyed it. 

DeVeau: go first then?

As Ariana spoke, she put her cards into run orders and suits. 

Amaase: No. I dealt. A dealer never plays first. 

DeVeau: Oh, okay.  Um.  Hm.  

Alora peered at her cards, attempting to remember all the different assignments to all the different numbers, plus all the different ways that could change.  

Amaaze: I'm going to relax the blunder rule for you, as you're new. But I'll keep it for myself. If that's okay? 

DeVeau: Are you sure?  That sounds kind of unfair.  I’d rather just play it straight.  

Alora pursed her lips, then plucked three cards from her hand, each in a different spot.  Putting them down, she had three fives in a row. 

DeVeau: That’s a run, right?  

Ariana watched Alora play her first cards and smiled.

Amaase: Are you sure you have never played before? ::she said playfully::

DeVeau: Oh, definitely.  I’ve played blackjack, but never /this/ type of blackjack. 

Amaase: Pontoon is a lot easier. ::she smiled and put down an eight::

DeVeau: Okay that means what again?

Amaase: Unless you have another eight, you miss a go. 

DeVeau: Okay.  So I’m skipped, which means you go again. 

Ariana  took a long drink from her water, finishing the drink.

Amaase: So, have you done anything interesting today? ::she played her turn placing down and ace:: Hearts. ::she declared::

DeVeau: Oh, I always do interesting things.  My job is interesting.  Being here in general is interesting.  

Alora looked at her most recent card, then put it down.  It was an eight, which meant Ariana was skipped.  She nodded over to the digital piano she had on one wall, above which several shelves full of plants lived.  Her entire quarters were dotted with them, though not all the shelves were full.  That was because she had far more room than she’d had in other places and now got to add more to her collection.  There were already shelves on either side and a flower box above the window with the seat, and she had plans for that box.  For now, however, it was empty - or perhaps whatever she had planted had yet to grow. 

DeVeau: Practised a new etude today, also learning a new aria from a composer on Earth. Did that before work, went on shift, loving some of the experiments we’re doing.  Met with some of my officers.  Oh, had to clean up a mini explosion in one of the labs - an experiment over grew the confines of its confines.  

Ariana grinned at Alora as she told her about her day.

Amaase: That must have made a right mess. Would you mind if I fill my glass again?  Please.

DeVeau: Yeah, but it wasn’t anything dangerous.  Unfortunately, that ensign needs to revamp that entire experiment, but she’ll get it.  And yes, of course. 

Alora took the glass as she set down her cards, then refilled it for her.  

DeVeau: After this game, do you want to eat?

She queried, passing the water back.

Ariana  took the water and set it down.

Amaase: Yes please. 

DeVeau: Sounds good.  Okay, so I go again…::She pulled out a ten and set it down.::  Now that does what again?

Amaase: That means you take another turn.  

DeVeau: Oh...okay.  

Ariana noticed Alora had one card left.

Amaase: Don't forget to mention you're on last cards, or you can't finish. 

DeVeau: I’m on my last card...and...I don’t think I can go so I...draw?

After confirmation, Alora pulled one of the cards from the deck.  


Ensign Ariana  Amaase 

Counsellor Officer




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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