(JP) LtCmdr German Galven & LtCmdr Alora DeVeau - The Opposite of Social Distancing, Part I

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German Galven

Jul 11, 2020, 12:59:56 AM7/11/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Main Science Office, StarBase 118))

German had been reading the newest reports from Alora and Kudon's algorithm project and was pleasantly surprised and impressed how well they worked together on getting the algorithmic data translated and sent to the Klingons. He normally would've worked alongside them, but with all the PADDs that accumulated on his desk, he needed to get those done for Nijil to sign and approve. 

Once he updated the team's mission report and signed off on it, he sent it via email to the XO's office and then went down to the science department to express his gratitude to Alora and then to engineering to do the same with Kudon. 

When he walked into the room, he saw a few plants on the windowsill and smirked. Yeah, Alora had definitely been making some rather interesting improvements to the office which was even more endearing about her personality. He saw her sitting at the desk in the chair swiveled around with her back behind him. 

Galven: Excuse me, miss? 

Around that chair twirled, once, twice, then she stopped to face him.  

DeVeau: Hi!  

Alora pressed her hands against the arms of the chair so that German could have it back.

Galven: ::raises his hand:: No need to get up. ::chuckles and smiles:: I can sit over here. I just came to tell you how incredible you and Kudon did regarding the 'Death Fog" project. 

German sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the desk. Ever since Alora had been posted on the starbase, he wanted to give her the amount of respect she deserved because even though they were both the same rank, she had more tenure. Which the least he could do was let her work in his office. 

DeVeau: Thank you.  Kudon’s crazy smart - and definitely passionate about his work.  He’s easy to work with.

Alora motioned to the area surrounding them. 

DeVeau: Thank you, too, for letting me use your office.  Let me know when you want it back.  

Galven: ::rolls his eyes, smirks:: It's been a relief off my shoulders since I have two offices. I can't really be in both places at once unless I time travel back and forth between offices. ::The thought made him start to laugh::

Deveau: Well, I won’t complain about you letting me use it.  What’s so funny?

Galven: I tend to make temporal scientist jokes at my own expense. That way other people can laugh and feel more comfortable around me. ::runs his hand through his hair:: My line of work tends to make others feel uneasy. 

Not Alora.  Could German help her?  Alora wasn’t sure what sort of clearance he had, so she couldn’t divulge information.  Commander Foster, however, would know - and surely, if he thought German could be helpful in figuring out a cure, he would conscript the Denobulan in the endeavour.  

DeVeau: It’s a shame none of my jokes ever get such a reaction.

Galven: What do you mean? I've laughed at a few already. 

DeVeau: I’m pretty bad at telling them.  Sometimes I don’t get them, then people have to explain them, and it ruins the joke. For them.  Not necessarily for me.

Galven: Believe me, it took a long while until I finally figured out a way to gain back my sense of humor. 

DeVeau: Gained /back/?  What do you mean?

He leaned back in his chair and heavily sighed. His own past had gotten the best of him a few times. He glanced over her shoulder out the window and stood up to adjust the holo-view which could be changed to any kind of skyline, city, planet, and then some. When he punched in his passcode, the view changed into his family's home and front yard. 

Galven: Are you busy at all right now? It's a fairly long story. 

DeVeau: Well, you’re the Chief. You scheduled me.  I believe my shift technically ends in…::Alora tapped her triPADD:: Five minutes.  

Galven: Well, it's either I tell it here or we can go out and get something to eat. ::turns around, looking befuddled:: I mean, err.. a social… gathering, like… two individuals… Hmm. 

DeVeau: Well, if my boss is willing to let me off five minutes early, we could go get something for dinner, but I don’t know if he will. He’s pretty strict. 

Galven: ::feigns shock:: He must sound like an awful person to work for. Although, I have a feeling he would let you get off work early this one time. ::winks::

DeVeau: Well, if you’re sure he won’t mind…

Alora pushed herself to her feet.  She was curious about the story German was going to tell, and she didn’t mind taking the time to sit and listen.  

DeVeau: What do you feel like?

Good question. He thought about the places he hadn’t been to as often as he’d like. There was one particular place that he fancied and the food was always really good. He stood up and started to walk towards the door. 

Galven: Do you like Italian food? There’s this pretty popular place called Piazza di Tre where there’s a unique twist. 

Alora followed, nodding in affirmation at the question the Denobulan had posed.  

DeVeau: I do indeed.  Honestly, there aren’t many foods I don’t like.  Coffee is actually something I don’t like.  I’m trying to think of something else, but can’t at the moment.  So yes, Italian is good.  

Galven: Well, then. ::extends his hand and swirls it pointing with all fingers out the door:: After you, Alora. 

DeVeau: Such a gentleman.

Alora grinned and passed through the doorway, though she paused so that she could walk alongside her companion rather than lead him onward.  

DeVeau: Probably best if you tell me where to go.  While I know where the basic sectors are, I don’t know where the specific shops and restaurants are.  

Finding Little Risa was easier than finding a smaller restaurant.  

Galven: I mean, if I didn’t have this job, I would certainly be a badass tour guide. You can’t deny that after the first one with Sal. ::chuckles::

DeVeau: Nope.  I can’t.  ::She paused briefly.:: You call him by his first time.  Are y’all friends?  

Galven: We're getting better acquainted. He's been an incredible mentor and Commanding Officer. 

They both walked into the turbolift and German requested for the desired deck which the computer chirped in confirmation. He turned to continue with what he was saying before. 

Galven: It did take some time for me to call him by his first name. He and the rest of the crew were very welcoming when Sheila and I transferred. 

DeVeau: He seems nice, though I’ll be honest, I’ll have a difficult time calling him by his first name unless he gives permission.  Though...I have called half of my captains by their first names, but we became friends before that happened.  One is actually a business partner. 

Galven: Oh? Who would that be?

DeVeau: Aaron Kells.  We sort of started a business together.  He and the manager I put in place kept it going this past year while I was gone.  

German arched an eyebrow and was wondering if she was about to talk about what she's actually been doing for the past year. When he looked through her file when she was posted on Ops, there was a lot of redacted information that was classified. 

Galven: What type of business would that be?

DeVeau: Trading mostly, delivering goods, but all clean and legitimate.  

He smirked, then shook his head. The Denobulan had been the same way during his twenties before Starfleet was even a thought in his mind. German hadn't divulged a lot about what his mother and he did while working in their family's science institute. That's when he thought of a new idea on where to take Alora. 

Galven: On second thought, I have a better place in mind. 

DeVeau: You do?  


Lt. Commander German Galven

2O/Chief Science Officer

StarBase 118 Ops - USS Narendra



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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