JP: Ensign Yael & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - “Spicy Acquaintances” (Part I)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 23, 2020, 10:13:21 PM10/23/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Starbase 118 - Verriar’s Bar & Establishment))

Verriar’s Bar and Establishment was bustling and noisy, being in the later hours.  The Andorian Jazz played by a live band on the small stage, the jangling of the Tongo Wheel, the sound of glasses clinking, it all melded together into one social mass.  A mix of many species mingled amongst their social groups.

Taking up seats at the bar, Yael had arrived with his friend, though he didn’t know how easy it would be to get to the tongo wheel on a busy evening like this.

Verriar, busy as she was and dressed with her usual glamour, gave them her usual over-the-top greeting, two of her hands waving in the air as her third and fourth poursed separate drinks.

Verriar:  Ashley!  Alora!  Lovely to see you, darlings.

Yael:  You’re looking as radiant as always.

DeVeau:  Verriar!

Alora greeted the woman with a bright grin as she settled into a stool and leaned onto the bar.  She’d only been there once, but the bartender had made an immediate impact on the science officer - and in a good way.  The Terellian was as effervescent as she had been the one other time Alora had met her.  She was definitely just going to have to come down there to hang with Verriar if nothing else, even if Ashley wasn’t available.  

DeVeau: Let me guess, you’ve not gotten chocolate milk since I was last year, have you?

Verriar:  ::laughing aloud::  No, no.  No childrens drinks in *this* establishment, my dear.

She gave Alora a twinkling smile as she ribbed her.

DeVeau: If I’m drinking it, how can that be a child’s drink, hm?  Ah, well, Andosian tea please, extra shot of zirsha fruit.  If you have that, that is.

Verriar:  Now that, I have.

She immediately began mixing the tea with the shot of fruit, and looked at Ashley as she did so.

Verriar:  And you?  A glass of Kanar?  A shot of tequila?

Yael:  Make that two of those teas.

Verriar:  You make me so sad, Ashley!

Despite the words, she was smiling as she mixed and slid the teas up to the pair.

Yael:  You’re busy tonight.

Verriars:  Two freighters docked this morning.  They’ve been in deep space for three years.  It makes for a very *thirsty* crowd.

DeVeau:  I guess so.  Long term out in deep space.  Surely they’ve docked from time to time /some/ place.  

Even deep space ships would find somewhere most of the time - unless it was REALLY deep space!

Verriars:  I have something new I know *you* will like.  ::to Ashley, then turning to Alora::  This one has a thing for *spicy.*  ::she produced an incredibly small bowl of green snacks that appeared to be a kind of nut::  Terellian spice beans.  A free sample for my favorite non-drinkers.  ::but she held up a finger in warning::  Keep your tea close, my boy

She moved down the bar somewhat to mix drinks for another group, leaving them to contemplate the rather dangerous looking beans.

Without much fanfare, Ashley plucked up one of the beans and popped it into his mouth, and it crunched lightly as he bit down into it.

Within a few seconds he was downing some of the tea, and gasping in relief from the pain.

Yael:  ::his eyes watering::  Gaaahh… ::gasping:: … that’ll clear the sinuses!

DeVeau:  Ooo! Alora’s eyes lit up in delight and she turned, her fingers wriggling in anticipation as she searched for a particularly large bean.

DeVeau: I do love good and spicy…

Alora plucked one of the beans and popped it into her mouth, chewing thoughtful.  A second later, tears sprang to her eyes, and she lifted a hand as she continued to chew, making a Terran ‘a-okay’ sign, even as the tears started to increase in number and make trails down her cheeks.

DeVeau: Oh this is what I’m talking about…::Alora lifted her tea and took a long pull, coughed, then managed to spit out more words.:: I need to find some recipes using this…::She drained the last of her tea.::  Where do you get them?  ::cough:: Another tea, please?

Verriar:  ::grinning at the pained pair::  Special delivery from Terellus herself.  Only the best for Verriars!  I’d be happy to sell you some, dear.

Two teas were already being mixed to replace the first pair, which were fast disappearing.

Yael:  ::coughing slightly, hand over his mouth::  You’ll need to share.  I’m imagining this in Hasperat.

DeVeau:  Ooooh...that would be really really good.  Verriar, you should suggest this to some of the places that make hasperat!  

Even as she spoke, Alora took another bean and stuck it in her mouth.  Spicy it may be, but she loved it, even if it turned her eyes into water works.  

Patrons:  TONGO!!!

The collective shout came from the crowd around the tongo wheel, as some lucky player had won a round with the Ferengi in charge.  That must have been a very lucky, or very clever player.

Alora turned, her mouth burning, and through the ripples of tears set her gaze upon the Tongo table.  For a moment, all she could see was a mixture of grey, brown, and khaki what a hint of blue and white.  As her eyes cleared, so did her vision, and she was greeted with the vision of an Andorian woman.  Bedecked in a shirt and trousers with black boots, she leaned back in her seat, arm over the back of her chair, a satisfied expression twisting up her lips and narrowing her eyes.  

DeVeau: Looks like someone played a good game.

Alora remarked, turning back to the beans and searching, yet again, for a nice big one.  

Ashley turned to look into the crowd, smiling at the enthusiastic group.  Even if you weren’t a part of the winning spin, you felt the energy in the crowd.  It was rejuvenating and refreshing.

Yael:  If it frees up over there, I’ll spot you a few rounds credits.  So you can get the feel for it.

DeVeau:  I don’t know about that . I don’t even know how to play yet.  

Yael:  The Ferengi will let you win the first round to hook you.  From there on it’s anyone’s guess.

Alora glanced over at the table and shook her head.  

DeVeau: I don’t need credits, I have tons, I’m just concerned it’s a futile attempt.  Is it easy to follow?  

Yael:  You’ll catch on fast.  I’ll be right there with you.  ::pausing:: It’s one of those games you learn fast if you dive right in.

DeVeau: I suppose I could give it a try.

As she spoke, the Andorian woman leaned forward and collected her winnings.  She and a couple of others rose, speaking indistinctly, then stepping away.  Alora managed to drown the spiciness with the last of her second tea, then set the empty glass aside. 

DeVeau: Maybe that’s means yes, I should.  ::She grinned as she rose.::  Hopefully I don't’ get wiped out of all my credits.

That would take a /lot/, and if she got to that point, then Alora deserved to lose them all.  Still, a little wouldn’t hurt, and it wasn’t as if she planned on playing and losing all night.  Alora made her way to the table and took up the seat the woman who’d previously one had occupied.  Maybe it was good luck? She hadn’t gone far, the Andorian, and as Alora took the seat, she cast a glance toward the Terran, then let it slide over to the other person in the bar who rather stood out - Ashley.  A slow smile spread across her lips and she nodded once.

Ashley took the seat next to Alora, setting down a handsome starting bid for himself and leaning forward on the card deck surrounding the large inner wheel.  He took a look around the group who remained to play, mostly Humans and all, but his gaze came to a hold when he caught someone with light blue eyes looking back.  A very powerful looking Andorian woman, her white hair spilling forward over her shoulders, antenna forward and at attention.  He gave her a smile in return, then looked down to the table.

Yael:  Let’s do this.

DeVeau:  I’m...gonna go a bit lighter, I think.

Alora made a significantly smaller bet, then leaned over to Ashley. 

DeVeau: So...what do I do now?

Yael:  You can confront, evade, acquire, or retreat depending on how good you think your cards are.  You can index the margin or the exchange, or leverage the buy-in, or convert the reserves.  If your cards match the roll of the dice, you might win.  Unless they have a Full Consortium, then you’re done for.

He spouted off several more instructions that probably made no sense to a beginner, diving into that deep end.  Alora’s eyes almost literally crossed.  What was he saying?  The words didn’t make sense - she just didn’t have the vocabulary.  What did the cards mean?  Another place where knowledge was needed to truly have power in the game.  


Ensign Ashley Yael


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