JP- Ens Yael & Lt Cmdr DeVeau- "Christmas Comes But Once A Year" (P2)

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Jan 21, 2021, 3:57:32 PM1/21/21
to StarBase 118 Ops a Star Trek PBEM RPG

((OOC- Takes place on Christmas Eve.))

((Starbase 118 - Verriar’s, Holodeck 2))

The Denobulan hybrid moved in slightly closer to her from behind, indicating by moving a hand beneath her arm… without touching it… that she should raise it very slightly to improve the line of sight.

Yael:  Like with a phaser, you want your forward toe to line up with your target, your intended shot.

He moved a foot closer, and, with his shoe, lightly bumped her heel so that she would draw it in and straighten it to point forward.

Yael:  Your back foot is your stability.  Plant it at a cant, comfortably, and center your weight.  There’s no kick-back for you to brace against.

DeVeau:  Ah, centering my weight.  Now that’s something I’m familiar with.

In Aiko, that was extremely important so that one was not taken so easily off balance.  Once more, Alora made more adjustments, shifting in tiny motions so that she didn’t overcompensate when he corrected her.  

Yael:  When you release the arrow, keep your bow arm stable.  ::he reached out and just under her arm again, a finger trailing close without touching to the brace on her arm::  The string might impact and draw down your arm if everything isn’t straight.  It can leave you with a nasty bruise… just something to keep in mind if you do this without an arm brace, at any point.

He was almost against her, behind her, speaking quietly near her ear as he looked down the field.  She was ready to shoot.  He caught the scent of her hair, and the lingering scent of her shampoo.  

Alora turned her face just slightly, a playful smile upon her lips.  She knew the braces were for protection, but she didn’t realise that the string could actually cause bruising. 

DeVeau: Good to know.  I’ll try to keep it straight.

Catching her smile, he realized  how close they were.  He hadn’t intended on invading her personal space… but she didn’t seem to mind.  Suddenly, he felt warm… very happy being so close to her, and warm... a pleasant feeling in his mind and chest.  And he blanched as he realized it was *attraction* he felt.

DeVeau: what?

Yael:  You… ::he had to refocus his thoughts back on the progression::... you wait for the pause after you expel a breath, let your arm settle into the pause.  And… release the arrow.

A little flustered, he stepped away from her suddenly, his eyes on hers and his expression one that might be hard to decipher… but it was definitely a little surprised.  At himself.  If Alora noticed, she gave no indication. Instead, she turned her focus back on her target.  Inhaling deeply, she slowly exhaled, then let it loose. 

The arrow propelled forward, nicked the side of the target, then flicked off into the trees. 

DeVeau:  I guess I need more practise.

Alora murmured softly as she pulled another arrow from the quiver.  Once more, she nocked, then set up, then pulled.  Canting her head slightly, she called to her teacher. 

DeVeau: Is my form all right?

Her form?  She wanted to know what he thought…?  He had the quick and slightly distracting thought that her form was *fine.*  Very fine.

Yael:  ::without the intrusive context::  Your form looks good.

Stepping slightly further away, putting a little *too* much space between them, he watched as she aimed another arrow down toward the target.

DeVeau:  Everything okay?

Yael:  ::a bit distracted::  Don’t forget to aim your front foot at the target.

Right.  Her foot.  Alora shifted it, glanced down ever so briefly to make sure she’d adjusted it just right, then turned her gaze back to the target in the distance.  Breath in.  Breath out.  Released.

That time, the arrow struck within the second most outer rim of the target. 

Yael:  … you have a good eye for this.

DeVeau: You’re a good teacher. 

He stepped back once more, extending the distance to a noticeably unnecessary amount.

Alora had pulled another arrow from the wooden quiver, then frowned as she glanced back at her friend.  

DeVeau: Did I do something wrong?  

Yael:  No!  You’re great!  Just… practice your form.  One hundred arrows a day.  Just like that.  You’ll be better than me in no time.

With that rapid fire coaching, he stepped back again.

Alora’s brow furrowed, shadows crossing over her eyes.  She lifted the bow and shot the arrow in one fell swoop.  It thunked into the blue as she turned and faced him, her free hand on her hip.

DeVeau: Ashley, what’s wrong?  

Yael:  I actually forgot I left a… a cat in the replicator.  Gotta go.  Thanks for the trigger.  ::turning::  Arch.

DeVeau:  Ash, wait!  You forgot something!

A cat in the replicator?  What in the world was he talking about?  Ashley didn’t have a cat.  For some reason, he’d gotten all worked up, but she didn’t know why.  Still, she didn’t want him to leave just yet, and he did pause at her calling out.  Crouching down, she picked up the bow he’d dropped in his haste to leave, then carried it over to him, holding it out. 

DeVeau: Computer, end program.  

Everything faded away.  Everything, except the bow.

Yael:  It’s… not holographic?

DeVeau:  No.  I had it made for you.  There’s a shop that specialises in unique things, and he was able to find someone to make it.

Thank goodness for Euregard.  Alora wished she’d gone to him sooner, and was certainly going to have to keep him in mind for the future when she was looking for items. 

He stopped himself stepping back as she came nearer to him, and he took the bow as it was offered to him.  First the trigger, then a custom recurve bow?  Was he reading too much into this?

Yael:  ::clamoring for his words::  What’s the occasion?  

Alora half laughed, her smile tinted with confusion.  Surely, as someone who spent half his life on Earth would know.

DeVeau:  Don’t you know? It’s the Christmas season.  It’s Christmas eve today…

Yael: :: realization brightening in his expression::  I *completely* lost track.  Of course.  ::he tapped himself on the forehead with the edge of the custom bow::  Silly me.  But… I don’t have anything for you.

DeVeau: Ash…

Yael:  ::expectantly::  … Yeah?

DeVeau: That’s not the point.  I didn’t do anything to get anything in return.  Just consider the lesson a gift if you really want.  You can teach me more later, or something.  

Alora could tell he wanted to leave, but she wasn’t sure why.  Had she said something?  Done something?  The smile faded, the confusion taking a stronger her hold.

DeVeau: Are you sure everything’s okay?

Stepping backwards again toward the arch, he was telling himself not to step *forward*, or it could get awkward fast.

Yael:  Everything’s fine!  ::he stepped backwards::  We’ll do another lesson soon.  ::backwards step again::  Thank you.  Really.  The bow is gorgeous.  ::yet another step back, until he was nearly within the arch::  One hundred arrows.  Watch your footing.

He turned on his heels and quite literally escaped the holodeck, slipping the strung bow over his shoulder in a proper carry.

The doors slid closed behind him, and for a moment, Alora simply stood there, staring at the silver entryway framed by the black with yellow lines.  

DeVeau: Merry Christmas.

She offered the traditional greeting, normally one spoke as one spent time with another one cared about, or as they were leaving, while lingering, not wanting to part just yet, but calling back so they could continue to enjoy their presence, even if it was just for a moment longer.  

The only answer she received in return was silence. 


Ensign Ashley Yael


Starbase 118 Ops




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

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Starbase 118 Ops


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