(BACKSIM) JP LtCmdr Alora DeVeau & Lt Attikus Runstrom - First Contact Revisited Pt2 (NT)

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Noelle Motuelle

Jul 28, 2020, 11:37:53 PM7/28/20
to SB118 Ops

((Starbase 118 Ops - Commercial Sector))

Rundstrom: Hmmm. Perhaps ::he bowed his head.:: If it is so important to you, I will make the effort to communicate. But it may go further if I knew you better. 

::It was ill advised to speak on behalf of someone he didn’t know well. Attikus had every intent to change that however. She looked Terran on the surface, but then, so many did. He wondered if she was, the idea to reach out and touch her mind was the easy way to find out about her. But, for how open outsiders seemed to telepathy, it still wasn’t practiced openly. Not without permission.::

DeVeau: I’m not opposed to that.

Not at all.  Alora was known to be gregarious, and she enjoyed meeting new people.  She supposed it was similar in fashion to her desire to learn about new things.  People were just as much a part of creation as plants and animals.  

DeVeau: What do you want to know?  

Rundstrom: I would like to know all and everything. ::he said confidently.:: We can start with simplicity; you are starfleet? 

Alora laughed - well, he was being honest and forthright, and she couldn’t fault him for it!  He looked young, and with his question, she wondered if he was a cadet - maybe a newly graduated Ensign.  He wouldn’t have been able to tell the answer for she was in civilian clothes, a pink and white flowered button down shirt, three quarter length pants, and comfortable, slip on dark blue and white shoes.  

DeVeau: I am indeedy.  I’m a science officer.

Rundstrom: Is it true? ::he smiled charmingly.:: I too work in the science department. Then there are good chances of us working together. 

DeVeau: Is that so?  How have we not run into each other yet? 

Well, first off, Alora hadn’t been there but...a week?  Two?  My how time flew.  Second, the Science department at the base was enormous - they could easily work there a year and never meet face to face.  

Rundstrom: The fates must have been waiting for the meeting. ::he answered as if it was obvious.:: What of you personally? Birthplace and interests and things of this sort.

DeVeau: Let’s see...I’m from Earth, I love music, dancing, reading, watching movies, of course science.  I sing, play piano and guitar as well as the Vulcan harp.  I also study martial arts.  What about you?

Rundstrom: I enjoy music and reading, though what I like most are simple things easily overlooked. Sunrises and sunsets - the station simulates them, but I feel it is not the same.

DeVeau: I agree. 

Alora sighed wistfully and glanced up at the sky. 

DeVeau: They come close, but it’s not quite right.  Kind of like replicator food. It’s good, it comes close...but there’s just something about the real thing.  

Rundstrom: I can afford to miss a few in exchange for meeting the new and exciting people the universe has to offer.

DeVeau: And on that I agree as well.  Sometimes, we even get to see sunrises and sunsets on other plants, different from my homeworld, but just as beautiful.

Rundstrom: I much agree.

DeVeau: Off hand, do you like plants?

Rundstrom: Plants? ::he bobbed his head back and forth ever so slightly.::

DeVeau: I’m a botanist, I love them.  I have a good amount in my room, particularly one called the “African Violet”.  It’s a common and popular house plant on my planet and comes in a great variety of colours.  You’re welcome to have one of my babies if you like.

Rundstrom: These plants are your ‘babies’? ::he was caught up on the wording.::

DeVeau: Well, sort of.  I call them that because I cultivate the plants, I help them reproduce.  That way, I can give them to others so they can enjoy them.  

Rundstrom: ::he nodded singularly.:: I see. ::he smiled.:: Will tending to one bring you to visit often?

Alora laughed. 

DeVeau: Not necessarily unless you need help, but if you’re interested in hanging out with someone, I do enjoy making new friends.

Rundstrom: It is pleasant to meet another with such a mind. I would very much like that too.

DeVeau: So how long have you been on the base?  And please, tell me more about your people.  I loved what little culture I was able to see and want to know more.

Rundstrom: Perhaps I begin with what I know of the plant life - 

::He smiled at her, settling in for a long conversation. The bench was comfortable enough that there wasn’t a notion of needing to leave soon. Though he would plan a break for drinks… Maybe even something to eat with his current company.::



PNPC Lieutenant Attikus Runstrom


Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra




Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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