Fleet Captain Taybrim - We'll Pick you up (Tags: Tatash/DeVeau)

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Jamie LeBlanc

Jan 26, 2021, 12:29:20 AM1/26/21
to SB118

((Bridge – USS Narendra – Middle of Nowhere Federation Space))

It was such a lovely asteroid field, just hanging out by a dust cloud.  Not even a scientifically interesting dust cloud.  Just a dust cloud.

Starfleet Intel loved to pick picturesque but mind-numbing boring places for their rendezvous. 

And floating amount the asteroids was a plain little ship of sleek design.  To the trained eye it was Starfleet, but it was marked as an independent runner.  Except if one looked closely and made out the phaser banks and torpedo launchers.  Pirates might try to tangle with one of these exactly once and then turn tail and run.

To say that Sal was excited was an understatement.  He was thrilled to welcome back a dear old friend, especially considering the mission that they would soon be facing. 

He turned towards Alora who had done a stellar job so far in getting the Narendra to the rendezvous and smiled.

Taybrim: Signal the shuttle we’re ready for transport and drop shields per the reply.

DeVeau: ?

Taybrim: Hold here until we can confirm transport

DeVeau: ?

Confirmation didn’t take long.  Starfleet Intel was nothing if not efficient.  Military intel even more so.  Sal had first thought that maybe he needed to move to the transporter room, but no – seconds later a a large, familiar reptilian form materialized to the back to the bridge of the Narendra.

Taybrim: Major Tatash! ::He smiled broadly.:: Welcome onboard the USS Narendra.

Tatash: ?

Taybrim: I mean you could have come directly to StarBase 118, but we had a routine shakedown cruise scheduled and Starfleet Intel loves to be mysterious.  ::he smiled broadly, still enjoying this – the reunion, the idea of picking up a valued and old friend.::

Tatash: ?

Taybrim: May I introduce Lt Commander Alora DeVeau, she is our new First Officer.

Newly minted that day, even! 

Tatash/DeVeau: ?

The little intel ship peeled off and warped into the starry sky, leaving the Narendra to continue about it’s planned route as if nothing at all had happened but a little rest stop to look at a dust cloud.

Sal moved towards Tatash with a warm and open smile.

Taybrim: I’m thrilled to see you.  I mean beyond the fact that you’re one of my oldest and dearest friends, Major… I know you have heard about the turmoil between the Klingon empire and the Gorn Hegemony.

Tatash/DeVeau: ?

Taybrim: Commander ::he turned towards Alora:: Plot a course back to StarBase 118.  Routine cruising speed.  ::and to both:: Join me in the ready room and we can speak of what is brewing in the Trinity sector.

Tatash/DeVeau: ?

Taybrim: ::With a grin:: Of course there are pasties…

Tatash/DeVeau: ?


Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim
Commanding Officer
StarBase 118 ops

"Why do we fly? Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"

~Julian Beck

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