BACKSIM: PNPC Lt. Runstrom & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "First Contact Revisited" (Part I, NT)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 28, 2020, 11:37:00 PM7/28/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118
((Starbase 118 Ops - Commercial Sector))

Some people liked coffee.  For some reason, it held widespread
popularity, even among non Terran peoples.  From what she could tell,
Alora was among the few who did /not/ like coffee.  At least, not the
taste.  Oh she adored the aroma, and could sit and smell it all day
long.  The flavour, however, was far from pleasant for her. Tea, on the
other hand, was a delight, particularly herban tea.  At the moment, she
was nursing a cup of iced hibiscus mixed with Bolian serran berries
while she was simply enjoying some time to relax while she
people-watched.  Her duties for the day were performed, and she had
nothing particularly pressing, so she was going to take the opportunity
while she had the time to do so.

What she didn’t expect was someone unknown to her approaching.  Or was
he approaching?  Maybe she was imagining it.  Maybe he just wanted to
sit on the unoccupied half of the bench.  It wasn’t her bench, and it
was certainly roomy enough for three people, so two would be no problem.
Alora offered him a smile, but didn’t quite expect him to say anything -
but he did.

Rundstrom: Greetings. ::he bowed his horned head low and took the vacant
space next to the dark haired woman.::

DeVeau: Well..hello!

Attikus: it is a nice day, is it not? Much activity

DeVeau: It is indeed!

Alora had to admit, she was surprised to see a Kubarey - it had been a
while since she’d had the opportunity to interact with the people, a
people she’d had the opportunity to be one of the first to meet, even if
that initial interaction hadn’t been...completely positive.

::Attikus had a fascination with people and he started up a conversation
when and wherever he could. He was addicted to it. Some even opened up
their minds to him. It had been a learning curve to not just reach out
and explore. The people here were far more open to the idea of telepaths.::

Rundstrom: What are you drinking ::he leaned way over and took a better
smell.:: It smells delectable.

DeVeau: It is delectable.  It’s hibiscus tea with Bolian serran
berries.  Hibiscus is a flower from earth, and it’s got a lovely flavour
and fragrance.

Alora motioned to the tea shop just across the way from where they sat.

DeVeau: If you want some, that’s where I got it.  I’m Alora, by the way.

Rundstrom: I am Attikus.

DeVeau: A pleasure to meet you, Attikus.  Now, I hope you’ll excuse me,
but...I haven’t seen a Kubarey in quite some time. What brought you all
the way out here?

::He offered her a smile, the idea of getting the same drink as her was
very appealing. The strong aroma was what caught his attention in the
first place.::

Rundstrom: I am here as an - how do they say - exchange? I am here to
learn the ways here and share it. So that our two existence can coincide.

DeVeau: I like that idea.  The more we learn about each other, hopefully
the more understanding of each other we’ll become.

Rundstrom: You say you’ve seen my people before, when?

::There was another from the exchange group who was actually the
station's first officer for a very short time. But other than the two of
them, the limited interaction was diplomats and first contact.::

DeVeau: Oh yes, I was a part of the group that made first contact.

That had been exciting, and while some bad things had happened, there
had been some good outcomes too.

Rundstrom: ::he canted his head to the side with a look of surprise.::
Astonishing. I had heard of the visitors, but never thought to meet one.

Alora spread her arms as if presenting herself for inspection.

DeVeau:  Well, now you have.  Not that I’m the most interesting person,
but I was there, and I was grateful for the opportunity, though I got
the distinct impression Ananja didn’t like me.

::Oh he begged to differ on her being interesting. There was an
undercurrent pull to her, and he had a suspicious notion so much more
lay beneath.::

Rundstrom: Oh? What could you have done to cause dislike?

DeVeau: I can’t say.  Perhaps if you ask and find out how I’ve offended
her, then I will know how to apologise.  I hate that there would be ill
between me and anyone at all.

Though sometimes, it just couldn’t be avoided, which was kind of sad.


PNPC Lieutenant Attikus Runstrom
Starbase 118 Ops
USS Narendra


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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