JP: Lt. Cmdr. Nijil & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - “Guardian Angel” (Part II)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 27, 2021, 10:03:14 AM1/27/21
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Ooc this is before Nijil leaves for his secret mission!))

((Starbase 118 Ops - Habitat Sector))

::Nijil followed the path of the feline to see the science office who had taken to annoying him the most as of late sprawled out in jerking fits. Full medical mode was triggered by the sight as he bolted to her side and knelt down to begin to take immediate evaluation. One hand went to her forehead to try and steady the unnatural jerk and twitches.::

The feline pawed at Nijil, then made a beeline for the doors to Alora’s bedroom.  Evidently she had set them to open for the cat, unlike the main doors, for they parted and Sachiko bounded inside.  As they closed behind her, she turned around and came back to the doors then stood in the threshold and continued to yowl.  Loudly.  Insistently.  Unyieldingly.  

::Seconds barely passed before the beast pawed at him in demand and it darted for a door that opened. In and out… Was there another in the room?::

Nijil: Shit. ::he hissed more to himself.::

::He crossed the space in two long strides.::

As soon as he approached, Sachiko skittered to a small bedside table. On it was a holographic picture frame, from the center of which peered a man, his black eyes giving away his Betazoid heritage.  Behind it, a purple rose that almost seemed to glow stood straight and tall on a silver stem.  Other stems had started to grow, and buds of a deep purple had yet to open.  The cat ignored both of those items, and instead pawed at the topmost of the two drawers that were set into the table.  

::Now he was upset. What purpose did this feline have to demand his attention so when its owner layed convulsing in the other room. In frustration he yanked at the drawer open with force and the items inside jostled about.::

Only two items sat inside - one was a hypospray, the other a medical tricorder . Sachiko jumped on the bed and continued to yowl, as if insisting that Nijil was being far too slow to react.  

Nijil: Alright beast - I got it. ::he said as he snatched up the medicine.::

::Back to the woman he went, loading the hypo as he went. This could be the wrong medication. In fact this could kill her. He was putting faith into a cat. A tiny one at that. The hypo was pressed against the woman’s neck, then dropped as both hands sought her out. One on her forehead again to stead the noticeably fading jerks, and the other to her neck to take note of her pulse.::

The medicine began to work within seconds.  Her convulsing slowed, then stopped, though her body trembled, only noticeable because he was touching her.  Her breathing, which had been rapid, slowed to a more normal pace, as did her heart rate.  A moment later, her eyes blinked, and she turned her head, though her expression was distant.  Her sight blurred, the lights above the form that hovered over her adding to the mist that seemed to cover her eyes.  For a moment, she thought she saw someone else.  Tall, dark, she couldn’t make out the features, but oh how she wanted it to be a certain someone.  Dizziness raged and what little she could see swam.  Her mind attempted to think, but refused to clear, and as her mouth opened, the only thing that came from it was the impossible.

DeVeau: Kalin?

Then her sight shifted, her eyes closed, and her body finally gave in and relaxed as her mind willed her into unconsciousness.  

::The medicine hadn’t killed her - yet. Seemed the feline was more aware of things than one would think such an animal would be. At least for him.

Now he wondered - who was Kalin? At least he thought it was a name. From past experience, that was usually the first thing a person said in such a state, a name. Though she could have just as much cursed at him in a foreign language.::

Now that she had been medicated, now that someone who could help was with her, Sachiko’s entire demeanor changed.  She sat down, finally still and watched.  When Alora turned, her unfocused gaze upon the man, she watched in silence.  When her body went slack, she was alert for a moment before the feline, also relaxed, content that her human was safe once more.  Now that she was taken care of, Sachiko was able to move on to an important task.  She lifted one paw, and began to bathe.  

::Nijil relaxed, but still thought four steps ahead. He didn’t carry a medical tricorder with him everywhere. She needed to be examined and make sure there were lasting issues from such a likely long seizure of sorts. 

With a sigh he turned to look at the feline. His expression dropped.::

Nijil: Excuse me… 

Sachiko paused in her bathing, ears pricked toward the man and she mewed softly, her voice back to its normal squeakiness.  

::He shook his head. Pulse was stable, and the tremors had all but stopped. He dropped his hands and tapped the commbadge on his chest to call for an emergency transport on his signal. The shimmer engulfed the pair - and the cat. They were all three dropped into sickbay where a group of doctors and nurses surrounded them. 

Nijil was formal and clear as he passed along the important bits of information and Alora was taken to the nearest biobed. He scooped up the cat and excused himself. Later he would check in on the science officer.::

Nijil: Alright beast, I think you’ve been out of your quarters long enough. ::he said as he made his way back to Alora’s quarters. Hopefully the turbolifts wouldn't act up again.::

Once more, that yowl escaped from Sachiko, this time in an act of protest.  She wriggled and writhed against his hold, but it was no use - and though most cats might have clawed their way out, she seemed unwilling to do that to the one who had helped her human.  



Lieutenant Commander Nijil

Executive Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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