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Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page

Apr 29, 2015, 10:14:29 AM4/29/15
to Sb118 Ops
((Main Briefing Room; Black Tower; Starbase118))

:: R’raika Voss sat at the back of the room, her platinum blonde hair
looking as wild as ever. She was by now means your typical Vulcan.
Whereas most Vulcans were coolly logical, even robotic, whilst others
had emotions but tended to be mellow, Voss was impulsive and passionate.
She also nursed a massive crush upon Nia Calderan, which started when
they had both served on the USS Garuda. They had even taken part in a
*fun* wrestling match at one of the less refined drinking establishments
on Deep Space Ten, a fight that Voss had won thanks to her greater
fitness and stronger Vulcan physiology. Nia had staggered away from that
fight a ragged and bruised mess, with a bite mark from Voss as a
reminder of her misadventures.::

Voss: I wonder where Nia is hiding?

:: However, now was not the time for such indulgences. The new head of
Intel entered the room. The Andorian’s hair was even whiter than

Chen: Thanks for being punctual, everyone. I'm Lieutenant Commander
Chen. Most of you have had a chance to meet me one-to-one over the
course of the past couple of days. For those who don't already know, I
have experience in cryptology, advanced combat and field operations,
including infiltration with surgical alteration. I served on the Echo,
Vigilant, Darwin and Deep Space 6 both as a field agent and an analyst,
depending on my posting.

:: R’raika listened as the Commander continued.::

Chen: In case you haven't met each other before, I'll quickly take care
of introductions. ::He indicated Ensign Vell first.:: This is Ensign
Clayas Vell, formerly posted to Starbase 47 and the USS Victory. He
specialises in cryptology and signals analysis, but has a few other
strings to his bow.


:: Voss nodded to the Trill.::

Chen: This is Lieutenant Sabina Tiam, who served on the Apollo-A before
transferring here. She is an accomplished analyst and has experience
serving as a security officer.

:: Voss flashed her a smile, and noted that Nia was now not the only
fellow officer that she found easy on the eye.::

Tiam: ::Sabina raised her hand at the elbow, making a small but sharp
hand gesture.:: Glad to be back on the Intel team.

Chen: This is Ensign Declan Graham. He served on Andromeda as an
engineer before switching to a black collar aboard the Aries. He's our
tech guy.


:: Voss smiled and nodded at Graham too. Now Commander Chen focused his
stare upon her. Voss met it with an impassive expression.::

Chen: This is Lieutenant R'raika Voss, a combat expert, trained for
special ops and what I think most of us will end up referring to as 'the
cavalry', as they would say on Earth.

:: She appreciate the notion, and couldn’t resist a quick muscle flex
and smile.::

Chen: She started her career on the Garuda, and has recently returned
from a leave of absence.

:: The Vulcan pursed her lips and looked enigmatic. She knew well where
she had been since leaving the Garuda. It certainly hadn’t been
shoreleave. She had left the Garuda an Ensign, and she was now a
Lieutenant. She had indeed been busy.::

Voss: Thank you Sir. I am looking forward to getting back to work.

Chen: Now that the introductions are out of the way, I wanted to let
three of you know that you've been assigned offices. Section alpha, deck
3. Vell, Tiam, Voss, you can start moving in right away.

Voss: oO An office? Coooool Oo Thank you, Sir.

Vell / Graham: RESPONSES

Chen: I figured you could use something a little more useful. That lab
you're so fond of on deck 5 in section alpha? You'll find it has your
name on the door now. Use it well, and if there's any equipment in there
that you don't need then let me know. It could probably use a

Graham: Response

Chen: In just a second, Commander Handley-Page and Lieutenant Commander
Taybrim will be here to give us a briefing and make some announcements.
In the meantime, I wanted to bring you all up to speed on recent

::He tapped at a button on the desk, which activated a monitor just
behind him, displaying a live feed of Declan's lab.::

Chen: We recently acquired some tech from the science department that
was recovered near the Jenatris Cloud. We believe it may be linked to an
incident a few months ago, which we suspect was an act of sabotage,
where the starship Cerberas crashed into Starbase 118. Ensign Graham has
been studying the components of the satellite since it was passed onto
us from Science, and we're looking for potential links to see if we can
pick up a few leads on who might have deployed it so close to a
Starfleet facility.

:: R’raika listened as the Commander explained what they had discovered
about the crazy goings-on aboard the Starbase before she had arrived.::

Voss: It does seem to be more than a coincidence.

Vell / Graham: RESPONSES

Chen: As soon as we find anything, I'll brief you all on what our
strategy will be, depending on anything that Commander Handley-Page has
in store for us in the immediate future.

::The doors at the back of the room parted, heralding the arrival of the
command staff. Leo stroud over to the head of table, nodding and smiling
to each as he went.::

Chen: Captain, Commander, welcome to the Black Tower.

:: Leo flashed him a smile.::

Handley-Page: It’s jolly good to see the old girl dusted off once again.


Chen: I was just making a few introductions and getting everyone broken
in. The floor's yours.

:: Leo turned to face the assembled crew whilst Chen and Sal took their

Handley-Page: Well, may I first take this opportunity to welcome you to
your new Intel department, and thank those of you here during the recent
crisis for your sterling work in regaining control of the station from
the demonic forces we faced.


Handley-Page: Next, I want to thank Mr Chen for getting this department
operational in record time, and so smoothly. I am very pleased to
confirm him in his role as Head of Intelligence for Starbase118 and
present him with his pip… officially… for his rank of Lieutenant


:: Leo shook the Andorian’s hand.::

Handley-Page: Congratulations.



:: Leo then smiled and focused his gaze upon Sabina Tiam.::

Handley-Page: Lieutenant JG Tiam…


Handley-Page: Your bravery and resourcefulness in the last mission was
greatly appreciated. It is my pleasure to present you with the Captain’s

:: He passed out her ribbon and attached it to her tunic.::


Chen / Taybrim: RESPONSES

:: Leo coughed to clear his throat.::

Handley-Page: That’s not all. I am promoting you to full Lieutenant with
immediate effect. Congratulations!


Chen / Taybrim: RESPONSES

:: Leo now turned to Ensign Vell.::

Handley-Page: Ensign Vell, it is my pleasure also to present you with a
Captain’s Commendation for your services during the recent crisis.

:: Leo went around and put the ribbon on Vell’s tunic.::


:: Voss clapped politely for both Tiam and Vell.::

Chen / Taybrim: RESPONSES

:: Leo smile drifted away, and a serious expression moved across his

Handley-Page: As you very well know, the whole Ion storm incident has
gripped us all in a feeling of great concern. Well, Starfleet are
concerned too, hence why you are all here now.

:: He pressed a button and the viewscreen behind them went from black to
a video message. The face of a middle-aged man in Starfleet red uniform
shimmered into view.::

Admiral Sterrett: This is Admiral Sterrett to Commander Page of
Starbase118. Your reports about the recent terrorist attacks on your
installation have been digested by Intelligence, and we have concerns
there may be much more to this than a random attack from extremists. We
are re-activating the Black Tower Intel department on 118, and we desire
that you take the USS Albion to investigate the source of recent ion
disturbances in the Jenatris cloud. Good luck!

:: The video link closed and Leo turned back to his team mates.::

Handley-Page: So, now you know. We are going to get our space legs…
however, you chaps and chapesses will remain here to keep up the


Handley-Page: Any questions?


To Be Continued…

Commander Leo Handley-Page
Commanding Officer; Starbase118 Ops,_Leo


Lieutenant R’raika Voss
Intelligence Officer; Starbase118 Ops
"Professional Daydreamer & Rural Spaceman"
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