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Noelle Motuelle

Oct 5, 2020, 5:28:36 PM10/5/20
to SB118 Ops

((Starbase Ops, Commercial Sector - Dragon’s Lair))

The Dragon’s Lair.  The title alone was inviting, at least to Alora.  Oh how she loved mythology and ancient writings.  Not that newer writings weren’t any good - they were, but there was just something about the medieval and renaissance periods of Earth history that were fascinating.  Throw in a fantastical element, it was even more so. 

Alora had procured some of her outfit for the Awards party, but she hadn’t had really any time to just enjoy perusing.  So, as soon as she got the chance, she made her way back to the shop, and this time, she would get to linger.

There were an assortment of things to entice the one who wandered into the shop.  Outfits of varying degrees of modesty, as well as varying degrees of authenticity hung in a section one side of the shop.  Accessories to augment any outfit were located on shelves nearby.  However, one section was dedicated to the art of weaponry.  Since the time period catered to less technological martial arts, this meant there were a lot of sharp things.  Even those who weren’t particularly well versed in weapons might be tempted by the gleaming edges and pointy objects that hung on the walls and lay on displays.  Alora certainly was.  She gravitated over to a section that boasted a variety of knives and daggers and similar sized weapons.  A pair of sai hung on a display and she picked one up, admiring the decorative folds within the metal itself, as well as the braided material that surrounded the handle.  

Hopper: Careful with that - you’ll cut yourself if your unable to be careful. ::came the sass of a short woman with her arms folded across her chest.::

Alora looked up at the voice that spoke and she smiled.

DeVeau: Hello. Don’t worry, I’m being careful.  Are you familiar with the sai?

Hopper: Is that what they're called - ::she seemed almost uninterested.:: More like fancy toothpicks.

::She reached out for a thin pair. A quick spin on her middle finger before she set them back down.::

DeVeau: Perhaps.  But they were effective weapons during their time - used to disarm as well as...shall we say...cause damage.  

Hopper: Weapons like this have their purpose. ::she shrugged and sucked her teeth.:: I suppose anyway. I don’t think I’ve seen you before ::bluntly.:: 

DeVeau: Well, I am pretty new around here. 

Alora replaced the sai and turned to put her full attention on the woman, smile unfazed.  

DeVeau: I’m Alora.  

Alora offered her hand, though she wouldn’t be surprised if the woman didn’t take it.  

Hopper: Uh - Penny ::she looked at the hand for a minute.:: New you said? ::She looked at the woman.:: Welcome aboard and all that - what department are you working in? 

And Alora was right, the other woman didn’t take it.  That was all right, not everyone was into handshakes.  She let her hand drop, her smile unwavering. 

Alora: The Science department, actually.

Hopper: Wouldn’t be the science of weapons would it? ::she donkey laughed at herself.::

Alora joined in with a giggle of her own and shook her head.  While weapons could be fascinating, they didn’t have the same level of fascination as living beings, particularly plants and creatures.  

DeVeau: I’m afraid not.  Flora and fauna are my speciality.  What’s your name?

Hopper: ::she snorted.:: Alora’s into flora ::it was funny..:: And Penny - My name is Penny. 

DeVeau: Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  And what department are you in, may I ask?

Hopper: ::she made a loud sucking noise with her teeth.:: Engineering. I do happen to specialize in weapons - though not these kinds. So… Alora - What brings you down here?

DeVeau: Oh, just looking around, then I was thinking about going over to the closest food court area and grabbing a bite to eat. 

Hopper: Gotcha. I’m heading that way too - I guess I could grace you with my presence. ::she seemed almost serious.::

DeVeau: That sounds awesome.  I always prefer having company.  

The weapons were neat and Alora had gotten the chance to wander, but she was rather hungry.  She’d be back, that was for certain, but for now, her body wanted food more than anything. 

DeVeau: What do you feel like?  You pick - I’m usually up for most things.

::She scuffed and blinked rather dramatically.::

Hopper: I don’t know - how about Cajan? 

DeVeau: Sure, that sounds good!  Lead the way!

::With a flare of her arm she waved them off in the direction of the exit of the shop. Penny wasn’t tall by any means, and Alora was only marginally taller. Still, she stood as tall as she could to not seem the shorter of the two.::

Alora followed Penny out of the store and into the main walkway.  She seemed an interesting character, outgoing, but sarcastic, which could be kind of fun to get past - she’d certainly dealt with that sort enough. 

DeVeau: So what brought you into the Dragon’s Lair?

Hopper: Things that are sharp and pointy, ::and leather.:: Not like there's much else worth looking at down here.

DeVeau: Well, I suppose that depends on your tastes.  But yes, the sharp and pointy things were rather intriguing.  I suppose especially to someone who specialises in weapons!

::Penny headed towards the smell of food. There was an area much like a courtyard of food carts. Small kitchens that sold food on the go. There was a little bit of everything. Even fired Gagh on a stick and Ferengi tube worm ice cream. She avoided both… after trying both of course.::

Hopper: Ugh - of course there’s a line ::she sighed.::

DeVeau: This is where you want to go?  



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PNPC Ensign Penny Hopper

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Starbase 118 Ops



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